How to reduce the amount of hips and buttocks at homeconditions

  • 1 How to reduce the volume of the hips and buttocks?
    • 1.1 Exercises
    • 1.2 Effective diet
    • 1.3 How to shrink the inner thigh of a woman?
    • 1.4 How to reduce the hips and buttocks after childbirth?
    • 1.5 Exercises for men

Beautiful thighs – one of the main signs of femininity. Each
girl dreams of elastic and smooth thighs and buttocks. Luckily,
этого возможно добиться даже в домашних conditions.

For a good result, you need to follow a certain mode;
balanced nutrition and, of course, training. Without load
on the muscles of the legs, but, while keeping to a diet, the size, although reduced,
the quality of the body will not get better. On the contrary, the skin will acquire
flabbiness due to insufficient muscle tone.

The hip area is one of the most problematic in losing weight and
to give the desired shape is quite difficult, so stock up
patience and willpower.


How to reduce the volume of the hips and buttocks?

Чтобы уменьшить бедра в объеме в домашних conditions Вам
will need dumbbells, weighting on the legs, elastic tape and mat
for classes. You can work with your own weight or on the simulator,
if you have it.

If your goal is not only keeping your muscles in shape, but also
volume reduction, cardio loads are indispensable. Go out to
jog to the nearest park, or jump before and after exercise
on a rope at least 10 minutes. Do not forget about stretching – she
very important for the figure. Stretching promotes muscle elasticity,
which allows you to perform exercises with higher quality.

If you are just starting to study at home, choose simplified.
training options. It’s very convenient and efficient to do at home
if you are not lazy and strive for the desired reflection in the mirror.


On the Internet there are many ready-made exercises.
to reduce the volume of the hips and buttocks. However, there are basic
Exercises without which work on problem areas will not

The best exercises to reduce the amount of hips and

  • Приседания (15-20 раз 2 подхода) Ширина ног
    determines the development of different muscles. Stand in the desired position
    Hold the dumbbells in your hands and start the squats as deep as possible. Weight
    distributed evenly on the foot. When lifting, rest against
    heels. The back is flat. After exercise, rest your back against the wall in
    sit and stand for a minute;
  • Выпады с гантелями (10 раз 2 подхода)
    Involves several groups of muscles, buttocks, thighs.
    Take a broad step forward so that the angle of your knees is 90
    degrees Stand in the starting position. Change legs;
  • Боковой заход на скамью (15 раз 2 подхода)
    Find a low chair and stand to it sideways. Move
    right foot on a chair, keeping your back straight. Bend your left foot in
    knee and lift it up. Use dumbbells for weighting.
    Change your legs. Step exercises actively help reduce fat
    thigh deposits;
  • Подъем ног лежа (15-20 раз 2 подхода) Лягте на
    side, resting on the arm. Lift your upper leg up while holding your sock
    towards yourself. Hold up at the top point.

As you get used to the muscles, increase the load or dilute
training with other exercises.

Effective diet

As they say, the press is done in the kitchen. Same thing can
say and about the zones of the thighs and buttocks. Keeping a calorie deficit
unwanted deposits will gradually melt away.

Diet to reduce the hips and buttocks implies
restriction in sugar, salt, simple carbohydrates, smoking and

Approximate diet at the time of the diet for
уменьшения объема бедер и buttocks:

Завтрак: тарелка овсяной каши,
boiled on water. Add fruit or berries. Sugar, replace tea
a spoon of honey; a slice of rye bread with slices of tomato and a mug
green tea;

Перекус: зеленое яблоко, банан или
protein bar;

Обед: овощной суп с кусочком ржаного
bread without a crust; vegetable or fish salad; glass of water;

Перекус: 10-15 орехов (грецкие,
almonds, pistachios), a bar or one seasonal fruit;

Ужин: гречка, нежирная рыба;

За час-2 до сна выпейте стакан кефира.

During the day, do not forget to drink water. Best to wear
bottle of water with you in your bag. As soon as you want a snack,
take a sip of water, as the body sometimes confuses the feeling of the head
and thirst. Generally, drinking more water should be good.
habit, not even dieting.

How to reduce the inner thigh of a woman?

Of all the parts of the thigh, the inner is the least involved in
work. Поэтому, выполняйте специальные упражнения,
designed to work the inside of the thigh.

For example:

  • Разведение ног с утяжелителями лежа (15-20
    fold) Lie on your back and lift both legs up. Separate them by
    to the sides and slowly drive back;
  • Приведение бедра лежа на боку (15-20 раз 2
    approach) Lie on the mat on one side, leaning on the forearm.
    Bend the upper leg in the knee, resting the heel on the floor. Straight bottom
    lift your leg up, holding the sock to yourself. At the top point
    stay late;
  • Приседания сумо (40-50 раз) Встаньте в
    position wider than the shoulders and turn the soles so that the socks look in
    parties. Holding your back straight, slowly squat in a right angle
    lap. Hold longer at the lowest point. Go back to
    initial position. Use dumbbells for more

With regular exercise, the muscles of the inner thigh
tightened and the fat begins to break down.

How to reduce the hips and buttocks after childbirth?

Pregnancy is one of the most desirable periods for a woman. But
after childbirth, body quality deteriorates, muscles lose their tone and a woman
in a hurry to enroll in the hall.

Take your time, start training only after permission
Your doctor. As a rule, you can begin to exercise
already 2-3 months after delivery.

Начните выполнять базовые упражнения в домашних conditions по
10-12 reps. Do not increase dramatically the load.

At home you can do the following simple

  • Kneel down, place your palms on the floor and lift one
    leg bent at the knee parallel to the floor. Bring her to the arm and
    back. Repeat 10 times. Change the limbs;
  • Stand up straight, place your hands on the wall and take it alternately.
    legs back as high as possible. At the top point ненадолго
    stay late;
  • Lie on your back, bend your knees and lift your pelvis up.
    Задержитесь и вернитесь в initial position. Repeat 15

Even after pregnancy and childbirth, you can come back in shape, if
Do not lose motivation and willpower. Stick to the right
food, exercise regularly and your children will be you
be proud of.

Exercises для мужчины

With age, men begin to gain weight, but to come to
the form they manage much easier than women. Therefore, man
can bring your muscles to tone without even buying a subscription to

Effective Hip Reduction Exercise

  • Regular jogging will pay off faster than you can
    imagine. When running it is important to raise your knees high, straining
  • Jump rope is also a loyal assistant in reducing the volume
    thighs Start jumping 15 minutes and gradually increase the time and
    combine different jumping techniques.
  • Squatting is a universal exercise to combat
    excess sediment. Pick up the dumbbells heavier and perform
    squats are technically correct. Keep your back straight and squat
    as deep as possible.

In principle, exercises to reduce the hips work the same way.
effective for both women and men. Increase the amount
repetitions and approaches, as well as the weight of dumbbells used.

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