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Have you and your family been jinxed?

What to do?

How to stop a series of losses and troubles in life?

There are several centuries-proven ways to remove the evil eye in
домашних conditions.

Как снять сглаз в домашних conditions: способ 1

The evil eye is a type of impact on a person’s biofield that is
its almost inferior damage. As they say in common
�”evil eye”. People with such a look are capable in a fit of hatred,
resentment, envy jinx the other. Children are especially susceptible to the evil eye,
because their energy field is subtle and most exposed
external exposure.

There is a wonderful way to remove the evil eye from a child.
домашних conditions. Only mother can use it, as she
with the child has a special connection. This connection will restore the baby’s aura.
using a simple method of using incited water.

What do you need

It is necessary for the ceremony:

• Large light-colored towel;

• Heaped water.

Water for the ritual is used specially prepared.
It is prepared on the departing Moon. Mother should take a glass
spring, holy, or glacial water and speak it in

�”Like midnight to the moon, I cry,

And I also cleanse the water of the evil eye and filth,

As water has this power,

So the evil eye will be able to remove. “

Need to read 7 times. You can’t use water on this night,
can be used the very next day. Slander on the water
need to touch the breath of water and be sure to read the plot


To perform the ritual, you need to take a bath of water, or
another container in which you can bathe the child. Water can
recruit normal from the tap. It is also worth preparing in advance
towel, which the child will wipe.

When everything is ready, the child is first thrice dipped into the water and after
it is only bathed. The bathing process may not differ from
ordinary. When the procedure comes to an end, the mother should right
рукой влить заговоренную воду в ванную со словами: «Воду
освящаю, дитя своё оберегаю»

After this, the child is also thrice dipped into water and washed,

�”Wash away the dirt from (Name) faces,

Free yourself from the evil eye of his body. ”

Need to read 9 times. After that, the mother should take in her right hand
towel and reciting the plot to wipe the child:

�”The dirt washed away, (Name) washed,

The evil eye took off, shot on the canvas. Amen”

You need to read three times. After reading the child must be wrapped in
this towel and wipe off completely. The towel is stored in a towel.
a secluded place until the next occasion, when the need arises.
No one needs to know that the rite was held. Must
keep the secret.

How it works

Carrying out this wash can also give the effect of getting rid of fright.
and weak spoilage. But it will not remove serious damage. Very good this
ritual to apply for those children who have trouble sleeping.
It is designed exclusively for children up to twelve years. For all who
older, it is necessary to use other rites. Those kids
who does not live with the mother can perform the ceremony grandmother.

If the mother after the behavior of the ritual will really want to cry
– This is a sure sign that her work was a success and very much so.
It is worth crying so that with tears emerged the remnants of the evil eye, which is not
could take over the water. After all, several children could jinx the child.
time. Therefore, it is important to remove all impacts.

Как снять сглаз в домашних conditions: способ 2

Remove from themselves the negative of such a plan as the evil eye a person can and
on their own, special extrasensory skills are not needed for this.
What is important? Важно усвоить способ как снять сглаз в домашних conditions
independently using the body’s internal reserve.
It is worth noting that the human body is capable of

However strange this statement may seem,
true. For example, if a person is attackable with
enemy side, emotionally depressed, he can independently
choose a solution and refuse to consider yourself
humiliated and insulted. The same with the evil eye. The evil eye is
a program that works on a person. Refusing to take it
man will keep his nerves and vitality.

What do you need

In order to master the technique of self healing from the petty
negative, such as the evil eye, a person needs a few weeks
practice your techniques of concentration and awareness. For this
Good practice is the use of affirmations. What for this
need to? It is necessary to tidy up your diet.
Minimize bad habits, or even abandon
drinking alcohol and cigarettes.

In order to master bioenergy practices it is necessary
a few hours a day to concentrate. Over time this
the period will be reduced to a minimum. For this стоит уединится вечером и
conduct a preparatory ceremony.

First you need to sit or lie down comfortably and just for ten minutes
lie down in silence. At this time in my head will occur
unrestrained flow of thoughts. Do not hold him, he should
stop by myself. Before my eyes will flicker events and
accidents At one point you need to say “STOP”. And stop
flow. Thoughts will continue to flow, but do not pay for them
Attention. You can switch to any point of concentration, to
For example, look at the ceiling. Look at one point. At this time not
it is worth thinking about anything, just concentrating on the object.

In the beginning it will not work, not for long will be enough strength
stop the flow of emotions. But soon it will start to turn out. When
the flow of thoughts can be delayed by fifteen minutes – you can
move on to the next stage, the immediate removal of the evil eye.


The ritual should be carried out on the waning moon, when the sky is starry.
You need to sit in front of the window and look at the stars, concentrating on their
cold shine. You can concentrate for as long as
would need. When в голове останется только звёздное небо и
no more images will leak into the subconscious, then
It is worth asking them:

�”Mother Moon, sisters stars,

I look at you with a pure gaze

Cleanse my soul and body

From the evil eye and filth – True! “

You need to repeat the plot until in the area
solar plexus will not become hot, but not more than 12 times! If a
this will not be enough, then it is worth repeating the ritual to the next

How it works

Usually, after the ritual, a person begins to
immediately notice positive changes in life. It may be like
improving overall well-being, increasing energy tone,
improving mood. Begin to make new acquaintances,
there is interest in the opposite sex. In general, and in general life
the person is getting better, and he starts to get what he wants.
Of course, if there is another negative besides the evil eye on a person, then
the effect will not be so pronounced. Just improve the overall picture.

You can repeat the ritual as needed. Having mastered the technique you can
perform it with other provisions to prevent sticking
negative on the thin human body. Technique working and tested
by many. It gives excellent results.

Как снять сглаз в домашних conditions: способ 3

The evil eye is well removed by rolling it with an egg. The form
eggs symbolizes the form of the emerging life, therefore due to
method of rolling out the egg, you can remove the negative from the energy field
man and restore its structure.

What do you need

To perform the ritual it is necessary:

• Egg homemade fresh, warm;

• Photo of a person or your photo;

• Candles wax church three pieces;

• A glass of running water.

The egg must be fresh and warm. And not worth it
buy broiler eggs, they will not give the desired result, since
Do not carry a healthy information.


For the ritual must be put in front of a photo
man, it is desirable to take a photo in full growth. Arrange the candles and
ignite them. Next, you need to hold an egg in your right hand and
concentrate on the object. During such a concentration may
there is a tingling sensation in the palms, heat is good, it’s
talks about the established connection.

Next you should put an egg on the top of the object and roll it
top to bottom clockwise with a clause:

�”The egg took, the evil eye, the string took off,

I roll an egg – I take my evil eye on him, I release you (Name)

Rolling and slandering need forty times in a row. When дело будет
done, you need to carefully break the egg and pour all the contents into
glass. If a желток имеет ровные контуры и не в дымке, нет шишечек
and dimples, that means man is pure. You can repeat the procedure
seven days in a row. If a яйцо станет чистым раньше, то ритуал можно
no longer hold. After viewing the egg you need to flush into the toilet.

How it works

This method works since ancient times and brings wonderful
results. Many practitioners use it in their arsenal.
main emergency assistance methods. This way you can remove not
only the evil eye But for the removal of the tribal influence, the curses – it is not
good enough. Can be prevented once a lunar cycle rite
conduct for the purpose of even diagnosis. It can be carried out on children from
one year. Usually after it, children become calm.
and sleep soundly.

When человека сглазили, он не может найти своё место в жизни,
can’t establish relationships, he’s looking for himself all the time and can’t
to find. This process seems to never end, but with
использованием методов снятия сглаза в домашних conditions не стоит
worry – everything will come back to normal. A life наладится и всё что должно
happen good in life – will happen necessarily.

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