How to strengthen the legs without getting up from the chair?

kak-ukrepit-nogiIf you are hard to train while standing,
some traditional leg strengthening exercises you can
perform, right without getting up from the chair.

These exercises can help you tone up
leg muscles and great for those recovering from

Although the chair is not a full-fledged simulator, but if
all that you have access to, then there are ways to force and
its being useful.

Of course, in order to truly strengthen the muscles of the legs,
It is necessary to use some kinds of resistance. However if
you are still new, you can focus on simple
contraction of the muscles as you move your legs, and then slowly add the necessary
burdens when you’re ready for this.

So, how to strengthen the legs without getting up from the chair?

During all the following exercises, try to sit
straight, without touching the back of the chair, which will help you improve your posture and
strengthen the core muscle bark.

If the backrest is adjustable, then install it so that it
helped you maintain a straight body position. Do it by 8 – 12
repetitions of each of the exercises in 1 – 3 approaches.

Straightening legs

This exercise is designed to work the upper front of

To do this, sit in a chair straight, knees bent, feet
stand on the floor. Put free weight between your ankles,
clasping a dumbbell or medbol (heavy basketball)
or using weights. Then tighten the abdominal muscles and
straighten your legs in front of you, linger for 10 – 12 seconds
the highest point and slowly lower the foot down. Twists legs

The load during the next exercise is focused on the top
внешней стороне thighs. To perform it, set on his feet
weights or wrap elastic harness around your knees, sit
Straight and tighten your abdominals. Left knee bent,
the foot touches the floor.

Straighten your right leg in front of you and slightly lift your thigh off
surface of the chair, then move the leg along the horizontal line
right and go back to the center. This is a very good lateral
movement, but avoid rocking the thigh or the foot.

Leg lifts

This exercise works well the top inside.
thighs. To do this, install foot weights or
elastic bandage is the same as in the previous exercise, sit up straight
and tighten the abdominal muscles, legs bent at the knees, feet touch
floor. Expand the foot of the right leg to the outside at an angle of 90
degrees, turning slightly to the right and torso.

Then, without changing the position of the foot, lift the right leg so
High as you can, without rounding your back. Hold for 5
– 8 seconds at the highest point and slowly lower the leg down.

Leg flexion

Следующее упражнение направлено на верхнюю заднюю область thighs.
To perform it, set on his feet эластичный бинт или
weights, sit up straight, knees bent, feet on the floor, muscles
press tense.

Applying medium heel pressure to the floor surface, start
bending the knee, tightening it under the chair so deeply
as much as possible. Then return to the original position.
and repeat the movement with the other foot.


This exercise will perfectly strengthen your calf muscles, which
located on the back of the lower leg. For this
Sit up straight, knees bent, feet on the floor. Free weight (medbol,
dumbbell, weights) are clamped between the ankles.

Tighten the abdominal muscles and, rising on the toes, tear off the heels
feet from the floor as high as you can, then slowly
lower it.

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