How to safely remove the fat from the hands?

kak-ubrat-zhir-s-rukVery often people figure out what to put away.
fat from the hands is not so easy. After all, many of them naively believe
that if desired, and the right approach can be easily burned
extra pounds in any part of the body.

But actually, if you’re trying to take the fat off your hands, only
performing strength exercises aimed at the top
trunk, without adjusting nutrition and full aerobic
loads, you can get limited results.

Combining a balanced diet with a well-designed plan
workouts, you can achieve maximum effect with
long term.

So, how to remove fat from the hands?

Since you can not purposefully reduce the fat layer
anywhere on the body, you need to lose weight overall. As soon as you
start losing those extra pounds, you will also notice weight loss
in the hands, in proportion to other parts of the body.

And will help you with this aerobic exercise moderate
intensity that can increase your heart rate and force the body
burn calories and fat.

Exercise intensity

Ideally, in order to lose weight in your arms, you should not get
less than 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise and 70 minutes of high
intensity, evenly distributed throughout the week. BUT
correctly assess the chosen pace will help you signs of your body.

With moderate intensity, breathing accelerates, but you don’t
you are choking, you also have the opportunity to have a conversation, but not in
able to sing, sweating begins approximately after 10
minutes after the start of aerobic exercise.

With a high pace, you start sweating in a few minutes.
activity and have deep, rapid breathing. Its frequency
allows you to say just a few words before translating a little

Cross Country Run

Such an incredibly effective cardiovascular exercise, like running,
allows you to spend about 380 calories in a 30-minute session
depending on your weight and intensity of execution.

For maximum efficiency, run with your legs bent over.
in the knees and keeping the torso in a strictly upright position. In
while moving actively swing your arms and alternate slow and
fast paced. Landing is necessary in the middle of the foot, and
push off with your toes.

Jumping rope

Although for a regular exercise with a rope
It takes this very jump rope to pre-buy, but you also
you can burn calories only by imitating jumps and actively
rotating hands.

For optimum efficiency, jump low off the surface.
floor, legs slightly apart and holding the torso upright
position To get rid of fat quickly, change your speed often.
jumps, alternating fast and slow tempo, and alternately jump then
on one, then on two legs.

Depending on your weight and intensity, you can burn up
350 calories per 30 minute set.

Climbing the stairs

If you live in a high-rise building, you can try
steps upstairs that will help you burn up to 400 calories per
30 minute session based on your pace and anthropological

This slimming exercise will also provide great
impact on the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, causing the body to burn
extra calories and fat. In время движения держите спину
straight, and the abdominal muscles strained.

Push ups narrow grip

With the help of push-ups, you can remove excess fat and bring in
tonus of the extensor arm muscles (triceps).

To do this, take a classic position for push-ups – back
straight, legs stretch behind you and keep your balance on
socks, arms are located below the shoulders close to each other. Caution
lower the body, almost touching the floor, and then slowly return
back to the starting position.

In order to focus on the muscles
arms, elbows during movement should be pressed to the body. If a
push-ups, leaning on the socks stop you hard, you can focus
on knees.


Great exercise for the development of flexor muscles
(biceps), helping you successfully remove the fat from the hands.

Hang on the bar to hold it
reverse grip (palm to yourself). Using muscle strength, slowly
pull up your torso until your chin touches the horizontal bar. Then
also slowly lower to the starting position so your hands
were completely straightened. Perform as many repetitions as
you can do it.

How to remove excess fat from the hands – video instruction

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