How to remove cellulite quickly and reliably?

kak-ubrat-cellulitPhysically, cellulite is fat,
unevenly distributed under the skin surface due to
impairment of fluid circulation and weakening of connective tissue, and
most often manifested in the form of dimples in the hips and buttocks.

Although the appearance of cellulite is not an indicator
any serious health problems, but it can cause
feeling of inner insecurity when it comes time to wear
open clothes in the warm season.

Different methods of dealing with cellulite are not the same
successful, so let’s look at the most famous in this article
ways as their effectiveness.

So, how can you remove cellulite?

Laser and radiofrequency treatments

One of the most promising remedies for cellulite may be
laser therapy during which red and
infrared light-emitting diodes that form long waves,
causing a reduction in subcutaneous adipose tissue.

Also effective is exposure to radio frequency
treatment, during which uses a combination of massage,
infrared light (electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength
more than visible light, but shorter than radio waves) and
radio frequency waves. Both approaches require a series of procedures.
lasting up to six months.

Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasonic waves start with one big impulse, for
which are followed by a series of small waves, and are commonly used to
gentle treatment of health problems such as stones in
the kidneys.

But the positive effects of ultrasound waves were also
successfully tested in a study to remove cellulite on
21 women in December 2007. The authors of the experiment came to
concludes that therapy “works” by stimulating the production of proteins
skin collagen.


According to experts, endermology is a minimally invasive
procedure that involves vacuum-roller deep
massage with lifting effect in the areas of manifestation

This technique is based on softening and eliminating the accumulated
fat, improves blood circulation in tissues, helps remove end
metabolic products and excess intracellular fluid in areas
skin prone to cellulite.


Mesotherapy состоит из инъекций небольшого количества
drugs, amino acids and vitamins in the mesodermal layer of the skin that
allows you to successfully remove cellulite and improve tissue blood flow.
Major agents include theobromine, epinephrine, pentoxifylline,
rutin, alpha antagonists, beta agonists.

Among the plant extracts can be noted Indian chestnut and
ginkgo biloba. But be careful – reactions are possible.
on some of these drugs in the form of a rash.

Weight loss

The most affordable and safe way to get rid of
cellulite at home according to most experts
is a healthy diet rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables, and
regular exercise to lose unnecessary
pounds and tone the muscles in your legs, thighs and buttocks, causing
reducing the appearance of “orange peel”.

As proof of this, August 17, 2006, were published
results of weight loss studies to affect
cellulite As a result, one of his co-authors noted that
a large number of overweight women participating in
the experiment revealed a marked reduction in the areas
cellulite proliferation after a controlled program
losing weight

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