How to tighten the stomach: TOP exercises

kak-podtyanut-zhivotFor most people, the first thing
comes to mind when they think of the perfect press, it’s six
cherished cubes.

These cubes, called the rectus abdominis, are only
one of the four major abdominal muscles.

The transverse muscles are located horizontally and pass under a straight line.
abdominal muscle. Internal and external oblique abdominal muscles are located
in opposite directions on the sides of the abdomen.

There are simple exercises that will help you effectively.
tighten belly, alternately affecting all major groups
abdominal muscles.


How to tighten the stomach: TOP exercises

Twisting sitting

Generally typical twists designed to make
flat stomach, performed, as a rule, on the floor, and require you
rises the upper body. �”Seated twists”, however, do
much easier because you absolutely do not need to make efforts
to overcome the force of gravity of the body.

For this exercise, a simulator is used (by type
upper block or thrust), which allows you to start with a small
amount of weight and gradually increase the level of complexity that
makes this exercise one of the best in question how to pull up

To do this, sit at the simulator, hands holding the opposite grip
movable crossbar, located behind the head. Then lean
forward, sagging at the waist, performing the movement of the elbows in the direction of the legs.
Slowly return to the starting position and repeat the exercise.


Pulling the abdomen (vacuum) while standing

This exercise helps us to work well and strain
cross muscles and remove excess fat from the abdomen. The longer you
keep your belly pulled in, the more your muscles will work, that
will allow you to tighten your stomach in a short time.

Stand up straight to perform the exercise, hands relaxed. If a
it helps you, place one or both hands on the belly near
navel. Then, begin to pull the stomach in as if you want to
they reach the spine – this method of visualization will allow you
most efficiently include in the work of the abdominal muscles. Also you
You can do this exercise while sitting or lying down.


During this exercise, first of all actively
used obliques, but this should not stop you
from simultaneously during the exercise “pendulum”
to fix the load and on the transverse muscles, carrying out
belly. This will help you ensure stability for the spine and
pelvis during the execution of the “pendulum” and, of course, tighten your

For this exercise, you will need a lower thrust trainer.
or block. ” Stand near the simulator, one hand is holding his mobile
handle, another position on the thigh. Your spine should be

Then, deviate as a pendulum from the simulator – it will force your
abdominal muscles resist your movement. The hand must remain
straight and relaxed so that the obliques can do
my main job. Return to the starting position and repeat
exercise several times. Then change your hand.

Leg lifts

Very good exercise to tighten the belly, aimed at the bottom
press area. Lie on your back and put your hands under the tailbone, which
remove the main load from the spine. Lift both legs on
height about 20 cm from the floor. This is your starting point.

Lift your legs up to level when your feet are
parallel to the ceiling and lower them back to the starting point.


Well, finally, the plank is a static exercise for the bark muscles,
allows you to quickly remove the stomach, even at home.

Starting position, as with conventional pushups, but instead
palms you lean on the floor with the plane of both forearms, feet on
shoulder width. Everything! In this position, try from time to time.
hold out for as long as possible, feeling like
every muscle in your torso stiffens.

Follow our set of exercises and you will forget about
problem, how do you reduce your belly!

How to tighten the tummy (lateral muscles) – video training

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