How to remove cellulite on the pope?

kak-ubrat-tsellyulit-s-yagodits-mnenie-chitatelyaHardly anyone
will argue that beautiful tightened buttocks – “accessory”
the attractiveness of any lady. Moreover, this is most often not thought of.
only girls, but also the honorable ladies.

My experience of how to remove cellulite from the buttocks or “orange
the crust ”may be useful to someone. About this I now and you
I will tell you.

Does water flow under a rolling stone or how to remove cellulite on

Mother Nature, of course, pretty hard, awarding women
such an unpleasant thing as cellulite. The causes of
�”Citrus peel” on the pope a great many, but I will focus on

Everything that makes us attractive is the result.
hormone activity. They also regulate the value
subcutaneous fat. This serves as the main “triggering
mechanism of the appearance and increase of cellulite. The main reasons are
pregnancy, puberty, ovarian dysfunction or
menopause, provoke the formation of orange peel.

Moreover, her appearance does not depend on whether a full girl or
quite thin. I often met gorgeous women “in the body”
who have no cellulite, and at the same time, elegant beauties
he could be treacherously placed in familiar places.

The third causes are thyroid diseases, dysfunctions
cardiovascular system, liver or kidney, and caloric
nutrition, lack of mobility, stress, bad habits –
only aggravate the situation.

Where to begin?

In my case, for a dense orange peel in problem areas
I had to “thank” hormones, thyroid, love for
�”Goodies” and hard monodiets, with a complete reluctance to engage
sports. I, like other girls, have the first noticeable signs
cellulite appeared on the buttocks, then on the hips and already became
seize the abdomen when I realized what’s next
can not continue.

How to remove cellulite on the pope, I did not have the slightest
representation. But then I was lucky to get on massage courses,
where they explained that to fight cellulite with some kind of disparate
Ways is useless. It is necessary to use the complex
approach: eat right, do exercises, massage, wraps and
Do not forget about the benefits of water procedures (baths with various medical

Before you try to get rid of cellulite on the buttocks,
I analyzed my mistakes:

  • Hard unbalanced diets – lead to a shortage of essential
    beneficial substances (fats, proteins and carbohydrates), provoke bulimia
    (gluttony) and the accumulation of body fat reserves, and, consequently,
    increase cellulite, including on the pope;
  • Lack of diet and movement (especially aerobic
    loads) also leads to overeating and slowing down of metabolic processes
    (metabolism) – and the “loin” part suffers again;
  • Low water consumption. Cellulite is like a honeycomb,
    only in its structure instead of honey there is fat and water in
    gel form. When we drink 1.5 liters of pure water per day, she
    flushes out toxins from the subcutaneous tissue and facilitates splitting
    fat mass;
  • In addition to the lack of physical exercise, the accumulation of cellulite contributes
    rest of the skin. This happened when I did not massage,
    did not warm up the “orange peel” wraps. If in a day
    You start to carry out cosmetic procedures and massage
    blood microcirculation improves (due to tissue warming) in
    subcutaneous layer and is active splitting of fat. For starters, I
    every day for 15 minutes, massaged the buttocks with a medical jar,
    having covered skin with anti-cellulite cream or gel, and also wooden
    Massager, bought in the souvenir shop. I later purchased
    vibrating massager type “body sculptor” or “relax and tone” (they
    absolutely the same). They are equipped with a ball cap, which is
    A score of 2500 revolutions well breaks down the structure of fat cells under
    skin It has become much more convenient.


But the most important mistake is inattention to myself. To get rid of
cellulite on the pope is actually not difficult, but it is a long process
and daily hard work. If you give up the slack and put “on
then “all activities, our main enemy is” orange peel “,
there and then gratefully takes his usual place on the pope, as on
the main pedestal.

No matter how much we struggle with cellulite, but our hormonal background
sharpened for childbirth, so the body will again and again
try to recover the lost.

1. Physical activity

If you do not train the muscles from the inside, then remove cellulite from the buttocks,
burning subcutaneous fat with surface cosmetic
procedures are unlikely to succeed. Therefore we will start.

Warm up

The best and most effective exercise to warm up muscles.
buttocks, is considered walking on the priest. This is one of my favorite
fitness classes. It is very simple: we sit on the floor mat,
straighten legs together. Keep the body straight but not
straining. Getting the buttocks to move forward, as if stepping over
by them. The heels of the feet during walking are also rearranged. If a
push the hips as far as possible, the effect will be

We start with 10 steps for 5 approaches forward and same movements
backwards The load is not weak, but it’s worth it! Walking on the buttocks
from cellulite, you can start with 100 steps, and then increase them


Maximum stretching the muscles of the buttocks can be a simple exercise:
stand near the open door so that its handles (inner and
outdoor) were in your hands. At the same time the door leaf (itself
door) – between the knees. Rear pre you can put
a chair or stool, but you can make them imaginary.

We start to sit down, stretching the muscles of the buttocks and thighs to
right angle (90 degrees) or before squatting on a chair. But not
sit down Return to the starting position. So you can train
muscle priests, ranging from 20-25 times to 50-100.

Then, to increase the load, take 2 dumbbells or 2
plastic (1,5l) bottles with water or sand. Let’s stand up and be
Sit down in the same way, but without using a door, with weighting in
hands. We try not to bend the back, keep our head straight. Other
I do squats by spreading my legs wider than my shoulders and turning up my socks and
maximum knees out. The husband calls me in these moments “wrestler
sumo “because the poses are very similar. Hands can be lowered, and in
further to take dumbbells or other weighting. Neatly not
hurrying, crouching, feeling the muscles of the buttocks and thighs stretching.
Well, if at the first lesson someone you, in case of loss
balance, will support. Strengthening a little muscle, you can already do it
exercise by yourself.

If a есть небольшая подставка (степ-платформа) и нет проблем с
knee joints, it is possible to do lunges, walking as much as possible
forward, keep the leg perpendicular to the floor (the femoral part –


Traditional swinging exercises from cellulite on the pope perfect
load the muscles of the “organ search adventure.”

1. We get on all fours, palms – strictly under the shoulders, and knees
– bend at right angles. Press strain to not bend
lower back. Straighten the legs alternately, lifting them up, then
return them to their original position. We start with 20-30 repetitions,
increasing to 50 and more. Then I started to tie elastic
knit weighting to the feet, but with them you need to be

2. Lie down on the stomach, put your legs together, put your chin on
arms crossed on the floor. Raise the legs alternately and hold in
top position for 5-10 seconds. Let’s start with 20 sweeps each leg, and
we will weight them later.

3. We continue to lie in the same position, but lift the compressed
together shin (legs from knees) up. Periodically raise the hips
but the pelvis pressed to the floor.

Final stretch

This exercise is an excellent massage of the buttocks from cellulite!
Girth alternately right and left leg as close as possible to
foot and pull it over with a smooth effort, stretching the muscles of the hips and
buttocks. The leg should remain as straight as possible so as not to extinguish
effect of exercise.

These exercises from cellulite on the buttocks need to be done through
a day or, at worst, twice a week. I try to do them by
certain days: monday, wednesday, friday, in order to avoid
temptation to miss. They are included in my overall fitness workout. BUT
in my free days I enjoy jumping on the rope – the perfect
simulator for the priests and legs.


2. Massage

The benefits of massage, we have said above, it remains to add

  • On the body after these manipulations should not remain
  • Vacuum massage with a medical jar (glass or
    silicone) we execute clockwise, in the soft movements on
    circle, following the massage lines. No hard pressure or sharp
    movements should not be! At the same time we cover the skin with honey mixtures,
    oils (olive, almond, jojoba or others). It’s not only
    will help enrich your veil with useful substances, but also make it
    soft and silky.

3. Wraps

I most of all at the initial stage to get rid of cellulite on
hot wraps assisted I think this is the most
effective procedures for this purpose.

After applying the mixture on steamed buttocks and thighs,
wrapped with cling film and a warm towel. Second towel
iron until the first one cools, and change it.

  • Coffee wrap with aroma oils: citrus, bergamot,
    lemon balm, eucalyptus, mint, juniper, ylang-ylang, cypress,
    pine, cedar. Gathering coffee grounds from drinking coffee (2-3 table.
    spoons), I loved to add 50 grams. honey heated on a steam bath
    and 20 ml of olive or any other base oil (almond,
    jojoba, peach or sunflower). Dripped any essential oil,
    or their mixture, but not more than 3-5 drops! This mask can be kept on
    skin up to 40-60 minutes, changing towels. Leather on the end
    silky, and cellulite becomes soft, steamed, that
    helps him to split faster.
  • You can simply mix honey and vegetable oil in half,
    pre-slightly heated on a steam bath.
  • Love the chocolate wrap. Real spa treatment
    And from cellulite on the pope helps to get rid of! Cocoa powder (100 gr.)
    or grated dark chocolate (not lower than 70%) pour boiling water,
    stirring. When you get a thick cream, cool to warm
    comfortable temperature and apply to the skin. Nirvana! Can this
    Mask add aroma oils or honey – they additionally nourish the skin
    and struggling with cellulite.

Mustard and pepper wraps – warm and split

  • The most powerful product is obtained from mustard powder, honey,
    vinegar and sugar (carefully with mustard and sugar, since the last
    strengthens the action of the first). I have dry and sensitive skin,
    therefore, a large amount of mustard was not allowed. I
    started with 5-7 gr. (0.5-1 tsp) powder, and then increased to 25
    gr. (1 tbsp.). Diluted with warm water to the state of sour cream and
    added: salt and sugar (0.3-0.5 tsp) and a half tsp
    vinegar. We insist this mixture for 24 hours (we do it in advance), and then
    diluted in half with a preheated steam bath before the procedure
    honey in equal proportions. I had to add to soften
    a little olive oil (20 ml), so as not to spoil the skin. Keep
    this mixture on the pope and hips can be no more than 15-20 minutes, since it
    very aggressive. If a я чувствовала дискомфорт, смывала сразу,
    as the burn caused by the mask would have to be treated for a long time.
  • I make pepper mask with red hot pepper that activates
    blood supply to the skin. Беру 5 gr. of this “fire” in half with ground
    nutmeg, add 100 ml of liquid honey, 25 ml of cream, 5 ml
    cinnamon oil and 40 ml olive oil. Keep this mixture also no more
    quarter of an hour.

I на своем опыте убедилась, что нельзя запускать такую
delicate problem like cellulite on the pope. BUTпельсиновую корку нужно
daily massage, regularly do exercises and wraps.
This helped me to remove cellulite and tighten the skin.

Believe me, the result was worth it! Try to follow mine
advice – and you will soon see that cellulite on the buttocks is not for you

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