How to tighten your chest: isometricexercises

kak-podtyanut-grudMany women
resort to the help of plastic surgery to tighten their
chest and minimize the effects of its sagging.

However, there is a completely healthy and natural.

Изометрические exercises, также называемые статическими,
cause contraction of target muscles without seriously affecting

Doing the following simple exercises will help you.
make the chest more elastic.

However, since the breast is made up of the breast and adipose
tissue, not muscle, the static load will be aimed at
the lower region of the pectoral muscles (located under it), which are
maintain a beautiful breast shape.

In addition, isometric training can be performed in
home environment without the need for large space and
use of any expensive equipment.

How to tighten your chest: a list of isometric exercises

Clenching the palms

Sit up straight and close your palms in prayer position at the height
chest Spread your elbows to the sides, holding them at a right angle, and
squeeze your palms as hard as possible. Feel
how your pectoral muscles contract. Hold this position
calculating to himself up to five, and then rest for 10

Repeat the exercise 8 to 10 more times increasing
активную фазу выполнения до 15 seconds


Elbows reduction

Stand with your back straight, shoulders relaxed. Put your palms
on your hips and start to move your elbows back as if you are trying
touch them behind each other. Drive slowly
feeling the gradual stretching of the muscles, and keep your elbows in
maximum voltage for 15 seconds and then return to
initial position. Repeat the exercise 8 to 10 times more.

This simple stretching helps to perfectly bring in the tone
pectoral muscles and tighten the chest at home.


The following exercise promotes dynamic stress
external region of the pectoral muscles. To make it clutch palms
between themselves and lock them in front of the chest at shoulder level. Now
pull your arms apart as much as you can, as if
trying to break the lock.

Hold the maximum voltage for five
seconds, then relax and repeat the exercise another 5 – 8

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Pressure on the wall

Face the wall and place your hands on it at shoulder height.
Bend your elbows and bend forward and then begin.
palms push into the wall with maximum force as if you
trying to budge her.

This pressure strengthens the pectoral muscles well, which will help you
lift and quickly tighten the chest. Hold in the greatest
tension for 10 seconds, after a little rest, massaging your
Hands. Повторите это упражнение 10 time.

Back pressure against the wall

This exercise in addition to the pectoral muscles also has a good effect on
shoulder muscles. To do this, stand with your back against the wall,
arms down and pressed to the surface.

Press your palms into the wall as hard as you have
it turns out for five seconds and then take a break and repeat
упражнение еще 10 time. During the process, you should feel like
сокращаются мышцы плеча и верхней части chest

Push-ups in the doorway

Stand in the door and place your palms on the door frame
chest Bending your elbows, bend the torso forward, feeling the stretching
your pectoral muscles. Hold this position for 30 – 35
seconds, then get some rest and repeat the exercise.
несколько time.

Isometric pushups

The following exercise is one of the classic
pushups but the main difference is that you need
partially implement it.

Start the exercise in the standard push-up position (for
simplification instead of the toes of the foot can be relied on the knees). Lower the
upper body as long as you are practically no nose
touch the floor surface and linger in such a static
положении на 15 seconds Then rest and repeat the exercise.
несколько time.

Such a load well strengthens the entire upper body with
additional emphasis on the pectoral muscles, thereby, allowing you
bring in a tone and successfully increase the breasts at home.


Isometric muscle contractions restrict blood flow
exercise time and may lead to an unacceptable increase
blood pressure.

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