How to tighten the ass: 10 best yoga poses

kak-podtyanut-popuYoga is a very ancient eastern
art, which, thanks to specially selected provisions
body and special breathing technique, allows you to successfully keep under
controlled blood pressure increases flexibility and mobility
of all joints, and also increases the stock of vital energy and improves
functional abilities of the body.

In addition, yoga not only helps to achieve spiritual balance
mind and body, but also perfectly strengthens and tonifies everything
major muscle groups. So, if you want to learn how to pull up
ass, you’re on the right track!

All you need to do is focus your attention on the following.
the ten asanas (or poses) of yoga, which will help you strengthen your
the gluteal muscles, as well as serve as an excellent load for the abdominal
abdominal muscles, back and legs.


How to tighten the ass: 10 best yoga poses

poza-balansiruushei-koshkiBalancing Cat Pose

This position makes your buttock, abdominal and dorsal work
muscle. To do it, get on all fours and hold
body balance, stretch your right arm straight ahead, and your left
leg behind you. Pull the belly up as much as possible, as if
Want to touch them spine.

Then inhale and raise your hand and foot so high
as far as you can, and stay in this position for several
seconds After exhale and calmly put your hand and knee on the floor.
Repeat the exercise on the other hand, respectively, raising
left arm and right leg.

poza-sobaki-golovoi-vnizDog pose head down

Different variations of the famous dog pose, looking down,
allow you to effectively tighten your ass and hips. She also
leads to the activity of the long muscles of the legs, especially the back
thighs, and helps relieve tension in the buttocks and lower
parts of the back.

To do this, take a position on all fours, and then exhale
and begin to straighten the legs at the knees, lifting up the buttocks.
Having reached the highest point, hold the pose for several

After that, confidently holding the balance of the body, lift your right leg
up towards the ceiling. Hold for a few deep breaths and
slowly return to the starting position. Repeat this exercise with
left foot.

poza-voinaWarrior pose

The following posture leads to calf tone, gluteal muscles,
quadriceps and hip biceps, improves balance and posture. For
do this between the position of the dog’s head, head down
a deep step forward with your right foot and move smoothly into execution
standard lunge, bending the front leg at the knee, and the back
holding straight.

Stretch your arms over your head, your belly is pulled high, hold
позу несколько seconds Then lower your arms to the floor and repeat.
упражнение с left foot. poza-saranchiLocust pose

This exercise strengthens the muscles of the back and legs, helps
pull up the ass. Lie on your stomach, arms at your sides of the body, palm
are looking up. Inhale and raise your head, chest, arms and legs.
maximize up from the floor, keeping the body in balance on the abdomen.

In this position, take a few measured breaths, and then
slowly sink to the mat. poza-mostaBridge pose

This posture is not only aimed at the work of the muscles of the priests and abdominal
пресса, но и помогает улучшить гибкость нижней parts of the back. For ее
Lie on your back, bend your knees and put
feet are shoulder-width apart near the buttocks, arms are on either side of
torso palms down.

Inhale and lift the pelvis off the floor while simultaneously pressing on
heels and palms, belly tight. Hold in the highest position in
for a few seconds and slowly lower the buttocks down.

poza-povorota-spiniBack pose

The following asana perfectly tones the muscles of the hips and legs,
helps to tighten the ass and improves the flexibility of the spine. Start at
sitting position on the rug. Then, bending the left leg at the knee,
flip it over the straight right leg. Pull the right hand back
and rub it into the mat at a distance of 50 cm from the buttocks behind

Start turning the torso to the right and try to reach the left
palm to the right hand, without tearing the ass off the floor. In the moment
the longest stretch linger for a few deep breaths, and
then repeat the exercise from the other side. poza-lodkiBoat pose

Boat pose в первую очередь представляет собой идеальное брюшное
exercise which also has the added advantage of
leg muscles. First sit on a bent knee pad, breathing
deep. Then lift your closed legs and lean back slightly,
arms extended in front of you. The body must be “V-shaped” form.

Keep your abdominal muscles tense to keep
equilibrium. Hold this position for a few deep breaths.
and return to the starting position.

poza-stulaChair posture

This is a powerful exercise that can lead to tone and tighten
muscles of the buttocks. Stand on the mat, legs together, body straightened.
Inhale and stretch both arms above your head.

Exhale and start down as if you want to.
sit down on an invisible chair until the thigh line
parallel to the floor surface. Hold this position for as long as
you do it.

poza-tsarya-tantsaPose of the king of dance

Stand near a chair or wall in case you will lose
equilibrium. Bend your left knee and grip the left ankle.
by hand. Spread your toes as much as possible on your right foot to
have the widest possible base on which you will
maintain body balance.

Bend forward, raise your right hand and pull your left.
keep your leg up as high as you can. Repeat the exercise with the right

poza-rastyanutoi-stopiStretched foot pose

Well, and completes our article on how to tighten the ass, posture
stretched foot. For этого встаньте на нескользящей поверхности
(on the mat), the distance between the feet is about 100 cm. Bend over
forward, keeping your back straight, then bend your knees and
put your hands on the floor.

Turn the trunk slightly to the left, straightening the right leg, and then
to the right. Continue these movements from left to right for
2 minutes.

Complex yoga asanas to quickly pull up the ass

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