How to stop lambing at homeconditions?

Speech defects cause trouble in childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Patients with a problem ask speech therapists: how stop lisping the letter “p”, what to do if you lisp? Doctor Solves a problem with the help of special exercises or operational intervention. Adult man and woman, teenager and child can overcome the burr with perseverance and diligence. But as Speech therapist will tell you.


Burry – what is it?

Burr is a violation of the normal articulation of speech apparatus with the pronunciation of the sound “p”. He is pronounced with ailment fuzzy, soft or close in sound to other sounds. what mean burred? This means having a speech defect that is not leads to psychological discomfort and isolation. Why people burr? The reasons are different. They are determined by the specialist after diagnosis of speech impairment.

How to stop lambing at homeconditions?


The reasons why people lisp

У пациентов возникает вопрос: почему некоторые люди burr? The reason for the speech defect is:

  1. Atonia or paralysis of the tongue.
  2. Injuries to the oral cavity.
  3. Congenital or acquired anatomical defects of speech apparatus.
  4. Violations of the bite, dentition, formation of the jaw.
  5. National language features.
  6. Diseases of the hearing aid, reduced hearing acuity.
  7. Genetic predisposition.

Doctor определяет причину и вид картавости, подбирает методы speech adjustments.

How to stop lisping an adult

Отучиться картавить взрослому чуловеку самостоятельно – real challenge. You can restore the pronunciation using special exercises at home. After a few weeks of daily activities, adults begin to lisp less. After 2-3 months, the burr will come to naught, confidence will increase and looseness

How to stop lambing at homeconditions?

Упражнения для взрослых:

  1. Slow pronunciation. Slowly and clearly pronounce the syllables �Te-le-de. Try to make the tip of the tongue behind the gums of the upper dentition Daily exercise will strengthen the muscles of the vocal apparatus, it will be easier to pronounce the sound;
  2. Acceleration. Speak the same syllables in turn with the maximum speed, but maintaining clarity of pronunciation. Exercise will prepare speech apparatus to pronunciation;
  3. Training on simple words, where there is a letter R. On the Internet See the training list of words. He can tell a speech therapist for consultation;
  4. Patter. Speech therapy phrase with a combination of sounds “p” helps to make speech, speak beautifully. Phrases help: crow a raven at once; the raven crowed the crow; in the darkness of raki rustle in a fight; by the pond in the grass in the darkness rustling crayfish in noisy a fight.

3 times a day, do the complex yourself. Need to perform diligently. Then the problem will recede, and the lack of speech will cease worry.

How to stop lambing a baby < / h2>

A child often burrs in families where several languages or parents have problems with pronunciation. In adults, the question arises: how not to lisp the baby? Solve the problem can speech therapist, ENT, dentist. Speech therapist prepares the speech apparatus, ENT removes problems with the middle and inner ear, the dentist corrects the upper or lower dentition, removes the tooth if necessary. With specialists, the burryness of a child quickly recedes, the speech becomes clearer.

To defeat burr, to extract a solid sound, babies can do regular exercises.

Exercises for children < / u>:

  1. “Sweet” < / strong>. With the tongue, the child licks the upper and lower lips clockwise and counterclockwise 3 times each way alternately; < / li>
  2. “Groove” < / strong>. The child sticks out the tongue from the mouth as much as possible. At the same time, he is in the position of a narrow groove, his lower lip is relaxed. Then slowly draws a narrow tongue into his mouth. Do 5 repetitions; < / li>
  3. Licked < / strong>. The child slowly licks his upper lip. Movement makes the baby smoothly. Do 5 exercises in one and in the other direction; < / li>
  4. Naughty tongue < / strong>. Stick out your tongue, open your mouth as wide as possible. Take turns to get the tip of the tongue chin and nose. Lesson will be more effective if you count the touch; < / li>
  5. “Steep hill” < / strong>. The tip of the tongue to rest on the lower teeth, curved his arc. Stay in position for 5 seconds. After a week, increase the duration to 10 seconds. < / Li> < / ol>

    With regular exercises, children achieve quick results, it becomes easier for kids to make sound.

    Letter P < / h2>

    How not to burr “p”? To do this, you need to know the mechanism of sound formation. It looks like this: the lips are relaxed, the tongue rises to the base of the upper front teeth and rears (by the arch). With proper articulation, vibration is felt. You can check it yourself: put your finger in the place where the lower jaw passes into the neck. If the vibration is absent, they turn to a specialist for help.

    How to stop burring at 13-14-15-16 years < / h2>

    A speech defect makes life difficult for a teenager. Problems of pronunciation are added to insecurity and their appearance. Grunting girl, guy close in on themselves, avoid public speaking. To unlearn a burr and learn to speak correctly, clearly can be, if you follow certain rules:

    • Visit the dentist once every 1.5 years. Mouth and tongue – the main problem of burr. The specialist will correct the bite, restore the correct dentition, shorten the frenulum of the tongue if necessary; < / li>
    • Ежедневно 3 раза в день проводить специальную гимнастику для речевого apparatus. Exercises can be taken the same as for children. They are made by a teenager and an adult, baby. The main thing in them is not the age of a person, but regularity and correctness of execution; < / li>
    • In adolescence, the old technique will quickly stop losing the letter “p”. Collect washed pebbles or nuts in your mouth and speak to them in your mouth. They read prose like this, verses or speak loudly, clearly; < / li>
    • Any exercise takes place before meals or one hour after eating. Then the muscles, tongue and palate are trained in quality, and the defect retreats. < / Li>

    Почему евреи burr?

    Jews in Israel use the official language Hebrew. Hebrew has phonetic differences from the Russian language. Jews make sounds more guttural and protracted. This is facilitated by the peculiarities of the development of speech apparatus and air circulation. Therefore, to other nations, where the sound “p” is more solid, the phonetic difference looks like burr. You can learn more about the causes of the phenomenon by watching the following video: