How to speed up the metabolism and ratherlose weight

Ускорить обмен веществ  можно фармакологическими препаратами,
but it is so dangerous to health, then the outcome can be
lethal. Here are some safe tips for speeding up sharing.
substances, natural means.

1. Make regular dousing with cold water. how
It is known, calories are the energy that our body uses.
for body heat. Получается, что лучший способ lose weight –
make the body warm more intense. Cold water is perfect
tool for a similar procedure. The only thing that can interfere
– fear of catching a cold from hypothermia. Therefore, we burn
extra calories with the mind, alternately cooling the body parts by the following
pattern: right leg – left leg – right arm – left arm – belly
– chest – back.

2. Thoroughly chewing food – the easiest reception
adjustment of metabolic processes. Our brain receives a signal from
stomach only 15 minutes after the start of digestion. it
means a simple thing – the more we swallow during this time, the
the more we get unrecorded “excess”. In addition, long
chewing is a great way to soften food and
moisten it with saliva. how следствие – ускоренное расщепление и
effective absorption of nutrients. The more time we chew
– the more benefit we get!

3. In no case do not skip breakfast. At rest our
the body burns about 1500 kcal during the day. Morning reception
food triggers a mechanism to accelerate the metabolism, leading to a tone
gastrointestinal tract. it «стоит» организму 80-100 ккал. So
Thus, in 12 months we will lose (80 kcal * 30 days) * 12 = 29 000
kilocalories, or almost four kilograms of weight. And this is us
waste only at breakfast! All in all, food processing
It takes about 10 percent of the calories consumed for
day. Therefore, fractional feeding will be even more effective – small.
порциями пять раз в day.

4. Use the natural biorhythms of the human body.
�”Everything has its time,” as the old saying goes. Found time and
for dinner – according to scientists, the best time for
evening meal is the period from 18 to 19 hours. Thereafter
dinner is not recommended, because optimal consumption
calories are replaced by slower metabolism and body preparation
go to sleep

5. Many natural products have properties that affect
human metabolism. Metabolism can be accelerated daily
taking a glass of “barley water”: 200 g per liter of water, bring
to boil with the lid closed. Jerusalem artichoke, which is also called
�”Appetite brake” helps to digest fats. Natural
dry red wine has the ability to slow down the absorption
carbohydrate in the blood. Food digestion time is increased, which
helps extinguish a strong hunger. Whey – in general
an indispensable product: cleanses the intestines from toxins and stimulates

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