How to strengthen hands while walking?

kak-ukrepit-rukiOf course, from an ideal point of view, in order
in order to strengthen hands as effectively as possible
include targeted strength training in your program.

After all, work with moderately heavy burdens in the gym,
due to hormonal differences, allows women to easily lead
in the muscle tone of the arms, not increasing them in volume.

In addition, strength training successfully increases the basal metabolic rate.
substances that affect the increase in the rate of burning calories in
rest, and therefore, in combination with a healthy balanced
diet and regular aerobic exercise leads to slim and
fit figure.

But in today’s intense lifestyle, not everyone
women will have free time to visit the gym,
therefore, in this article we will try to combine the incompatible –
learn how to put your hands in order right on foot


How to strengthen your hands while walking: 5 steps

The use of weighting

One of the most simple and affordable ways to positive
effects on arm muscles while walking – add a little
extra weight with weighting agents that are produced in
wearing gloves or wrist bands and absolutely not
cause discomfort. When using them while walking you can
keep your hands in a comfortable position or add
additional exercises for their tone and strengthening, which
If desired, you can also perform without the use of weighting.

Put your biceps into work

While walking at your own pace, add
accented load on the biceps. To do this, arrange
straightened arms at the sides of the torso, turning palms forward.
Then slowly start raising your forearms, bending your arms in
elbows, until you touch your shoulders with your fingers.

At the highest point in addition squeeze the muscles of the arms, and after
lower your palms to the starting position. Repeat biceps lifts
15 – 20 times, continuing to walk.

… and triceps

Bend your elbows at a 90 degree angle and position
them so that the wrists are touching the torso on the sides (in the area
waist). Then slowly straighten your arms behind your back, additionally
straining the muscles and bringing the shoulder blades together in order to parallel in
work and back. Return your hands to the starting position and repeat
Exercise another 15 – 20 times. Ensure that at runtime you
keep your back straight.

Learn to fly

This exercise while walking makes the muscles work
chest To do this, bend your elbows and place them
sides of myself.

Stretch the muscles of your chest and shoulders and then start.
produce up-and-down arms with elbows imitating
flap wings. Make 15 – 20 “wave” of hands, without ceasing


Extra hand rotations are very similar to your natural
walking movements but can help you tone your arm muscles
и chest Instead of the usual motion add pendulum
rotate straight arms back and forth to the level until your palms
will not be in line with the shoulder joints. When moving arm
pull it back as far as you can

The rotation data can be performed as during the whole walk.
on foot and in between use

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