How to tighten the chest after childbirth: effectivetips

kak-podtyanut-grud-posle-rodovLoss of female attractiveness
because of sagging breasts – a real disaster for a young lady! And not
It is important that caused the stretching of the skin and weakening of the tone:
hormonal disorders or the beginning of family life, dramatic weight loss
or the appearance of the desired baby.

It is pregnancy and breastfeeding that drastically change
figure, most often being the cause of sagging breasts.

During childbirth, the mammary glands are exposed
changes, adapting to the production of breast milk, and then
lose their roundness when feeding a baby. How to tighten
breast after childbirth?

It is unlikely that it will be possible to restore its shape immediately after pregnancy.
as in the breast itself there are no muscles. The main share in
mass of the breast takes fat, and glandular tissue with
connective fibers attached to the periphery muscles
�”Natural bra”.

But along with regular skin care and exercise,
helping to strengthen the muscles of the chest, swimming and yoga
it will be easy for you to solve the problem of breast lift to become
attractive. And only laziness can complicate your problem
if in everyday worries you stop concentrating on
your desire.

Что делать и как подтянуть breast after childbirth?

Despite the benefits of exercise and body care,
some workouts and procedures may be contraindicated in
postpartum period. Even if you feel great, do not
Take the lazy exercise to coordinate with your doctor.

In any case, a tightened chest is guaranteed to you, if you
will be:

To swim!

This is a great way to prevent and relieve ptosis.
chest (sagging). Make an individual bathing schedule,
adding it to your workout mode. Already a few weeks you
You will be surprised how your chest will strengthen!

Push out!

Well and quickly tighten the pectoral muscles after birth will help you
pushups. Do not lift your legs or shoulders from
surface performing the exercise. Starting with the simplest workouts,
already in a short time you will precisely tighten your chest and strengthen the “muscular

Use dumbbells!

Do not bother with the question: how to tighten sagged chest naturally
in a way. The best answer: weight lifting (1-1.5 kg of dumbbells).
Perform the exercise in 3 stages. Bottom we bring dumbbells to the level
chest, then raise them above the shoulder and in the third stage we reach
top of the head. Repeat the exercise 30 times in one set.
On the day you need to perform 2 such sets. Fitball

We relax the head and shoulders, we fall on the ball for fitness
back, legs hold in front of you, pushing them to the floor and bending over
lap. Put the dumbbells near the chest, holding them with your fingers,
facing up. Raise your hands to the ceiling to their full
straightening. We connect them with each other, but do not touch! Then
we return to the ip (chest) and repeat the exercise.

Yoga vs sagging breasts

By practicing yoga to tighten your breasts at home, you
can bring a good result, especially using poses,
aimed at the work of the pectoral muscles: the posture of the triangle (Utthita
Trikonasana), standing, leaning forward (Uttanasana) and Cobra pose

Yoga is a great way to tighten the pectoral muscles and tone
�”Natural bust.” A few yoga exercises that
oriented to resistance to gravity – back bends,
headstand (Shirsasana) and an inverted leg-stretch (Viparita
Karani) – perfectly lift the chest, as they work against
the force of gravity pulling it down.

Other postures: Snakes (Bhujangasana), Camel (Dwikonasana) – not
only perfectly strengthen the chest, but also correct posture.
Thinking about how to tighten your breasts after feeding? Pay
attention to your natural posture – correct posture is
An important factor to make the chest look elastic and taut!
Skin care

Simple but effective home remedies can be tightened.
breast after childbirth is safe and easy.

An equal amount of kefir or natural yogurt with oil
extract of vitamin E from the pharmacy (or drug “Aevit”) mix
until smooth. Massage the chest with this emulsion
delicately, using fingertips, for 30
minutes Then даем ей впитаться, оставив ее на коже минут на 40.

We finish the procedure by rinsing the chest with warm comfortable
water, diluted with pink decoction (or factory extract).

If you add egg white to your favorite moisturizer and
apply the compound to the area under the breast (40 minutes), then tighten
breasts get faster.

Fenugreek (50 g. Powder) diluted with water to a paste
states. We do breast massage with this tool for 15 minutes,
and then leave the mask on the skin. After 10 minutes you can wash it off.
apply moisturizer. This paste will not only help well.
tighten your chest, but also increase its volume, at least on
one size.

Remember to regularly use a moisturizer.
cream with vitamin E, shea butter, or others, supporting elasticity
skin (olive, almond, jojoba, burdock).

Другие tips:

  • To enhance the effect, include in your daily diet.
    foods rich in natural estrogen: alfalfa sprouts, soy
    beans, tofu and flax seeds.
  • Use good quality sports bras that
    provide maximum and comfortable breast support.
  • Constantly monitor your posture!
  • If you are not satisfied with the result obtained from the diet and
    Exercise, you will need surgical correction of the bust.

It is unrealistic to imagine that your breasts instantly tighten
after childbirth – soft tissue without muscles is very difficult to strengthen quickly,
as we would like. However, if you use an integrated approach,
consistently, with a positive in the soul to go to your goal, then you have everything
work out!

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