How to sew a strapless summer dress

Summer is coming soon, which means it’s time to think about the female wardrobe that needs to be updated. Before as prepare to check out the latest spring-summer 2016 fashion trends.

Today, fashion trends 2016 focus on simple, direct silhouettes, some models of dresses differ in an asymmetric cut, length or shuttlecocks and assemblies. Trend dress is optional buy, you can sew it yourself.

How to sew a fashionable strapless dress with your own hands

Fashionable summer dress with a straight cut with a belt, strapless and with flounces are sewn from the following materials using such tools: sewing machine, scissors, crayon, meter, cotton fabric (stitch, linen, staple, silk, fine knitwear) 1.5 – 2 meters, white gum about 30 cm.

Dress details

Lay the fabric on a flat surface, make a pencil on mark it with a dotted line for the future shuttlecock. And cut by cut line detail – stripe. Cut the square out of the rest of the fabric 95×95 cm. To make the dress fit, it is better to wrap the fabric around you and mark, do not forget to add seam allowances to 0.25 m. On top of the sundress, leave an allowance of three centimeters for fixing the shuttlecock and for the elastic. Sew the edges of the fabric evenly. stitches. Make tucks on the details of the dress for the chest.

Sew the edges of the sundress, leave behind 2.5 cm for the elastic, Sew a place to stick in the elastic, at the same time you can sew a shuttlecock. Collect the elastic and voila, the fashionable dress is ready. TO such a dress can also be sewn belt. Custom made dress with flounce do it yourself can have different lengths. If you want to sew a dress in floor, take more fabric. dress frill dress shuttlecocks dress shuttlecockshuttlecocks sundress sundress shuttlecocks shuttlecock dresses

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