How to tighten the buttocks: exercise + videotraining

kak-podtyanut-yagoditsiWomen, in order to successfully
tighten the buttocks, it is enough to use properly planned
strength training and get the required amount
cardiovascular stress.

The use of free weights during strength training carries
incredibly beneficial load on the muscles of the buttocks, which will allow you
quickly bring them to tone and get a subtly underlined form

Participation in cardiovascular activities will help you great
remove all excess fat and successfully tighten the buttocks. But remember that
Before you start training, you still need to ask for
consultation to the profile doctor.


So, how to tighten the buttocks?

One foot strap

This exercise perfectly emphasizes the load on the buttock.
muscles, thigh biceps and lower back. Starting position: prone
on the back, knees bent, the distance from the heels to the buttocks is about 20

To perform the exercise, lift one leg up, confidently
relying on the second foot. Then straighten your knee off the floor.
buttocks, forming a straight line with the thigh and back. Stay in
position for a few seconds and slowly sink to the floor.
Perform 12 to 15 lifts with each leg.

Leg lifts

Leg lifts – прекрасное упражнение, чтобы подтянуть слабые
buttocks – allows you to accurately target your gluteal muscles,
but also the hamstrings work well.

To do the exercise, stand on all fours, leaning on
knees and elbows. Pull back your right leg, lifting it as far as possible.
above the level of the body. At the highest point with additional strength
squeeze the buttocks and slowly lower the leg. Repeat 10 lifts
each foot.


Barbell squats (dumbbells)

Barbell squats help not only make buttocks and
the quadriceps are perfect, but also beautiful
affects the hamstrings.

To do this, take a dumbbell in each hand or sit down in front of
stand in the gym, put the barbell behind your head on your shoulders and
get up Holding your weight and straightening your back, start your squats.
Keep going down until your hips line up.
will be parallel to the floor, then, return to the original

Perform four sets of 15 repetitions to get a clear
delineated line of buttocks. Rest between sets for 45 –
60 seconds.


This exercise will give perfectly clear outlines and will help
quickly tighten your buttocks.

To do this, bend your knees and squat. Take
barbell or a pair of dumbbells on top of a straight grip, hands shoulder-width apart.
The efforts of the muscles of the hips start to get up, lifting weight from the floor.
Continue until fully straight. On
linger for a second, then bending the legs at the knee joints,
Put the shell back on the floor.

Avoid rounding your back while moving, this will help
significantly reduce the risk of injury. Perform four approaches
15 repetitions, resting for 45-60 seconds between them.

Cardiovascular load

Quick sprint, jogging and jumping rope – all of these
Exercises will help you effectively pump up the area of ​​the buttocks.
The cardiovascular activity is primarily aimed at
to help you lose excess body fat from the whole body, including with

Also try aerobic exercise.
team sports such as basketball, tennis, volleyball, or
go rollerblading. Cardiovascular
Exercises are also very good mood and improve.
heart health.


Train yourself to start each workout with a workout consisting of
from a five-minute jogging and 5 minutes of stretching exercises
muscles to reduce the risk of injury.

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