How to tighten the oval face at homeconditions?

kak-podtyanut-oval-litsa-sovety-dlya-domaIn the best
recommendations telling how to tighten the face contours at home
conditions, takes into account an integrated approach, including gymnastics for
all facial muscles and cosmetic anti-aging procedures.

Massage, rubbing ice cubes of herbs, homemade
lifting masks and using a whole arsenal of creams and gels for
skin tightening allows you to adjust the contours of the face in any
age It is known that prevention is the best way.
prevent wrinkles and guarantee our youth
�”Business card” for many years.

Physical training of various muscles of the face helps to improve
blood microcirculation, stimulate metabolic processes in tissues,
supply them with nutrients and oxygen. This allows
tighten the face at home, level the skin surface from
wrinkles, intensify the synthesis of protein fibers – collagen and
elastin, which is the skeleton of the dermis itself.

Preservation of tissue elasticity – the key to prolonging the youth of the face
and promising appearance. Regardless of the cause
sagging muscles: age, through exposure to sunlight
or drastic weight loss, it is the use of regular exercises for
mimic muscles, lifting procedures and developing habits to
a healthy lifestyle will help restore skin turgor and return
former outlines of the face.


Face-building or how to tighten the face oval at home

In order to strengthen the muscles of the “business card” contour,
achieving the best results, you must apply special
techniques that are aimed at problem areas. In this way
can affect the forehead and eye area, cheeks, lips or neck
directly, giving clarity to the lines where it is

Simple and fairly effective exercises for tightening the oval
faces need only be regularly performed to get a wonderful
visible result.

Deep wrinkles on the forehead? Smooth will help simple

People who are often anxious appear horizontal.
longitudinal wrinkles on the forehead, and for those who think – vertical,
bridge of nose. Performing a series of exaggerated movements by the muscles of the face,
helps smooth those wrinkles, make them less noticeable and
improve the appearance of the skin.

First, raise your eyebrows as high as possible. Creating visible
horizontal lines, eyebrows in frowned facial expression.
Eyes at this time should be closed. After a pause of 3-5 seconds,
let go and relax.

Repeat the exercise repeatedly for two or three minutes.
Performing it every day, as a result, you can see the smoothing
mimic wrinkles that even during anxiety will
not so noticeable.

Around eyes

There are two different exercises that can be applied to
muscle training in the eye area.

How to tighten the skin of the face and lift the eyes? First with
Mimic muscles raise your eyes up as high as possible, then
with fingertips we tighten the skin from the nose upwards,
fix it, slightly pressing down. Hold this pressure for
10 sec and then let go.

This exercise is repeated 2-3 times. It helps to reduce
folds above the bridge of the nose and at the inner corners of the eyes,
adjust their outline.

The second exercise is to strengthen the muscles of the lower eyelid,
improves the condition of the skin under the eyes. Everything you need to do for
of this – close your eyes and mow the pupils in and out
alternately, repeating 10 times. By performing 3 approaches of this
exercise daily, you can strengthen the small muscles of the lower eyelid and
get rid of wrinkles.

Do not rub your eyes when training them! Otherwise
You can get the opposite effect of what you wanted to achieve.
We tighten the cheeks

If the face oval swam, then first of all you need to do
drooping cheeks. This will help prevent gravitational ptosis.
fabrics and improve the contour of the “business card”.

For this you will need a funny trick, which is better to perform.
away from prying eyes. Inflate your cheeks as much as possible.
try breathing in another one or two servings of air. More volume
the air inside the cheeks you create, the more the skin will stretch.
Move the air inside from one side to the other and back until
no need to stop and a breath of fresh air.

This exercise is great for lifting the cheeks as well
surrounding muscles that help improve facial contours.

Plump and juicy lips – the dream of every lady

Bulky lips give the face a young and sexy look. They can
get by performing simple actions. Keep your lips tight and
as much as possible by air. Try to smile without unclamping.
mouth And then open the narrow slit and slowly exhale
air, holding the position of the lips for 10 seconds.

Exercise is difficult, requires skill, but in practice it does
lips perfect if for optimal results
repeat it 3 times a day.

�Swan neck

This visible part of the body always shows its age.
owners! Gravity over time stretches and
lowers the muscles of both the neck itself and décolleté, causing
gravitational ptosis of tissues. In order to create graceful lines
in this area you must constantly keep your back straight!

Using the jaw, push it forward to the maximum
distance, straining the muscles of the neck. Stay in that position
seconds at 10, and then relax them. Repeat these steps
3-4 times.

Correction of facial contours with the help of gymnastics will be more
effective if after exercise to carry out a lifting procedure or
in the absence of free time – apply a means, tightening


Top 10 Tips to Save the Sculpture Oval

How to enhance the effect of tightening and rejuvenation of the skin and how to keep
result? For this you need:

1. Drink enough water. Moisture saturation
helps to restore their elasticity due to the activation of synthesis
collagen and elastin. These protein fibers support the structure
skin and prevent it from sagging. For their formation is required
moisture. To restore the elasticity of the tissues, you must not drink
less than 8 glasses of water (30 ml per 1 kg of weight) daily. Water
will help remove waste and toxins from the body and
keep skin supple and elastic.

2. Use moisturizers. Подтянуть овал faces
quickly and easily with massage and moisturizing creams, masks,
gels and vegetable oils. Olive and almond oil
the extract is rich in vitamin E – a natural moisturizer that
called “vitamin of female beauty.” Use your favorite essential
oils for skin tightening, adding them to the tool, but when processing
faces нужно исключить зоны вокруг глаз и mouth

3. Be sure to apply high-quality sunscreen. They
will become a reliable barrier against exposure to ultraviolet radiation, but choose
means with a filter not lower than 30 SPF.

4. Get enough sleep! During the night the rest of the skin
activates the regeneration processes, so sleep is necessary for
preserve healthy skin, eradicate wrinkles, improve external
the type of dermis and the prevention of its sagging. 5. Do not ignore
exercises for facial muscles! Their apparent simplicity should not become
an obstacle to regularly doing gymnastics and
look much younger.

6. Use natural firming masks. Подтянуть овал faces
without surgery help funds with egg white, cosmetic
clay, yogurt, rice flour and cabbage, powder from sea
algae (kelp and bubbly). Egg white can
apply on top of the pulling cream and then rinse after
drying out; Flour, clay or algae beauticians recommend
dilute with milk to a pasty state. These products can
dilute also with water, adding a few drops of ethereal
oils. These masks are good for women with oily skin.
Beauties with a dry, sensitive dermis egg protein need
combine with sour cream or cream, and other pull-ups
ingredients – diluted with milk with the addition of oils or honey.

7. Adhere to a healthy diet in the diet! Body health and
skin depends on how healing the products used
in your food. Their set should include essential fatty acids.
(omega-3), since these substances contribute to the preservation of moisture in
the structure of the skin, increasing its elasticity and elasticity. Besides,
foods rich in antioxidants must be present in the diet and
vitamins to reduce the amount and reduce the depth of wrinkles
on the face and in the neckline. Including fish, avocado and flaxseeds in
your food set, you can effectively resist the process
skin aging.

8. Stop smoking! Cigarettes – the main culprits
sagging skin! Smoking tobacco contributes to the destruction of fibers
collagen, the formation of free radicals that cause
premature skin aging. If a woman quits smoking, then this
helps not only slow down the process of sagging of the dermis, but also
accelerates tissue regeneration (recovery).

9. Walk in the fresh air every day for at least an hour. Benefits from
oxygen and exercise will be noticeable after a week, and
через месяц улучшится не только кожа faces, но и вся фигура в

10. Regularly play sports, change habits using
sleep comfortable pillow, pamper and moisturize the skin, to follow
Mimics to prevent the appearance of new signs in time.
skin wilting, if possible avoid stressful situations.

By running a home anti-aging program, you can noticeably
подтянуть овал faces и стереть отпечатки возраста, сохранить
youth and beauty without the use of modern cosmetology
advances and plastic intervention.

Видео упражнения для подтяжки овала faces

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