How to reduce thighs with exercise andproper nutrition

Many women have problem areas on their bodies. Some ladies suffer from cellulite, others from fat folds in the abdomen or the waist, and the third – from the fat on the hips, especially on the inside of their to the side. If it’s easy to get rid of the first two problems by limiting yourself in the diet, you can avoid the appearance of fat on the hips only complex measures. How is the fat removed? deposits from the inside of the thigh, will be discussed today.

Как убрать жир с внутренней части бедра


Why fat is stored on the hips

The muscles located on the inside of the thigh do not work, since they are not involved even when walking, therefore they become weak and saggy. Losing weight in the inner thigh area is not easy, because fat cells do not give up fat as quickly as in other parts of the body.

In women gaining weight, 10% is in the upper body, and 90% on the buttocks and thighs. Conversely, with active weight loss, 90% of fat goes from the top, and only 10% from the bottom. But nutritionists and fitness trainers with experience know how to remove fat from the hips (inside) without a rigid diet, but with a new food behavior and regular physical exertion on the hips: dancing, walking, riding, biking, special exercises.


How to deal with fat deposits

But как убрать жир с внутренней стороны бедер? This is an adjustment food ration and, developed by a professional, complex exercises that will help you lose weight quickly in the problem area.

A radical method is liposuction – removal of subcutaneous fat, but it’s an expensive service that not all women can afford allow. Mesotherapy is also an effective procedure. Introduction microinjections under the skin is not a pleasant procedure, but it gives results staggering – the hips are reduced by the eyes. Let’s break it down learn how to remove fat from the buttocks and inner thighs with various procedures.

Proper nutrition for weight loss

How to reduce the volume of the legs in their upper part with a diet, Check with a nutritionist. He will write out the ration for each day so that body fat from the thighs will be gone in the third week. We will tell you what food contributes to the formation of fat sediments, and which products to enter into the daily diet in order to hip volume decreased.

Beauty requires constant self-control from girls and women, therefore, to remove unnecessary volumes of the figure, discard the following addictions:

  1. Confectionery, sweets, pastries.
  2. Fried dishes, sausages, smoked meats.
  3. Semi-finished products, fast food.
  4. Coffee, alcohol, soda.
  5. Mayonnaise, sauces.
  6. Sugar, salt (desirable).

Shrink hips is easy using the products that should include in your daily diet:

  • How to reduce thighs with exercise andproper nutritionBread wholemeal
  • Vegetables in unlimited quantities.
  • Fruit (except bananas).
  • Cereals.
  • Low fat yogurt or kefir.
  • Chicken eggs.
  • Poultry, lean meat.

Do not give up carbohydrates, because the body must in full least get enough of them, like proteins and fats. The cause of overweight is starch and sugar, but slow carbohydrates contained in legumes, cereals, mushrooms necessary to maintain energy. Lack of carbohydrates will lead to headaches, weakness, dizziness, drowsiness.

Means for correcting the hips < / h2>

Another effective option to reduce the volume in the legs and thighs is surgical plastic, which consists in a tightening. With its help, it is easy to get rid of fat and excess stretched, toned skin in a few hours. But эта операция является объемным вмешательством, которое выполняется под общим наркозом. First, liposuction is performed to get the fat from the hips and buttocks. Then, cuts are made in the subpyretic region, inguinal folds and the excision of excess skin occurs, and the soft tissues are pulled on the tendons and sewn.

As a result, “ears” and excess fat deposition are removed for a long time. Do not forget that the operation is not a cardinal means. After surgery, follow a balanced diet and counting calories so that fat does not return to its place. Also, the surgical plastics of the thighs leaves behind scars and is a great stress for the body.

Massage < / h3>

Vacuum massage will help to burn excess fat. This procedure is easy to carry out yourself. To burn fat on the thighs at home with a massage should be:

  1. Take a shower, do the pilling. < / li>
  2. Apply massage cream or vegetable oil to ensure gliding. < / li>
  3. Put a vacuum jar on the problem area (they are easy to buy at the pharmacy). < / li>
  4. After the vacuum jar adheres to the skin, make circular movements with it. < / li>
  5. In order not to stretch the skin, do not massage for more than 10 minutes. < / li> < / ol>

    Wraps < / h3>

    Heat wraps can help remove excess fat from the legs and thighs. The procedure is easy to carry out at home, which will require vegetable oil origin, food film and a drop of essential oil of cinnamon, grapefruit, lemon or orange.

  6. Mix essential and vegetable oils, apply to the problem area, tightly wrap with cling film. < / li>
  7. Exercise, lie under a rug, or do your homework for at least 40 minutes. < / li>
  8. If you feel a burning sensation on the hips, then their volumes decrease. After 40-60 minutes, remove the film, wash off the remaining oil with warm water. < / Li> < / ul>

    Sauna < / h3>

    A weekly visit to the sauna or bath will help to remove the volumes of the hips and legs in their upper part. In the steam room, make an additional honey massage or wrap to make the process of losing weight effectively. Sauna is an occasion to make a soul feast, turning a bath day into an elegant spa event.

    Exercises for the muscles of the inner side of the thigh < / h2>

    Effective remedies are special exercises for slimming the hips. The program is designed for a 20-minute daily workout at home at a moderate pace. To lose weight in the legs and hips for a week you will not succeed, but to reduce the volume in problem areas is sure to succeed. So, how to pump up the inner thigh at home:

    1. Mahi < / strong>. Lie on your side, leg, which is on top, bend at the knee, put a straight leg behind your knee. Raise, and then lower the leg, which is located below, slowly, without touching the floor. Do 10 repetitions with one foot, then do the same movements for the other leg. < / Li>
    2. Butжницы. This exercise is effective for fat deposits and muscles of the back, because they need to strain to maintain balance. Lie on your back, put your hands under your buttocks, spread your palms to the floor. Tear off your shoulders, stretch your chin to your chest. Raise your legs up to 30 cm, then vigorously plant and cross them. Make sure your stomach is retracted while working, your hips and legs are tense. Make at least 30 such crosses, then return to a relaxed position, rest for 20 seconds and repeat. < / Li>
    3. With a ball < / strong>. This exercise will improve the shape of the legs and remove excess body fat on the inner thighs. Take the elastic rubber ball, lie on the back. Ball clamp between bent knees. On one account, hold down the ball for about 10-15 seconds with your feet, then for the second, relax your legs. Compress repeat 30 times. < / Li> < / ol> |

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