How to remove excess fluid from the body tolose weight

Greetings to you, our dear readers and readers. AT
Once again, we will touch on the topic of weight loss on our website and reveal
you another way you can throw off a few
extra pounds – by removing excess fluid from

Жидкость Reading our site, you have already read a lot
number of ways with which you can without diets and without
physical exertion to lose weight. One of the reasons why
we gain weight in the summer – is a big consumption
fluids, as a result of which we develop edema, respectively
our body weight increases and most likely it is. In summer we
reduce food intake and almost 2-3 times increase
amount of water consumption.

If you have gained excess weight, then perhaps the fault is not sweet,
fried and high-calorie, namely excess liquid. Although more
parts this concerns the summer period, but in the winter period too much
body fluids can also be. But before you start
excretion of excess fluid from the body, you need to analyze:
superfluous or not.

For a person, normally drink about 2 liters of liquid in
a day in the cold season, and about 3 liters of fluid
– summer. AT эту норму не входит иная употребляемая нами жидкость:
soups, dairy products, teas, soft drinks, fruits and
etc. So watch how much liquid you drink, if
the indicator of drunk liquids significantly exceeds
the average rate, the extra weight of the VAZ because of this.

Стакан воды

How to remove excess fluid from the body

ATывести лишнюю жидкость из организма можно в домашних условиях и
Our site will give recommendations on how to do this. Let’s
рассмотрим, что помогает вывести лишнюю жидкость из organism.

In order to get rid of excess fluid from the body in the summer
– watermelon will help, it is he who is the most effective

  • Watermelon

If you want to quickly remove excess fluid, then during the day
use only watermelon, and without limitation. If
you do not leave the feeling of hunger, then eat a couple of pieces of rye
of bread. The next day you will immediately see the result, even without

  • Tablets and teas

You can get rid of body fluids with the help of tablets and
special teas. Today, there is a large commercial
assortment of diuretic tablets and teas. What exactly to choose – decide
you, for this you can read the annotations to the various tablets and
online, and consult a doctor or
a pharmacist.

Мочегонный чай

  • Folk methods

What else can remove excess fluid from the body? Can
resort to the so-called grandmother’s recipes – folk
medicine. ATывести лишнюю жидкость народными методами помогут
various infusions of herbs: sage, tutsan, bear’s ear, birch
листья и etc. By the way, birch sap is also good.
мочегонным means.


  • Hot tub, bath and massage

Oddly enough, but thanks to bath and bath procedures
действительно можно вывести лишнюю жидкость из organism. Adoption
baths and baths once a week will have a very positive effect on the output
excess fluid from the body and on your health.

Another way – massage helps to remove fluid from

Массаж для выведения лишней жидкости

  • Reduce water consumption and eliminate provocateurs

It’s no secret that after the salty food I really want
drink, so try to eliminate eating fish and other
seafood, various salty dishes, as well as dishes with

Thirst appears after eating sugary foods,
including sweet drinks, so be sure to exclude products
provoking thirst.

Use plain, purified water without gas to quench

Finally we want to say that if you decide to withdraw the liquid from
body, we recommend doing this no more than once a month, and when
use for this diuretic tablets – no more than 2 times a
month. Frequent and excessive methods of removing fluid from the body
can harm the body, in the first place it is fraught
the appearance of a deficiency of potassium and calcium in the body.

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