How to run to burn fat?

Running is the most popular type of cardio workout, but regular
jogging without a technique sometimes does not help. In addition, different techniques
races are adapted for different purposes, for example, athletes run
to strengthen the calf muscles or prepare for a marathon, and
slimming people run for weight loss. Consider running correctly
for burning fat.

How to run to burn fat?


  • Correct running for burning fat
  • Fat Burning Program
  • Technique running (video)


Correct running for burning fat

Remember a number of rules that will help you say goodbye to fat:

  1. Подготовьте организм. Must-eat for
    two hours before class, during this period the food will have time to digest, and you
    Energize and avoid hungry fainting. Power should
    be easily digestible, suitable complex carbohydrates: cereals, bran,
    wholegrain pasta. The water is better not to lean, one glass
    will be sufficient.
  2. Classes are more favorable to conduct in the morning and in the evening
    . In the morning you wake the body, and in the evening you give it
    the ability to accelerate the metabolism, thereby forcing it to burn
    heavily adipose tissue. Pre-race make
    warm up, you can stretch out to warm up the muscles. No warm up
    you can earn injuries such as burst capillaries,
    stretching and others.
  3. Продолжительный бег. Long exhausting runs
    help speed up metabolism. In addition, the person continues to lose
    weight even after the end of the workout for 40 minutes – 1 hour, if
    won’t eat anything. You need to run half an hour. If originally you
    it is difficult to train at this interval, then reduce the first week
    time up to an hour, gradually increase the time to 90 minutes. Watch out for
  4. Лучше для худеющего бегать быстро, интенсивно. Than
    The faster you run, the faster you accelerate fat on problem ones.
  5. Alternate running! The body tend to remember
    repeated load and adapt to it. After a few
    jogging is addictive and the body begins
    save resources. In addition, jogging is considered ineffective.
    in terms of burning kilograms, but if alternated with others
    species from it will be use.

Therefore, combine 3 types of running: jogging, aerobic (running, when
which muscles are not yet warmed up
duration from 5 to 15 minutes), anaerobic (running to failure).
Take steps to make jogging effective.
slapping and shuffling against the surface of the coating, with the heel
should be harsh on the cover.

  1. Бег с препятствиями. What is the most productive type?
    This is the best way to bring diversity to
    classes. Than более неровная площадь поверхности, тем больше вы
    you expend energy, therefore, you burn more calories. it
    does not mean that you need to run on solid bumps, which is why you can
    harm health. You can alternate the race in the hill and on a flat
  2. Время года. Suitable for a beginner, no doubt, will
    summer. In winter, autumn, spring, there is a high probability of capturing
    Mouth cold air and forgive. That is why beginners start
    run in the warm season. Consider if classes are held in the summer
    time, it is better not to run in the sweltering heat, wait for the evening,
    when the heat subsides or practice in the morning.
  3. Благоприятные часы для бега. It is better to conduct classes in
    intervals from 7:00 – 11:00; from 4 pm to 7 pm

Appliances and precautions:

  1. If you feel a tingling sensation in your left side, slow down
    speed, but don’t stop.
  2. While running, try to bend your arms at elbows at a 90 degree angle,
    make forward movements back and forth as though
    pushing away.
  3. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, preferably sneakers.
    To correct troubled abdomen you can wear
    warming belt for weight loss.
  4. Try not to run along the roads where the traffic goes, in
    as a result of exhaust emissions, you clog your
    an organism.

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    exercise, modern methods.
  • A complete list of diet products for weight loss will find

Fat Burning Program

Having finished with the rules, we turn to examples of possible training.
We give several options for classes, and you choose, which is more

Option 1

Mash the muscles, so that the legs are involved,
hands, body, feet, neck. Make the bends forward, backward, in
hand, make 10 jumps in one place and so on.

Start training, its essence is to gradually
increasing speed. Starting at a slow pace, your approximate
the speed should be 7-9 km / h, it depends on the level of physical
preparation. So run for 15 minutes, then arrange the rest for 5

Continue your activity by increasing the speed from 9 km / h to 12 km / h.
After 15 minutes, rest again and make the finish race,
more increasing speed.

If you feel accustomed to the load try
run with dumbbells in arms for burdening

Option 2

Warm up well. Now run to the hill, get down from the hill
quick step (during this time you rest), repeat several times.
Продолжительность тренировки должна быть не менее 45 minutes

Option 3

After a workout, run 400 meters at an easy pace. During
Five minutes to do stretching exercises. Then do
interval running at a distance of 1-2 km: run 200 meters reinforced
jogging, then 200 meters of jogging, thus alternating
run until you run 1-2 km. Relax by doing stretching 5

Gradually, you can increase the distance as your

Proper running will help you achieve the long-awaited
fat burning results.

Technique running (video)

From the proposed video you can learn more about how
warm up before and after jogging as needed
put your foot in motion and how to push off from the surface.

Do not wait for the result immediately after several runs. Dial
Be patient, eat properly and turn on the running program
a habit Only comprehensive measures will help to find those forms
which you are so eager for.

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