How to remove the stomach and sides: diet, exercise +video

kak-ubrat-zhivot-i-boka-programma-deystviyKnown joke about
every woman who has a pillow
security “- one or more layers of fat, makes
the fair sex meticulously looking at her
reflection in the mirror.

Those whose body volumes are far from ideal, often ask the question:
how to remove the stomach and sides?

Opinions thinner girlfriends with the secrets of the miraculous
transformations, as a rule, do not work. Diets that lead to
excess starvation scattered with numerous beads
Internet, but, more often, rare of them gives the result. Besides,
after them increases the chance to “break” and score three times more
excess weight. What’s the matter?

Remove the stomach and sides can only be a complex method. One
diet or a powerful attack from exercise is not enough. AT
In the first case, weight loss will be due to muscle mass, in the second –
on the body there will be a strong muscular corset and all the same hated

What should be a diet for the abdomen and sides? First about
eating …

Modern dietetics preaches low-calorie, but
balanced diet. AT рационе худеющего человека должны
Present proteins, fats and carbohydrates. If you stick hard
diets that limit or exclude any of these nutrients, then
the body will start to panic and replenish in emergency mode
required minimum from domestic stocks.

Is it good for slimming the abdomen and sides? No, because
protein-free diet will lead to loss of muscle mass – the main
�Fat burner, a fat free diet will temporarily reduce lipid
stock, and at the end will restore it in triple size, and
a carbohydrate-free diet will deprive you of the energy that is needed for active
movements and splitting fat.

In order to quickly remove the sides, you need to reduce calorie
the diet! But at the same time leave the required number of nutrients –
proteins, fats and carbohydrates. AT питании обычного человека диетологи и
sports medicine specialists recommend protein amounts
count as follows: for one kilogram of a person’s weight
need to eat 1 oz. squirrel. For example, 3 grams. protein is in the cup
milk (150 ml), in 20 gr. pork or 30 grams. pasta (solid

Proteins and fats should make up 40-60 percent of the total mass.
daily food intake. And carbohydrates – the rest
(50-60) percent. Moreover, carbohydrates can be simple (fast)
or difficult (slow). The first are digested instantly,
fall into the bloodstream and then fall to the sides and stomach, and the second with
complex structure splits slowly and the release of necessary
energy happens gradually. How to get rid of the sides, right
making a diet?

We exclude fried, fat, sweet (we leave honey, nuts,
dried fruits), salted, smoked, pastries. ATместо этих вредных
products enter the porridge on the water, vegetables, fruits, dairy products
low fat, “zero” or 1.5% milk, skim
cheeses, beef, poultry, low-fat fish, seafood,
olive oil, green tea and other healthy foods.

We eat 5 or 6 times a day, without skipping breakfast! But do not drink
coffee in the morning, and provide a full meal: porridge
(oatmeal, buckwheat or lentil) on water, kefir or yogurt
natural, apple or some honey.

Scientists have noticed, if we ignore breakfast, then after 1-2
hours there are sharp bouts of hunger, and thanks to the painful
want a snack, we eat sweet or flour. Breakfast can
even be high-calorie, because during the day physical activity will help
burn it. But do not get carried away, so as to reduce the stomach and sides
with a high-calorie diet will not work.

The remaining meals should be every 3 hours, the volume of servings is not
should exceed 150-300 gr. (“Cam” – its volume). ATечером,
after seven hours, you can satisfy your hunger with an unsweetened apple,
a cup of yogurt or a small piece of boiled chicken breast
(50 gr.) With fresh cucumber or cabbage.

It is necessary to eat at least 25 grams per day. fiber (from the pharmacy),
dissolving it in a liquid. Be sure to drink at least 1.5 liters of water
per day (at the rate of 30 ml per 1 kg of human weight). AT это количество
includes only pure water and green (herbal) tea without sugar.

The main secret of losing belly and sides is regular
maintaining a healthy diet. It is known that physical loads make up
only 20 percent success with weight loss, while
low-calorie food – 80%.


Exercises for the sides and waist – an effective selection!

Effective exercises to remove the sides, aimed at
training the muscles of the abdomen and back. They must be included in
General exercise and perform at least 5 times a week.

It is known that in our body everything is interconnected, therefore
exercises for the press and the sides should be combined with training
the rest of the muscles of the body.

If you have never had to download the press or you are engaged
this a long time ago, start with the usual simple exercises:

  • AT положении лежа, медленно поднять ноги на 30-45 градусов от
    the floor, hold for a few seconds and also not in a hurry
  • Raising the legs above the floor, as in the previous exercise,
    cross them and spread them apart (the famous “scissors”).
  • Lie on the floor, fix your legs at a right angle on a chair, arms
    wind up behind the head and lift the body forward.
  • You can train the oblique abdominal muscles, taking the initial position
    as in the previous exercise, but while lifting the body,
    elbow opposite knee.
  • Turning to the side, one hand, which is located on the floor,
    we bend at the elbow and support the head with it;
    floor. Raise the leg slowly to an angle of 90 degrees and lower it.

Description of many simple exercises (“scissors”, “bicycle”, side
slopes and others) can be found on the net, and today we will introduce you
effective exercises for the press and sides, which also need
perform 5 or more times for 3-5 approaches. (Number of exercises
depends on the physical form, starting with 15):

  • I.p. lying on the floor. Bend your knees and clamp between them
    towel. We compress, as much as possible, a towel, at the same time
    lifting the body and straining the torso. AT верхнем положении
    linger for 1-3 seconds. Repeat 5-10 times.
  • Lying, raise bent legs at an angle of 60 degrees (if
    hard, slightly higher) in relation to the horizontal (floor). Holding hands
    behind the head, raise the body and linger at the top point,
    as in the previous exercise. The longer we strain the abdominals,
    the higher the effect of these exercises.
  • Под музыку эти два упражнения совмещаем в одно: I.p. how in
    first, and then when lifting the body legs straighten and lift to
    60 градусов от горизонтали, how inо 2 упражнении. Pulling hands
    forward along with the movements of the legs, tearing off the scapula from the floor.
  • Lying, raise your hands up, holding the towel by the edges (stretching out
    hands to the side). Pressing the waist to the floor, raise the body.
    ATтягиваем живот и напрягаем верхние мышцы. Going down to the ip
  • Lying on your back with knees bent and sandwiched
    with a towel, without lifting the back (shoulders and lower back) from the floor, we try
    alternately put your feet left or right.
  • Lying on the floor with legs straightened, lift them and direct them.
    alternately to the left, then to the right shoulder. Can get socks
    floor behind head, adding direct movement.
  • The famous “Birch” – stand from a prone position, raise the legs
    up, supporting your back with your hands.
  • Dumbbells (or 1.5 liter water bottles) weights,
    holding them in our hands, we bend down left, right, forward, backward, with
    arms lowered and raised. But you can do these exercises,
    only by achieving sufficient muscle pumping so as not to injure

These universal exercises will help get rid of the sides and
pump up the press, not only for women, but also for men. For strong sex
dumbbells can be used, but with a weight of no more than 2 kg!

Does the hoop help to remove the sides? Or hula hoop on guard “aspen”
waist …

Simple, affordable and incredibly effective home treadmill –
hoop, can be a true friend and helper in the fight for thin
waist! Catching up daily with your favorite music for at least 20-30 minutes
per day, you can not only remove the sides and stomach, but also get a charge
good mood! This shell will help to return to
childhood, playing, you can reduce your waist to 9-15 cm per month!

If the house has a fitness ball – fitball, then give a load on
oblique abdominal muscles without exhausting workouts easy and simple!
We lay down sideways on the ball, we rest our hand on the floor and fix the steady
position, straightening his legs and stretched out into a string. Without bending your legs,
raise alternately, then right, then left limb and return
to the starting position.


Wrap for the abdomen and sides: recipes for success

�Many experts on healthy lifestyle consider “lazy” weight loss.
life wraps. But their effectiveness in the struggle for graceful lines
belly and sides of this does not decrease. Wraps, according to the method
carrying out the procedure may be cold or hot.

Cold wraps are designed for edematous cellulite on
sides. They increase the outflow of fluid from the extracellular space,
improve blood microcirculation in the subcutaneous fatty tissue,
contribute to the removal of toxins. But such procedures
contraindicated with gynecological problems.

Hot wraps to reduce belly and sides more
effective. They eliminate the “orange” folds and drive
лишний жир, образовавшийся на sides. However, women suffering
varicose veins or hypertension, such procedures need to be coordinated with
a doctor.

Making a wrap is simple: clean the skin with a scrub, dry it
towel, put the mixture on the epidermis, wrapped with cling film
treated part of the body, put on thermal underwear or take a blanket.
Upon completion of the procedure, remove the compress, wash off the remnants of the mixture and
cover skin with moisturizing or anti-cellulite cream.

  • Honey with mustard. Heat up on steam bath or in microwave
    (a few seconds) natural honey (50-100 gr.) and add powder
    mustard (from 5 gr. (0.5 tsp) to 50 gr. (2 tbsp). amount
    the warming substance (mustard) depends on the type of skin and its
    sensitivity. Start better with minimum increasing with each
    procedure 5 gr. mustard powder until the threshold is reached
    skin sensitivity. Girls with dry skin in this mixture
    must add 25-50 ml of olive, almond or
    peach butter. We keep the mixture on the skin from 15 minutes to 40. But with
    the slightest discomfort you need to wash off the mixture, otherwise you can get
  • Honey with cinnamon or pepper. The technology is the same as with mustard.
    Pepper take a red hot, but add it to the mixture is extremely
  • Acetic wrap. Dilute fruit in half
    (apple or wine) vinegar. Wet it with a piece of cloth or thin
    towel. Attach it to the skin and wrap the compress. Keep away
    20-30 minutes to 50-60.

Wraps help clean the skin from toxins and toxins from the inside,
improve tissue metabolism. This allows not only to remove
sides and abdomen, but also noticeably improve the condition of the skin: tighten it,
give it a fresh and healthy look.

Как быстро убрать бока: video упражнения

In order to get a slim body, get rid of the abdomen and
sides, it is necessary every day, like on a note, to eat right,
exercise feasible, walk in the open air and through
day to do wraps.

And then the result will not take long!

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