How to reduce the chest with the use of asanasyoga?

kak-umenshit-grudFemale breasts to a large extent
based on adipose tissue, the size of which is regulated
proportional to total body fat.

Although genetics also plays an important role in matters of size
and bust forms, but in most cases the breast can be reduced
along with total body weight loss, which is successfully achieved by
create the necessary calorie deficit.

Although there are many different yoga asanas or
postures that can help you increase circulation, make
elastic and maintain breast health, but the most effective method as
reduce breast size with yoga
its high intensity streams like Bikram, Ashtanga or
power yoga.

Итак, как же уменьшить объем груди с помощью yoga?

1. Выберите в вашем городе ту студию йоги, где
regularly hold high-intensity sessions of sports or
slimmer to successfully activate the loss
weight in combination with a healthy diet. Standard Bikram
yoga duration of 90 minutes will allow you to spend
an average of about 1000 calories, while the Ashtanga session or
Strength Yoga gives you the opportunity to burn about 700 calories per

2. Посещайте занятия йогой регулярно, занимаясь
3 – 5 times a week. Take a liter bottle of clean with you.
spring water special training mat and fresher
towel for each class. Always control your breathing during
exercise time, breathing in and out through your nose, this
helps you prevent dizziness and nausea.


3. В домашних условиях проводите ежедневные
independent yoga classes using the list of recommended poses
which will reduce the size of the breast.

Placing the training mat in a calm, spacious
Stand in the middle of the setting and start the session with the main
breathing exercises pranayama. To do this, clasp the palms of the hands and
rest your fingers over your chin, elbows
close and look down. Inhale through the nose and slowly lift.
elbows to the ceiling, leaning your head back as if you want
look at the wall behind you, and count to six. Hold up
breathing for two seconds before exhaling loudly through the open
mouth. Return to the starting position and repeat 20 to 40 times.

4. Выполните Ардха Чандрасана или позу
crescent. To do this, squeeze your palms over your head so that your
index fingers looked exactly up. Then, start pulling.
closed arms to the ceiling as if you are stretching upward with everything
by the body.

Take a deep breath and push your left thigh to the side,
simultaneously tilting the torso to the right side until
until the line of your body becomes parallel to the floor, and the right shoulder
will not be on par with the thigh. Arms are set apart.
one touches the floor, the second is pointing upwards. Keep this pose
for one minute before straighten up and continue
movement in the opposite direction.

5. Контролируйте свое питание, делая акцент на
foods low in sugar and fat – for example, whole
grains, greens, vegetables, fruits and lean meats.

Calculate your daily calorie intake and compare this
figure with the amount that you burn thanks to the main
metabolism and your regime of physical activity. It will help you
more clearly and consistently reduce breast size.

Tips and Warnings

  • Remember: genetics plays an important role in the formation of a bust that
    may be the reason that the chest will remain large, even in the background
    general body slimming.
  • Contact your chiropractor or your doctor before
    begin various yoga practices in order to reduce
    chest Also, be sure to contact your doctor if you
    experiencing acute or prolonged pain during exercise.

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