How to take eutiroks for weight loss

Eutiroks are pills, the main active ingredient which serves as thyroxin (an artificial analogue of the thyroid hormone glands). The substance normalizes slow metabolism, therefore hormonal drug is often taken for weight loss. but Consider that Eutirox is a drug, therefore without good reason to take it is not worth it.


Does eutirox lose weight?

The first to use the drug Eutiroks for weight loss began bodybuilders and bodybuilders. Tablets contribute to weight loss for score:

  • Decreased appetite.
  • Stimulation of the nervous system, so that the body “requires” activity and movement.
  • Acceleration of metabolism associated with the combustion process calories.

To achieve weight loss by accelerating metabolism drug should be properly taken Eutiroks. Research have shown that it is important to comply with the dosage for losing weight. So small the amount of Eutirox (up to 75 μg) stimulates the growth of body weight, and high (150-200 mcg) helps to lose weight. Medication intake dose slows down the process of weight gain.

Release form and composition

Eutiroks diet pills are available in the form of flat and round tablets of white color, they have smooth edges and extruded marks. The dosage of manufacturers varies from 25 to 150 mcg.

Химические свойства препарата:

The active ingredient in slimming products is levothyroxine. Auxiliary components are: corn starch, gelatin, lactose monohydrate, croscomellosis sodium, magnesium strearate.


Mechanism of action eutiroksa

According to the instructions, Eutiroks is a synthetic substitute. thyroxine, which is a thyroid hormone. A drug able to compensate for the deficiency of the substance in the body. By doing inside a person, the pills turn into triiodothyronine, taking participation in metabolic processes and regulating the growth of tissues.

The use of a hormonal drug in small doses acts on proteins as an anabolic, accelerating muscle growth. Pill use in moderate amounts increases the activity of the brain and heart, accelerate metabolic processes. High doses of Eutirox reduce speed education triiodothyronine thyroid, which contributes to the fight against overweight.

The therapeutic effect develops 7-12 days after the onset. taking hormones for weight loss and the same continues exist after completion of the course. If functional activity the thyroid gland in the host Eutiroks is broken (the hormone produced in insufficient quantities), positive effect drug manifests itself after 3-5 days.

Эутирокс для похудения

Doctors prescribe Eutiroks, above all:

  • For the treatment of diffuse toxic and euthyroid goiter.
  • In thyroid cancer.
  • For the treatment of hypothyroidism.
  • After resection of the thyroid gland as prevention of recurrence.
  • In the process of testing thyroid suppression.

How to take eutiroks for weight loss

How to calculate the dose of eutiroks? Determination of daily amount drug for weight loss occurs on prescription, in depending on the individual indicators of the patient. First pill drink in the morning on an empty stomach 20-30 minutes before meals, drinking 100 ml water.

Instructions for use tablets:

  1. Eutirox 25: during the first week should be consumed by 1 pill twice a day, later go on to a dosage of 50 mcg
  2. Eutiroks 50: for the next 2 weeks three times a day drink on a diet pill, the latter should be no later than 18 hours.
  3. In the fourth final week, take the drug in the dosage. 75 mcg 3-4 times daily with meals.

To support the body while taking Eutiroks and strengthen the effect of the drug, it is necessary to adhere to a balanced diet. Supplement the diet with fruits, vegetables, berries, low-fat varieties. fish / meat, greens. For weight loss is to limit consumption flour dishes, fat and sweet. The use of eutirox is worth finish if side effects occur.


  • Adults from 16 to 55 years old for replacement therapy hypothyroidism is recommended to take a hormonal drug counting the daily dose as follows: 1.6 μg divided by body weight.
  • People over 55 or those who have heart problems and vessels, prescribed the use of Eutiroks in such a daily dose: 0.9 mcg divided by body weight.
  • If you have extra kilos, the dosage may be adjusted.

Side Effects < / h2>

According to reviews, Eutirox diet pills rarely cause allergic reactions. With strict dosage compliance, the risk of side effects is minimal. but возможными осложнениями приема препарата могут стать:

  • Insomnia. < / li>
  • High blood pressure. < / li>
  • Tachycardia, diarrhea. < / li>
  • Excessive sweating. < / li>
  • Malfunctions of the thyroid gland. < / li>
  • Digestive disorders, abdominal pain. < / li> < / ul>

    Contraindications < / h2>

    Before you start taking Eutiroks, it is advisable to find out about the negative consequences that the drug for losing weight can “give” to the body. Refrain from use of medication, if you:

    • Arterial hypertension. < / li>
    • Malabsorption syndrome (inability of the rectum to absorb nutrients). < / li>
    • Diabetes. < / li>
    • Acute form of heart attack or myocarditis. < / li>
    • Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug for weight loss. < / li>
    • Adrenal insufficiency. < / li>
    • Serious problems with the heart or vessels. < / li> < / ul>

      Pregnant women may be prescribed pills, but not as a means for losing weight, but as a medicine with insufficient production of thyroid hormone. Consider that during pregnancy, the effect on the Eutirox fetus will be positive, since Thyroxine deficiency is fraught with serious complications in the development of the baby inside the womb, even mental retardation.

      Compatibility with alcohol < / h2>

      Doctors believe that drinking alcohol with Eutirox does not have a negative effect. but нельзя пренебрегать индивидуальными особенностями организма каждого человека, поскольку невозможно предугадать, как отразиться на здоровье такая комбинация. The reaction of alcohol and hormone pills is unpredictable and causes many chemical processes. If you still want to drink during the course of treatment with Eutirox, follow these rules:

      1. After taking a slimming agent and before drinking, there should be a time interval of at least 2-3 hours. < / li>
      2. Since alcohol can reduce the effectiveness of drugs, it is allowed to take it rarely and in small quantities. < / li> < / ol>

        Analogs of the drug < / h2>

        Analogues are considered drugs that have similar in structure and action of the composition. For Eutirox, these are:

        • Levothyroxine. < / li>
        • Tyro-4. < / li>
        • Levothyroxine sodium. < / li>
        • L-thyroxin. < / li>
        • Bagothyrox. < / li> < / ul>

          Price in pharmacies < / h2>

          It is possible to buy Eutirox only by prescription at any Russian pharmacy. Therefore, before using the drug, it is obligatory to consult a doctor.

          Eutiroks price can vary from 100 to 200 rubles per 100 tablets, depending on the dosage. Производитель выпускает таблетки от 25 мкг до 150 mcg

          Doctors Reviews < / h2>

          Menchenkova V.V., Nutritionist: “The main cause of obesity is slow metabolism and passive metabolism. To cope with these problems, first of all, it is necessary to switch to diet food and actively engage in sports. Eutirox is indicated not for weight loss, but for the treatment of diseases of the thyroid gland. Drinking pills to combat excess weight is tempting, but it is worth remembering that the quick effect is fraught with inconstancy and often comes at a price, bringing the body of a slimming set of disorders and disorders. ”

          Saltykov A.G., endocrinologist: “Overweight affects many human organs and systems, therefore not only the aesthetic aspect dictates the need to get rid of it. But diet pills should not be the main measure. Compliance with the basics of healthy eating and exercise will be much more useful and effective.


          Reviews of those who have lost weight < / h2>

          Tatyana, 22 years old < / strong> : A slim figure is my dream. I managed to try many means and methods of losing weight, including Eutiroks. The pills didn’t make me any better or worse. I did not notice the result after a month of intake – the fat was as it was and stayed. I go to fitness three times a week and notice improvements.

          Galina, 35 years old < / strong> : I took Eutirox for 3 weeks. First, the weight began to grow, I stopped taking diet pills, deciding that they do not suit me. Then I came across an article where the dosages of the drug and their effects on the body were described. Increasing the number of pills, I noticed that those extra pounds started to leave.

          Maria, 37 years old < / strong> : I drink Eutiroks as a vital drug after undergoing surgery to remove the thyroid gland. I do not observe the process of losing weight, but I do not gain weight either. Perhaps in order to lose weight, another dosage is needed. “< P>


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