How to stay alive on a protein diet

Protein diets have become an absolute hit of our time. Following
simple rules by limiting carbohydrate intake in favor
protein products, losing weight can quickly lose weight.

However, doctors, for the most part, do not share the euphoria by
about the effectiveness of low-carb diets, because excessive
Protein food crabs, in their opinion, can harm

How to stay alive on a protein diet

The most protein-rich foods are meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk
and all that advises without limitation is Dr. Atkins, and what
assigned minimum points in the Kremlin diet, all this is far from
the best foods for the liver. They are too heavy to digest,
as they contain fats, as well as antibiotics and chemicals used
for the growth of animals.

Much more useful, such protein-rich foods as buckwheat,
millet, quinoa groats (sold in large supermarkets), nuts and
sunflower seeds. Useful proteins are also found in legumes and in all soy
products – tofu and others.


Of course, meat protein diet is inevitable. But try
give preference to lean meat, low in fat,
such as chicken or turkey meat.

Red meat and pork are best limited – it is heavy for
liver food. In boiled sausage, sausages and sausages, no protein
more than macaroni and buckwheat, but fat is 25%. It is rather fat
food, not protein, should not be carried away by it.

Safe Protein Products

Многие виды рыбы содержат белка столько же,
how much meat, but fat in them is less than half. Don’t eat
Atlantic herring – 19% fat in it. Eel, lamprey and halibut are
also fatty fish. But flounder, pike perch, cod, crucian carp,
pollock and pike – lean.

Из молочных продуктов употребляйте обезжиренные
products or low-fat – cottage cheese, unsweetened yogurt.
Instead of cow’s milk, it is better to drink goat. Goat milk molecules
smaller and easier to break down in the body.

И каждый день старайтесь есть орехи и семечки,
so beloved adepts syroedeniya. Nuts and seeds contain full
a set of amino acids necessary for protein formation, as well
vitamins A, B, C, E and a whole list of minerals. Very useful seeds
sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, cashew, almond, walnuts and, bye
still scarce in Russia, but very popular in Europe
sunflower seeds.

И обязательно, всегда добавляйте в рацион зеленые
, вне зависимости от того, сколько баллов им
assigned to the table of the Kremlin diet, and whether their doctor recommends

Not so bad in a protein diet

Protein diets give a certain system, discipline, however
self-adjusting eating behavior, by reason
carbohydrate restrictions due to sweets, bread and potatoes, leads
the results are no worse. Of course, weight decreases more slowly,
but with less risk for liver, skin condition, bad breath
and all that is no less important than a slim figure.

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