How to start running – tips forbeginners

  • 1 How to start running novices?
    • 1.1 Running in the morning
    • 1.2 Technique jogging
    • 1.3 Тренировка на беговой дорожке
    • 1.4 Recommendations

Running is a great choice not only for those who want to lose weight, but also
A great way to strengthen the whole body. He promotes
weight loss and weight loss.

Due to its effectiveness and health benefits, running is already
long ago took a worthy place among supporters of a healthy way
of life.


How to start running novices?

During the run, the heartbeat quickens due to this cell
организма увеличивают приток кислорода, продлевая
life for a few years. Also running is indispensable for people
controlling their weight or wanting to lose weight.

За час бега тратится целых 558 Ккал. Highly
few physical activities can boast of such
effect. Such a result will be effective for those who seek
lose weight and make your figure fit.

In order for running classes to bring decent results,
необходимо знать, как правильно бегать, чтобы
lose weight

  • Like any exercise, running is a test for your
    organism. Therefore, it is necessary to know whether such activity is acceptable.
    for your health (in the presence of serious diseases, it is necessary
    consult with your doctor to avoid
  • Next, you should determine the place: stadium, forest park
    zone, treadmill gym – the choice should come from
    personal priorities and convenience of location.
  • An equally important stage for the effectiveness of running will be the choice
    suitable clothes and shoes. It is better to give preference to natural.
    fabrics, and in choosing sneakers trust the advice of competent
    consultants in specialized stores.
  • If you decide to run in the morning to lose weight, then the first time
    will have to make some effort. You will need to get up early. But
    it’s literally a week and a half. After that, the body gets used.
  • To lose weight, you should not immediately perform the “Olympic
    program “and exhaust yourself with high speed and long
    jogging. Before the start of the run is necessary
    warm up and warm up the muscles. Starting, you can pass 1 km calm
    step and only then start running, gradually
    increasing / decreasing speed.
  • It is important to listen to your body, watch out for
    respiration and general condition.

To understand whether you have chosen the appropriate running speed for
похудения, следует выполнить одну простую задачу:
say from beginning to end the sentence. If you coped with this,
не прикладывая никаких усилий —  значит вы верно подобрали
workout pace

If instead of a coherent text, you can pronounce
only individual words or phrases – speed is worth
slow down

Jogging in the morning

Jogging in the morning считается самым эффективным для losing weight Lovers
healthy lifestyle prefer it to him. The morning
jogging is useful because at this time the air is especially clean and

Thanks to the morning run, the body is hardened and the lungs
saturated with oxygen. By opting for the morning run, you
will have less health problems so
как укрепляется вся иммунная система организма,
улучшаются обменные процессы
. Jogging in the morning также
promotes weight loss and weight loss.

Утренняя пробежка дает намного больше
энергии и заряда бодрости
, чем обычное валяние в постели.
Of course, you have to get up early and go to a pre-selected
place to workout.

In order to lose weight, you need to know how to run on
mornings Morning exercises and warm-up will be an excellent option.
all muscle groups. After this, proceed to run. You need to start in
slow pace and gradually increase speed. Optimal
вариантом для похудения считается бег трусцой, то есть со
скоростью около 8 км
. at one o’clock.

Do not think that lack of sleep in the morning will affect your well-being.
– a charge of energy received from the morning run, all this

Do not be upset if you can not engage strictly
in the morning – especially women. Дело в том, что к
количество гормонов, отвечающих за
optimal exercise, the highest.

No need to run very late, because the body is already “starting
prepare for bed “- that is, the metabolic processes will be
are slowed down. А это плохо скажется на процессе losing weight Besides
this dream will be disturbing. You will not be able to sleep for long
the next day you will be in a sluggish mood.

Jogging Technique

At the most popular form of running, it is important to adhere to special
recommendations. Jogging Technique для того, чтобы
Lose weight includes:

  1. Easy breath. If you, without much effort, while running
    you can talk – it means nothing to worry about. But как только
    you feel shortness of breath or pain in your side, you need to go for more
    quiet pace or fast walking.
  2. Keeping pace. The greater the pace – the wider the step.
  3. Proper repulsion of the feet from the ground. When you push off –
    you need to fully straighten the leg at the knee and the push should
    occur due to the foot.
  4. Compliance with time and frequency. Running time, in
    on average, it ranges from 20 minutes to one hour, 3-4 times a day.
    a week This training system will give a positive effect for
    losing weight
  5. Pulse control. (It is necessary to subtract from 180 your age – this is
    and will be an ideal indicator).
  6. Breath control. (If only nasal breathing is used, do not
    resorting to the mouth – it means that you are fine with the pulse. Same
    worth knowing that when training indoors, the pulse
    increases, in the open air this does not occur.)

Тренировка на беговой дорожке

Those who prefer to exercise in the gym know
насколько эффективна беговая дорожка для losing weight The benefits of such
occupation is that a person can easily choose
required running mode and set the required amount for it
of time.

To run contributed to weight loss and quality weight loss,
необходимо знать, как правильно бегать на беговой

  • Highly важно поесть за час-полтора до бега. Reception must
    consist of carbohydrate foods. It is she who will give the body
    the required amount of energy.
  • Any type of physical exercise involves warming up and
    preparation. The first thing we do is warm up. Training begins with
    stretch marks, and then 10-15 minutes, you need to walk along the path, for
    warming up muscles and tendons, as well as for accelerating blood through the muscles.
    Then proceed to the “race.”
  • We start with a minimum load, gradually increasing the pace to
    comfortable speed.
  • Начинающим лучше не ставить сразу высокую скорость на track.
    You can start with a quick walk and gradually increase the pace.
  • It is necessary to monitor the pulse.
  • Training should last at least 40 minutes.

How long should you run on a treadmill to
lose weight?

Recommended for best results.
бег, продолжительностью 40-60

In order for the result to be justified and slimming brought
results, you need not be lazy and work on yourself. Running – the most
affordable and popular way to achieve your goals, be
то похудение или же общее укрепление organism.


In order to run contributed to weight loss,
нормализовать режим питания, ежедневный рацион
и вести здоровый образ of life.

It is important to establish a food culture, limit consumption.
carbohydrates in the afternoon, for dinner to give preference
low-fat fish or meat with steamed vegetables.

In order to lose weight, in addition to running and balanced
food, it is necessary to use daily 2 – 2.5 liters of clean water
in a day. Довольно часто человек путает чувство голода с жаждой,
as a result – hated kilos appear right on

Recommendations для тех, кто хочет похудеть с помощью

  1. The most important thing is your desire. You need to find the motivation: climb
    in a gorgeous dress, wipe your nose envious, be irresistible on
    beach or just put in order the body as a whole.
  2. Find like-minded people. Surely everyone has a girlfriend
    or familiar with the desire for change for the better. For you it is
    will be like a kind of “engine” – with the company is always more fun! Will appear
    some obligations to each other. That is what will not give you
    Opportunities to avoid running once again.
  3. Make a variety. Even the most ordinary training, maybe
    fascinating: change the route, and a boring run will turn into
    fascinating journey to unfamiliar places. Take with you
    headphones and player – with music is always more fun.
  4. Keep a diary. It can record the duration
    training and the result achieved. If your goal is to lose weight, then
    This is a great incentive not to stop there.

Running is a personal choice. If you decide to lose weight, it is important not to
dwell on the choice made. Running like any other kind
sport involves work and diligence.

To lose weight with the help of running – you need to tune. Internal
balance and good spirits are especially important. And harmony
with your body will help you not only to be in shape, but also to gain
pep, good mood, a surge of strength, and rejuvenate
whole body.

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