How to swim to lose weight?

  • 1 Does swimming help you lose weight?
  • 2 Swimming features for weight loss
    • 2.1 How many calories can you burn?
  • 3 How to swim to lose weight?
    • 3.1 Exercises in water
  • 4 Diet

Many people who dream of a slim figure, in addition to the correct
Nutrition and diet pay increased attention to physical exertion.
In order to get rid of excess weight, some choose running,
others are aerobics or gym classes. One of
effective methods of losing weight is swimming, through which
You can quickly swim to your desired goal. Swimming lessons –
This cardio, which help to actively burn the accumulated
fat, which contributes to weight loss.

Does swimming help you lose weight?

During the voyage involved all the muscle groups of the body. With
regular swimming will increase muscle tone will develop
flexibility and strength, and high energy costs will contribute
weight loss

The benefits of swimming for weight loss:

  • Aerobic training of the cardiovascular system;
  • Increased muscle tone;
  • Improved joint mobility;
  • Muscle growth stimulation;
  • Improved posture;
  • A beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Slimming swimming is also recommended for people
suffering from obesity because it does not imply dangerous loads
on the body.

Slimming swimming styles:

Брасс — считается медленным стилем и подходит
for beginners, despite the complexity of the technical side.
It assumes symmetrical movements of the arms and legs in the plane,
parallel to the water surface. The legs are bent at the knees, and
straightening make a push from the water. Synchronized hand movements
ahead of the chest.

Кроль — считается быстрым стилем. Suggests
alternate rowing with hands, scissor movement with legs.
The crawl is recommended for physically trained people;
high power consumption.

Баттерфляй — считается наиболее энергозатратным
and difficult style. Suggests одновременные и симметричные
movements of the left and right parts of the body. By a certain trajectory
performed synchronous strokes hands, feet performed
undulating movements.

Swimming for weight loss is prohibited or not recommended.

  • Epilepsy;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • Lishae;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Ischemic heart disease;
  • Heart failure;
  • Chronic nephritis;
  • Ichthyosis;
  • Atherosclerosis;
  • Hypertension;
  • Skin diseases

Swimming features for weight loss

In order to lose weight, it is recommended to swim in warm
water temperature + 26 + 28 degrees. Comfortable water temperature
will allow you to engage in the time interval shown, rather than before
moment of freezing of the body. The process of thermoregulation during class
helps to speed up the metabolism. One workout should
Lasts 45-60 minutes. 80% of this time is needed constantly
move for weight loss and take 20% to rest.

It is recommended to swim in order to lose weight in the morning. In the morning
all muscles are relaxed and swimming
will be much more useful, training is easier and more effective for
losing weight However, you can go swimming at any time.
You time, the main thing regularly and with high intensity.

Before training you need to knead the muscle on land. Can
make a five-minute exercise, which includes: squats, swinging
hands, torso and head. First meal after
training should be after 1.5 hours. Before occupation not
heavy food is recommended. 40 minutes before the start
workout can eat 1 unsweetened fruit.

How many calories can you burn?

To lose weight, you need to create a shortage of consumed
calories compared to consumed. It is known that in 1 gram
The accumulated fat contains 7700 calories. Cardio such
like swimming, based on heart palpitations when engaging
all body muscle groups.

Weight loss by swimming in the pool is due to
high energy consumption. In an hour, 430 to 800 calories are burned,
depending on the intensity of the workout. With регулярных
training sessions, at least 4-5 times a week, in combination with
low-calorie diet for a month, you can lose weight by a few

How to swim to lose weight?

Before starting workouts should be purchased
necessary equipment for swimming:

  • Купальник — лучше выбирать слитный и удобный,
    who will not crawl during intense workouts;
  • Шапочка — защитит волосы от негативного
    exposure to chlorinated water;
  • Очки — предотвратят попадания хлорированной
    water in the eyes. They should fit snugly to the face;
  • Резиновые тапочки — стоит выбирать не

Exercise in the water for weight loss should be carried out correctly.
First you should perform a 10 minute warm-up, which
involves swimming in the freestyle, and then start the interval
workout. Interval training promotes effective
weight loss It consists in the alternation of the most intense
load and rest. Beginners are recommended to swim for 30 seconds in full
force, and 15 seconds of them should be performed butterfly style,
15 seconds slower crawl and Bras. Next 30 seconds
relegated to rest and relaxation in the water.

Exercises in the water

For weight loss, you can not only carry out interval water
workouts, but also exercises.

5 basic exercises for weight loss in water:

  • 1 упражнение: Встать ровно, спину держать
    straight, arms stretched out in front of you. Alternately lift on
    the maximum height of the legs bent at the knees. This exercise
    aimed at strengthening the buttocks and the back of the thighs.
  • 2 упражнение: Погрузится в воду. Bent in
    knees need to take turns to lift hands to perform
    boxing moves. Trains the buttocks and biceps.
  • 3 упражнение: Лечь на воду, головой на
    inflatable pillow or mattress. Feet imitate cycling.
    Involves the muscles of the legs, back and abs.
  • 4 упражнение: Встать спиной к бортику
    pool, take hold of it with your hands. Legs bring together and
    pull them up to the chest, bending at the knees, then to the right and left
    parties. Involved muscles of the legs, obliques.
  • 5 упражнение: Погрузить в воду по шею.
    Balancing hands on the water, legs bent at the knees trying
    alternately reach the buttocks. Effective exercise for pumping
    muscle thighs and buttocks.

Each exercise complex should be performed for weight loss
less than 20 times.


To effectively lose weight while swimming
It is recommended to follow a diet. Diet для похудения при занятиях
swimming should be balanced but low-calorie to
the body spent much more energy than it received. Deficiency
daily caloric intake combined with intense
training will speed up metabolism, improve metabolism,
will begin to actively burn accumulated fat reserves. However, the difference
between calories consumed and consumed should not exceed
1500 Kcal, so as not to harm the body.

With занятиях плаванием рекомендуется для похудения соблюдать
protein diet. Protein – the main building material of the body, and
colossal energy is spent on its digestion. Contained in
dairy and dairy products, meat, fish, eggs. For
Slimming is recommended to choose low-fat varieties of fish and meat, and
to cook dishes from them, eliminating frying. Diversify your diet
complex carbohydrates contained in cereals, vegetables and fruits.
It is better to give preference when losing weight not starchy vegetables and
unsweetened fruit.

Diet should be based on the time of training.
It must be remembered that the use of food is prohibited for 1.5
hours after training. The most high-calorie should be breakfast. On
breakfast you can eat porridge cooked in water or milk, scrambled eggs with
vegetables or fruit salad. Lunch is preferred
lean meat or fish, baked, stewed or boiled vegetables.
Dinner should be as light as possible, and therefore it is better to drink a glass.
kefir or eat a portion of low-fat cottage cheese. Low calorie
diet combined with intensive swimming will help
effectively lose weight and maintain the achieved results.

Menu diet for weight loss while swimming for two
days (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner):

1 day:

  • Hercules porridge with dried fruits;
  • Baked fish with vegetables;
  • Green apple;
  • Fat-free cottage cheese with greens.

2 day:

  • Omelette steamed with tomato and herbs;
  • Chicken soup with pieces of poultry meat. 1 slice whole grain
    of bread;
  • Orange;
  • A glass of kefir 1%.

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