How to regain form after pregnancy?

formy-posle-beremennostiMost women watching those
changes that occur in their bodies during pregnancy,
experiencing a certain anxiety.

After all, from such phenomena as the appearance of stretch marks, reduced tone
muscles, weakened press, skin “apron”, no one is insured.

And how to get back in good shape, reset after
childbirth weight is up to normal, many women start thinking before
baby’s birth

And here qualified advice can be invaluable.
not only doctors, but also instructors in fitness and healthy way
of life.

Take your time, everything has its time!

A woman must remember that pregnancy is, in the first place
turn, hormonal adjustment of the body. And his usual
hormonal background the body will reach no earlier than one year
after childbirth. Therefore, it is not worth rushing: many processes will come in
rate yourself, without your participation. Moreover, the birth of a child
requires a huge body of energy from a woman.

And after delivery, these costs need to be restored. therefore
The main task of recovery in the first stage is to monitor your
nutrition, do not overload the body with excessive loads, and
increase the amount of exercise gradually.

How to restore the shape of the press through the exercises?

Performed on the chair. The hand is placed on the middle of the abdomen, the middle
the finger is at the same level as the navel. Loins tight
pressed against the back of the chair. Several shoulders bent forward, you can
feel how the press tenses up. Take a deep breath to
air passed through the body from the bottom up, then exhale slowly to
belly “stuck” to the spine.

This will enable the use of the transverse abdominal muscle, which
responsible for its appearance. Such an exercise in the form of deep
abdominal breathing can be done in any position and in any
setting. And during the day, make sure that the stomach is constantly
was somewhat embroiled. The results are not long in coming.


Building a new waist shape: highlight

Задача этого упражнения  – задействовать косые мышцы
belly. As the simplest advice, you can recommend
pull in the belly while pulling the shoulders up to the knees
the queue.

The back arch exercise is also useful.
performed on your lap. On the inhale the back arches, on a sharp exhalation
it needs to be bent so as to feel how the abdominal muscles
tense up. When carrying a child in his arms to ensure that
the back has always remained straight.

More details in the article: “How to make a waist truly

Restore the shape of the hips? Easy!

The best among them are the usual squats, in any quantity.
during the day. It is only important to carry them out correctly. Back should
be straight, arms between knees. Squatting body
should move a little back, buttocks at the same time bulge.
Make sure your knees do not go beyond the line of socks.

You can attach and weight using dumbbells. BUT
if the baby doesn’t give mom time to work out, squats can be done
perform with him on hand.

Great benefits and bring lunges. They are also performed with direct
back and dumbbells.

More detail in the article: “How to lose weight quickly in


How to restore breast shape after childbirth?

For this there is a very simple exercise. Palms
arranged vertically at chest level, and the arms are joined
together. The forearms are parallel to the floor, elbows
look in different directions. The essence of the exercise is that
palms tightly pressed to each other until you feel
pectoral contraction.

Это простое упражнение можно делать по 20-25 раз  в
several approaches throughout the day. If allows
well-being, it can be supplemented with ordinary push-ups from

More details in the article: “Effective exercises for
красивой груди“

Effective back exercise

Splayed back does not adorn the female figure. Pull it up
allow simple exercise that simultaneously engages the muscles
arms, legs and abs.

Standing, legs should be bent by 30-45%, and bend down. Loins at
it bends. For weighting, dumbbells are used. Arms
pulling up to the stomach, with the elbow moving towards
backwards Make sure the elbow is pressed to the waist, and
the forearm is not strained. Exercise is performed on 10-15
once for one approach, in three approaches.

More details in the article: “Exercises for the back. Video”

Additional recommendations

To increase the metabolic rate, experts
recommend eating often, but in very small portions. BUT количество
water consumed daily should be at least 2 liters.

Very important is a positive attitude that will allow
love your body in all its manifestations. Track every day
those positive changes that occur with the body – and they
sure to appear.

And it is worth noting that this approach often leads to
that a woman takes shape after a short time after birth
even more attractive than before pregnancy. Good luck to you!

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