How to reduce the pressure of folk remedies andmethods? Secrets of reducing pressure folk remedies: bran,juices, garlic

Чт, 29 окт 2015 Автор: Наталья Котова

Dystonia and hypertension
(chronically increased blood pressure) – a widespread phenomenon
common, especially among the elderly. But this
pathology tends to be “younger”, that is, it also manifests itself in people
young age.

This is due to unhealthy lifestyle, poor environmental
alcohol and nicotine abuse, as well as with
frequent nervous shocks.

Of course, this problem should be addressed to
specialists (cardiologists), but methods
alternative medicine.

How to reduce the pressure of folk remedies: curing food

According to the most recent studies, approximately 80% of hypertension cases
associated with a deficiency in the human body of such an element as
magnesium (Mg). This means that if not the disadvantage of this
substances, for the most part, of this disease and its terrible
consequences could have been avoided. What is the effect of Mg against
high blood pressure:

• With normal magnesium intake, metabolism improves.
substances, due to which the work of the cardiovascular
the system as a whole, and blood pressure is reduced in particular;

• Magnesium stimulates the bowels, eliminates constipation, due to
what does not form edema that adversely affect the work of the kidneys and

• With a normal level of magnesium in the body, a person does not
experiencing nervous overstrain, irritation – frequent causes
increase pressure.

Based on the described positives of this substance,
it is necessary to ensure its proper intake with food.

The greatest amount of it is contained in such products.
Nutrition (per 100g of product):

• Seafood (squid, shrimp, mussels, sea urchins and their caviar
etc.) – 1016 mg;

• Bran (rice) – 781mg;

• Bran (wheat) – 611 mg;

• Sesame – 640mg;

• Sunflower seeds (pumpkin, watermelon) – 530 mg;

• Nuts (almond, sesame, cashew, brazil nut) –

• Fish halibut – 107mg.

A large amount of magnesium in legumes and cereals (buckwheat, oats, rice,
millet, peas, beans, lentils). From fruit among the “champions” can
highlight bananas, persimmon, prunes, apricots, avocados, and
dried fruits. A lot of Mg in herbs and spices – dill, spinach,
parsley, sorrel, basil, coriander. In one teaspoon
Cocoa powder contains 25mg of magnesium!

Summarizing, we can say that by introducing products into your diet,
rich in magnesium, you can not only get rid of hypertension, but also
prevent its development.

How to reduce the pressure of folk remedies based on

Folk healers know about the benefits to the human body
свойствах garlic. Here are some recipes based on it from

• Нужно съедать в день по 2-3 средней величины зубчика
, затем сделать двухдневный перерыв, а потом дальше
eat garlic, as in the first three days. Hypertensives recommended
use it for a long time as a prophylactic.
It strengthens the walls of blood vessels, as well as rejuvenates the entire
an organism.

• With hypertension, which is complicated by atherosclerosis. To take
примерно 40 граммов garlic (очищенных зубков) и залить их 100
grams of alcohol (96%). Hermetically close and insist 7 days,
shaking a pot from time to time.
After the designated time
You can take the tincture before meals about 15-30 drops,
slightly diluted with water.

• Garlic, honey and lemon. This remedy helps for hypertension,
angina pectoris and dyspnea. Ингредиенты: 1 литр меда, 5 средних
головок garlic и 10 штук лимонов. Peel the garlic,
chop up, squeeze juice out of lemons, mix all this with liquid honey.
Mix tightly and insist in a dark and cool place on
throughout 7 days.
After a week you can take
medicine four teaspoons (between each spoon do
break per minute) once a day. The treatment lasts two or three
of the month.

How to reduce the pressure of folk remedies: juices

Juices treat many diseases and pathological conditions.
Known and means based on them, contributing to the decrease
blood pressure:

WITHвекольный сок (200мл), мед (250г), сок одного лимона, сок
cranberry (300ml), vodka (200ml).
All ingredients mix,
take on 1 table. spoon, three times a day, before meals (for an hour).

WITHвекольный сок с медом смешать в равных пропорциях (если
are allergic to honey, can be mixed in a ratio of 2 to 1 beet
cranberry juice).
For hypertension, drink this mixture by quarter.
стакана (50мл) четыре раза в день, на throughout 7 days. Then
increase the “dose” to one cup, drink three times a day (4 days). Everything
these four days do not eat, just drink green tea, diluted
milk (1: 1) 250 ml three times a day. This method is dangerous because
diarrhea may open. Traditional healers claim that along with
cholesterol blockage from the bile ducts excreta.
It also stabilizes the pressure. if you have
diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, this way you do not
will fit

Брусничный сок drink with hypertension
daily one or one and a half glasses. It contributes
normalization of pressure.

Морковный сок (200мл), свекольный сок (200мл), клюквенный
juice (100 ml), honey (100 g), vodka or alcohol (100 ml).
Mix all
components and insist for three days in the dark and in the cold (better
just in the fridge). When hypertension is taken three times a day,
one tablespoon.

Other prescriptions for reducing pressure

• При начальных стадиях гипертонии поможет отвар
. You need to cook it like this: take a handful of dry
berries, pour half a liter of boiling water and boil over low heat until
ten minutes. Chilled tea to drink half a cup, three times a day. WITH
this tool needs to be careful of people suffering from pathologies
urinary system.

Мед и яблочный уксус. Drink every morning
a glass of warm water, in which you need to add 1 teaspoon
natural apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon of honey.

WITHемена укропа. To take 2стол. spoons of seeds
grind them, pour half a liter of boiling water and insist on
throughout the hour (best in a thermos). Strain and take
an infusion of half a glass, three to five times a day, per
a few minutes before meals.

Черная смородина. To take горсть свежих или
dried berries, pour them a glass of boiling water and boil another 10
minutes, then insist another hour. This decoction must be taken by
a quarter cup, four times a day. Similarly, if there is no black
currants, you can cook a decoction of blueberries.

Варенье из черноплодной рябины. This product
helps to normalize high blood pressure if eaten in
day a few spoons or dilute it in warm water and drink, in
as tea.

How to reduce the pressure of folk remedies

As you know, when carrying a child in women is often “naughty”
organs, especially the kidneys and the cardiovascular system, due to
large loads on them. It is with disorders of this nature.
pregnant women may develop edema, increase blood pressure
pressure. Known methods of alternative medicine capable
normalize the pressure in women in the position:

Клюквенный морс. To take полкило свежих ягод,
squeeze the juice out of them. WITHок поместить в отдельную посудину, а
the remaining pulp pour 1l boiling water and boil a couple of minutes. When
decoction cool, add juice, sugar to taste. Drink a day
up to one liter of such morse to prevent edema and increase
blood pressure.

Калиновый сок. For the prevention of hypertension during
during pregnancy take two tables. spoons of juice thrice a

Тыквенный отвар. 200 grams of pumpkin cut
in small segments, pour cold water (half a liter) and boil
five to seven minutes. When отвар остынет, добавить в него мед и пить на
throughout the day.

It must be remembered that the period of pregnancy is very important,
as a woman is responsible not only for herself, but also for the child in her
womb Therefore, you can not rely on folk remedies alone
from pressure. At the first sign of hypertension, you need as much as possible.
rather report your condition to the doctor.

I must say that in addition to traditional and traditional medicine
unconventional, for the treatment of hypertension, a person also needs
get rid of bad habits, abandon products that increase
pressure (coffee, chocolate, salt in large quantities, etc.). Not
superfluous will be walks in the fresh air, physiotherapy exercises,

When resorting to traditional medicine, make sure that or
its other means will not harm your organism. Be
are healthy!

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