How to remove the buttocks using yoga?

kak-ubrat-yagoditsiBring in
the order of the buttocks is the main goal of many engaged in
the gym, but to achieve it often need to lose weight and
to tone all the muscles of the body.

Some exercises are even specially designed to help.
you remove the buttocks.

By combining cardiovascular activity, which is designed to
actively burn calories, power loads, focused on
building muscle mass, and exercises from yoga, you quickly and
effectively be able to lose weight in the buttocks.


So, how to remove the buttocks – quickly and safely?

Yoga exercises

Chair posture

Stand on the rug and let your hands quietly hang down
sides. Then raise your arms and hold them straight in front of you, while
time, as you perform the bend of the body, as if you wish to sit in
invisible chair. Keep your back as straight as possible, and
go as deep as you like. Possessing an average
flexibility, you can easily get to the point where your line
hips become parallel to the floor.

Hold this pose, slowly counting to 30. To increase
the effectiveness of posture, perform all movements without touching the heels
floor, and stretching his arms over his head. This is a good exercise.
allowing to effectively work on the gluteal muscles.


Fisherman pose

Sit on the rug and place your legs so far away from
friend as possible. Keep your back straight, bend
forward and touch the floor with your forehead if possible with your hands
touch your toes. Hold this static
position, slowly counting to 30. Exit the pose gradually.
Rest for a moment and repeat the pose again.

A sophisticated version of this pose involves stretching each
legs using a rope that will keep your legs wide
set apart Camel Pose

Kneel down on the mat and place them shoulder-width apart.
Put your hands on the upper part of the buttocks and begin to arch the body.
back, throwing her head as if you want to touch the floor with it.
Hands continue to keep on the buttocks. Hold this pose
slowly counting to 30. Come out of the pose, gradually leaning
forward to reduce pressure on your back. Repeat one more

This position perfectly strengthens and tones your quadriceps.
thigh muscle, and also gluteus muscles.


Cardio exercise

Regardless of whether you want to lose excess fat and reduce
buttocks, cardiovascular exercises are necessary for general
weight loss.

Leading world experts in the field of weight loss advise
getting at least 150 – 250 minutes a week aerobic
exercise of moderate intensity, such as walking. If you
want to see faster and more significant changes you
need to allocate more than 250 minutes a week.

You can also give preference to those types of cardio exercises,
which activity is directed to the lower part of your body,
for example, work on an elliptical or exercise bike, energetic
bike rides, stairs, running or fast
walking uphill, climbing.

Strength exercises

There are a number of different exercises that will strengthen and lead
in the gluteus muscle tonus, allowing you to make the buttocks perfect

Some of these exercises involve the use of
free weights or other equipment, so if you have
the opportunity to go to the gym, these exercises are yours
perfect choice.

Also you can effectively remove the buttocks without any
extra weight and equipment. These types of exercises are suitable.
ideal for those who conduct their workouts at home with
limited space or no opportunity to attend a gym

You can do forward attacks and squats without additional
weight or if you want to add extra load during
exercise, pay attention to the assistants
means from which you can get a good and convenient burdening,
for example, baclag with water.

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