How to reduce the buttocks: 6 simple steps

kak-umenshit-yagoditsiOf course, even excessively huge
buttocks do not have a significant effect on health, but on the other
side, it can make a woman feel pretty

So, all you need to reduce the buttocks is to regularly
perform a special set of exercises and skillfully burn calories. Everything
this can be done with the help of special simulators and
own weight.


How to reduce the buttocks – 6 simple steps

Stair climbing

Climbing the stairs burns calories well, including
making it just evaporate all the excess fat and lose weight in the buttocks.
This type of exercise is primarily aimed at quickly
melt the extra pounds and make the buttocks perfect

To perform the exercise, you can use as usual
stairs in any high-rise building, and stepper or special,
but rather rare, a simulator simulating a small escalator,
which is moving in the opposite direction. After you
turn it on, you just walk the stairs until you do it

The stepper is a famous step trainer that has two
pedals moving up and down, exactly copying movements like
when climbing stairs.

Plié jumps

This good explosive exercise will help you reduce
buttocks. Plié jumps позволяют хорошо нагрузить ягодичные мышцы,
at the same time increasing heart rate.

Stand up straight to complete this exercise.
widely, the feet are rotated 45 degrees to the sides. After a little
squats, jump up as high as you can. AT
moment of the jump, start moving your legs in the air quickly, and then,
After landing on your feet in a wide rack, immediately begin
next squat jump. ATыполните 15 – 20 повторений.


Elliptical trainer

Elliptical trainer (или орбитрек) является одним из лучших
aerobic devices designed to develop muscles like
upper and lower body parts. ATо время использования орбитрека
legs are located on moving platforms, and you hold hands
the handle of the simulator at chest level.

ATыполняйте возвратно-поступательные движения ногами, как будто
You go. To increase the effectiveness of your workout, you can
increase the resistance of the simulator and place your hands on stationary
handles simulator closer to the center.


Occupation on the exercise bike can be replaced using the usual
bicycle. Although this type of exercise has low intensity,
but besides burning calories, he can also help you reduce

ATы можете проводить, как свои собственные тренировки, так и
participate in general races to create a group atmosphere.
Being engaged on the exercise bike in the gym, you can always
count on the help of an instructor who will select for you
the perfect combination of speed and intensity of execution

This is called interval loading, and it can significantly
increase your calorie burning rate.

Buttock lift

This exercise can reduce the buttocks and is done on
slippery floor surface using two towels.

For a start, lie on your back, legs stretched out in the shape of a “V”.
Place a towel under each heel of yours. Slow
lift the buttocks and begin to pull both feet to the side
of your body.

Once you do this, lift the buttocks so high
as far as you can, then keep your legs tight and tight
squeeze the gluteal muscles. ATернитесь в исходное положение и повторите
8 – 10 times.

Split jumps

Exercise is also performed explosively and also allows
эффективно убрать buttocks.

But the main difference from plié jumps is that one
leg is in front, and the second behind you. Slow опускайтесь
Forward, as in the execution of lunges and lean on the thigh.
Then make a quick jump up as high as you can.
you can, and during the flight change the location of the legs. As soon as you
land, immediately go down and jump again.

Everythingго лишь 6 простых шагов отделяют вас от того, чтобы решить
вопрос, как уменьшить buttocks. So do it!

How to reduce the buttocks in women with the help of workouts

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