How to reduce the risk of breast cancer: a few simpleways

Thu, Nov 06, 2014

According to doctors, breast cancer is not only the result
genetic predisposition, but also environmental factors and
features of lifestyle. Experts are convinced that this terrible
the disease is quite preventable.

In particular, active exercise can reduce the risk
development of breast cancer by one fifth.

A study was conducted, which participants were 120 thousand.
women who have reached menopause. It is established that if the subject
daily made 15-35-minute runs, chances to get sick from her
was significantly less.

Doctors recommend that women regularly undergo prophylactic
inspection, because the worst thing is to diagnose cancer on
its last stages. Also, doctors say that feeding
breastfeeding can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Curious,
that breastfeeding can reduce the likelihood of death
from various circulatory diseases.

And scientists from Boston believe that women need to resolutely
refuse alcohol, which, according to statistics, causes
15% of deaths caused by cancer. The explanation of this fact is simple –
Alcohol is one of the most carcinogenic substances in the world.
Fatty foods increase the risk
development of breast cancer by 1/5.

A huge danger is caused by saturated fats that increase
hormone-dependent cancer already at 28%. A London scientists clearly
proved that rapid weight gain is also one of
breast cancer risk factors: an increase in skirt size by even one
size in 10 years by a third increases the risk of developing oncology after
the onset of menopause.

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