How to remove visceral fat on the abdomen in women andthe men

  • 1 What is visceral fat?
    • 1.1 What is dangerous visceral fat?
    • 1.2 Norm visceral fat in the body
  • 2 How to get rid of visceral fat at home
    • 2.1 Simple effective exercises
    • 2.2 Ways for women
    • 2.3 Советы для the men
    • 2.4 Diet

We used to think that overweight is something that is visually
spoils our appearance, changes forms, increases volumes. But in this
We have a “invisible enemy” in the fight, it has nothing to do with large
sides, pleats at the waist and “ears” at the hips. This is about
visceral fat is a sure sign of obesity.
Than he
different from subcutaneous, what is its danger and how to deal with it?
Let’s figure it out.


What is visceral fat?

Visceral fat is a fatty layer that covers
abdominal organs.
This fat cannot be seen if
only there is not too much of it – in this case, the person has a lot
the belly sticks out, although there may not be a large subcutaneous on it

Visceral fat is an important part of organ protection and insurance.
contingency, however
the rate should not exceed 15% of the total mass of fat cells
. The greater the amount of visceral fat, the more
it is deposited on the anterior abdominal wall, and the more
become the volume of the abdomen and waist. Its gradual accumulation in
The result can lead to a serious degree of obesity.

In lean people, the weight of visceral fat reaches about 3
kilograms, and accumulations in people with obesity in this area of ​​the body
can reach up to 20-30 kilograms, so it is important to start
fight surplus right now.

Causes of visceral fat

  • type of body structure;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work;
  • improper diet – fatty foods, alcohol, sweets in
    large quantities.

From internal fat is very difficult to get rid of. What’s his
The fact is that he is in serous
the shell behind the first layer of subcutaneous fat and abdominal muscles.
To get to him, you must first get rid of
подкожного жира
. And after that the situation is still complicated.
the muscles that make it difficult to burn. To fight with
these deposits are so difficult that doctors have not yet found a way
getting rid of them surgically.

What is dangerous visceral fat?

An excess of internal fat is fraught with not only aesthetic
problems like a wide waist or “beer belly”. Real
the danger lies in the effects of visceral accumulations
sediments: они замедляют кровообращение и лимфоотток
за счет постепенного сдавливания органов,
кроме того, они
can worsen the work of the most important organs, and negatively
affect the secretion of hormones.

What organs envelops visceral

  • intestines;
  • liver;
  • kidneys;
  • gallbladder;
  • genitals;
  • colon and small intestine.

Since the internal fatty layer can affect
vital organs, the effects of obesity can be the most

Internal fat can cause the following

  • phlebeurysm;
  • heart disease – right up to heart attack and stroke;
  • oncology;
  • decrease in potency;
  • diseases of the kidneys and liver;
  • diabetes;
  • hormonal imbalance.

Norm visceral fat in the body

This type of fat is an essential part of our body, without it.
no way. Visceral accumulations have their own useful and important
functions. You just need to make sure that its quantity is not
exceeds the norm.

The presence of internal fat in the body is determined on the basis of
индекса массы body. 

You can also roughly determine the possible deviations from the norm,
если измерить объемы талии на уровне пупка, не
pulling in the abdomen. For women, the norm is no higher than 88 cm, for
the men — 94 см.

Еще одним показателем нормы может стать коэффициент
талии и бедер
. To do this, measure the waist and hips
then divide the T values ​​by B. For women, the norm is 0.88, for
the men — не выше 0,95.

How to get rid of visceral fat at home

Visceral fat can be removed using moderate nutrition.
Садиться на жесткие диеты не рекомендуется.
Any strict diet leads to breakdowns and even greater weight gain,
Especially if there is no endurance and will power in stock.

It is necessary to approach wellness with the other
 для начала, изучить свой рацион, записывая в
for two weeks, everything you eat, including snacks,
analyze information, and gradually remove from the diet
harmful products, replacing them with useful ones. It can last a month.
or one and a half. No need to hurry, speed is important in this matter
losing weight, and getting used to a healthy lifestyle. Doctors also
advised to drink more water.

Uniform dietary regime can not remove the fat from the organs. For the sake of health
will have to do regular physical
Они не только помогут держать тело в
тонусе, их цель — помогать тратить больше энергии из
fat reserves.

Избавиться от висцерального жира будет проще и быстрее,
если добавить к корректировке питания занятия

  • Cardio – running, jumping on jump rope, cycling and
  • Aerobics, dancing;
  • Power loads;
  • Yoga. It has special exercises for

It is important not to choose one from the above, but

Simple effective exercises

Get rid of visceral fat on the abdomen at home
You can use a set of exercises for all muscle groups. Not worth it
work out only one press, you need to spend as much as possible
energy, and for this you need to work with the whole body.

How to get rid of visceral fat with
exercise at home?

First of all, do not forget to always do
разминку — running on месте; jumping rope
or without; warming up the joints: circular movements of the knees, then
hips, circular movements of the arms.

Основная часть занятия для борьбы с
висцеральными отложениями
 будет состоять из
alternating cardio loads, abdominal exercises and uncomplicated
power movements. It is better to make a system of three circles, each of
which will include 3 minutes of cardio, 2 minutes of exercises on
press, 4 minutes of strength training. 

Кардио для сжигания висцерального жира:
X-jumps; jumping rope; kickboxing kicks; running on
place with overrun shins.

Exercises on the press to fight visceral
скручивания на прямые, косые, верхние и
lower abdominal muscles, exercise Bicycle, kick your legs lying on

Силовые упражнения: выпады вперед с
lifting weights above your head; push-ups from the knees; squats
with raising weights in front of you; weighting press in front of you
from a prone position.

Заминка или растяжка: упражнения на
stretching the legs, arms, back muscles and abdominals can be borrowed from
yoga practice.

All new exercises can be added to each circle, or
alternate in one circle all at once. Minimal amount
repetitions of one exercise – 10 times.

For strength exercises you may need two small dumbbells,
if necessary, you can replace them with two 1.5-liter
bottles of water or sand.

As an extra blow to the visceral
отложениям можно делать упражнение Вакуум
tones and strengthens the anterior abdominal wall, directly
affecting visceral fat deposits.

To do this in the morning, before the first meal and the first glass of water,
нужно лечь на пол, руки можно положить на живот или вдоль body.
Bend your knees, put your feet on the floor, lay your head and back on
the floor. Inhale and exhale deeply several times. On the sixth
раз нужно вдохнуть и выдохнуть весь воздух до ощущения
пустоты в животе
, втянуть живот как бы под ребра и вдавить
his spinal muscles. Breathing must be delayed. When pulling in
shoulders and back a little off the floor – this is normal. Stay in
this position as long as possible, exhale and return to the original
position. Repeat the vacuum 5-7 times.

Ways for women

How to remove visceral fat in women? Get rid in
home conditions from visceral fat is real if correct
develop a program, and be patient.

Immediately you need to understand that you can remove visceral fat on your stomach.
using food restrictions but not hunger strikes!
It is only necessary to limit the consumption of fatty foods.
The body for its functioning will begin to take the necessary
items from their stocks, and this is known to be the most natural
way to lose weight.

The next step for women who want to get rid of excess
висцерального жира — подобрать наиболее подходящие
physical activities.

Remove the visceral fat on the abdomen will help active
physical exercise:

  • Аэробика, кардио — помогают запустить
    metabolism and heart function. Affect the improvement of overall condition
    an organism that, with proper metabolism, will help
    faster recycle accumulations. With a lot of weight (more than 80 kg),
    running and jumping rope is dangerous – for the veins on the legs and the heart,
    which is already overloaded. Need to fight the odd visceral
    fat using power adjustments, and then connect the sport.
    Exercise Vacuum, which is described above, also needs
  • Силовые нагрузки — упражнения для
    The press helps with the local disposal of deposits. Need to
    remember that the goal is to first remove the first
    subcutaneous fat layer. Therefore, it is important to combine two types

Советы для the men

Как убрать висцеральный жир с живота у the men? Good news in
том, что процесс похудения у the men запускается быстрее, чем у
women All because training their muscles requires more energy
That is why complex effects are so important. Fight program
с внутренними отложениями жира the menы строят по принципу:

  • proper nutrition;
  • sports loads – cardio, aerobics, strength exercises,

Training to remove visceral fat is best done
mixed, and alternate cardio load with power. If talk
about home conditions and not classes in the gym then

  1. run 1-4 laps around the stadium;
  2. make a series of pull-ups, two approaches;
  3. a series of jumps without a rope;
  4. a series of pushups, two approaches;
  5. a series of X-jumps;
  6. a series of side and straight curls on the press in hang on
  7. run one lap around the stadium.

Это достаточно сложная программа упражнений для the men с лишним
weight, so for a start you can do a small amount
repetitions, for example, 8-10. When the body gets used to
loads, be sure to increase them, otherwise the process of losing weight
will stop.

It is important to remember that if you return to your previous lifestyle, you
again you will be where you started. A healthy lifestyle should be
the norm, especially for those who have a predisposition
to the accumulation of visceral fat.


You can remove visceral fat with a diet, but the diet should
be the most complete to insure yourself against possible failures and
health problems. How to lose weight in the abdomen
to reconsider your food and what should be done when preparing the menu
pay special attention?

On the increase in visceral fat in the body and its
deposits are affected by such products:

  • Trans fats. They are contained in mayonnaise, purchase baked goods,
    smoked meat and sausages, margarine, butter;
  • Candy, chocolate – they can be replaced with honey – no more than 1 hour
    l per day, marshmallows, marmalade – 1-2 pcs. in a day. Sweets can only
    in the morning till 12 o’clock, sugar to exclude;
  • Salinity, marinades – retain moisture in the body. On
    sediments they do not affect, but if they are abused, you will
  • Products with monosodium glutamate. Affect the increase
  • Alcohol – increases the appetite and calories;
  • Bread, baked pastries – should be replaced with whole grain
  • Sweet fruits – limit only in the morning, figs under
    a ban;
  • Sweet carbonated drinks, purchased juices in

Useful spices. Sharp – accelerates blood and metabolism, cinnamon –
Excellent speeds up the metabolism, which helps to recycle and
remove accumulated fat. It can be added to coffee, drink tea with
имбирём и корицей, на ночь выпивать кефир с 1 ч. l Cinnamon – delicious
and useful.

Choose a diet can be from a rich variety, most importantly,
adequately assess their strength, and not risk it. Better in fighting
with visceral fat, start by simply cutting back on harmful products,
and then go to a certain mode. Also worth
follow the daily routine. Do not forget and do not miss the tricks
food. They should be 5-6, along with snacks. Portions should be
small but saturated with all the essential elements. The only way
You can help yourself remove visceral fat.

If there is a strong desire to eat harmful
, позвольте себе сделать это один раз в неделю,
necessarily in the morning. After this day, pay attention to
training so as not to disrupt the proper routine, and not
allow the visceral and subcutaneous fat to be deposited.

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