How to remove the belly of a man

The question of the figure for men is not as acute as the girls,
but still, when next to you is a beautiful and slim wife, I want to
look appropriate. If more girls
dangling sides or full legs worry, then men have the biggest
the problem is the belly.

Improper diet and sedentary impose
Its mark on the stomach, especially this contributes to excessive
beer consumption. Therefore, in this article we will tell you how
quickly remove the belly of a man.

How to remove the belly of a man

To get rid of a hanging belly, the first step is to
to establish proper and complete nutrition, in which the body
will completely digest the consumed food, without the appearance of new
fat deposits. Power must be strictly
certain time.

What should be excluded from the diet

Any healthy diet should exclude harmful foods.
which will negate all efforts. Such products
are fatty meats, convenience foods, fast food,
sugar, coffee and any other high-calorie foods.

Give up fried food, just boiled, stewed and
baked food.

It is strictly necessary to abandon the consumption of beer in any
quantity, as well as to minimize the consumption of yeast

The basis of your diet should be: • Vegetables (raw and
cooked); • Fruits; • Eggs; • Potatoes; • Natural juice;
• Seafood; • Low-fat dairy products.

How to remove the belly of a man с помощью диеты

You should eat four times a day.

Build diet as follows:

• Breakfast – light food that quenches hunger and gives
forces; • Lunch – it should consist of a hot dish, best for
This fit diet soups, vegetable, lean or chicken
broth. • Afternoon tea – mostly light meals, mostly
to fill your body with vitamins; • Dinner – should help.
maintain a sense of satiety, so food should
nourishing, but not hard.

Try to lean more on fruits and fruit salads, they
the best carriers of vitamins. Make fruit yourself in the morning
Fresh, they will give a charge of vitality and vitamins for the whole day.

Fruits are very good antioxidants that
necessary in order to get rid of the abdomen.

Breakfast and dinner accompany vegetables that are not less than fruit.
contain vitamins. A great option would be a vegetable salad,
seasoned with a little olive oil.

At the time of the diet give up alcohol, as well as if you smoke,
it is naive to write that during this period you reduce the number
consumed nicotine, but still our task is to write and solve

A complete list of menus and diet diets for men, you can find
in one of our past publications.

Как убрать живот упраженния

How to remove the belly of a man упражнения

To remove the stomach, only one diet is very small. Perfect
an option would be to visit the gym with exercise equipment, so
you not only get rid of a hanging belly, but also pump muscles,
giving the whole body harmony.

A set of exercises will help you choose your personal trainer. AT
at home, the stomach can be tightened by the usual inflation
press, holding the legs and at the same time raise the torso. Exercise can
complicate using dumbbells.

ATо время спортивных занятий старайтесь больше всего
exercise the abdominal muscles as pumping them, you
will pull up your belly.

If there is such an opportunity, then visit the bath. Thanks
a lot of sweating from the body toxins and slags. If a
there is no such possibility, then take a hot bath or shower more often.
If a хотите избавиться от живота быстро, то изучите этот

How to remove the stomach and sides of a man will help the video that is posted

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