How to reduce the amount of hips? 5 important steps

kak-umenshit-obem-bederOf course, “extra” thighs
makes it difficult to beautifully pick clothes and feel
confident in short shorts, bathing suit or narrow

Although the excess fat in the hips and does not have the same level
health risks, like in the middle of the abdomen, but can also
cause a lot of inconvenience.

As we already know, it is impossible to reduce the volume only separately.
thighs and for general weight loss you should use
traditional methods – aerobic exercise, strength training and
healthy food.

If you do not have the time or opportunity to go to the gym,
all the exercises in order to tidy the hips, you can
perform in the comfort of your own home.


List of steps how to reduce the amount of hips:

Step 1

Eat healthy foods to successfully fight the odds
fat You should not count every calorie that you ate, but also in
mostly try to eat food rich

Here you can include lean meat, favorite fruits, vegetables, whole
grains and low fat dairy products. Avoid carbonated
beverages, alcohol, biscuits, pastries, canned and
processed foods.

Also, try to eat less, but more frequent tricks.
food. It helps stabilize blood glucose levels and keeps
your metabolism is high all day. Step 2

Regular aerobic exercise effectively increases
heart rate and helps burn calories. You can
take part in activities like working on an elliptical
simulator, swimming, cycling, running and brisk walking.

Your job is to get at least 50 to 60 minutes.
cardio 5 times a week to quickly get rid of
bulky hips.

Step 3

Make your aerobic workouts effective.
above using interval training. This is the best way to burn.
more calories in a short period of time.

Try alternating between 2 minutes and 2 minutes while jogging.
minutes of running with the highest possible speed for you. If a
you love swimming, try to breaststroke for 3 minutes,
then 2 minutes rest. You can применять интервальный подход к
any type of cardiac exercise that you enjoy.

Try to perform at least 30 minutes interval
workouts for optimal fat loss from the hips. Step 4

Include exercises to develop your thigh muscles in your
training program. One of the best exercises – alternate
attacks, because it allows you to work out all the major
muscle groups in the legs.

To do this, stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart, do a quick
step one foot forward and lower the body so that your back
the knee almost touched the floor. Then, with the effort of the thigh muscles, rise to
starting position and repeat the exercise with the other leg. Execute
Four sets of 15 repetitions for each leg.

Plie squats allow you to bring in a tone and significantly
reduce thighs. To do this, stand straight, legs wide
stand, in your hands, take a pair of dumbbells. Keep your back straight and
start to crouch down until your knees form a 90-degree
angle. Then return to the starting position. Make four approaches
15 repetitions each.


Step 5

Strength training for all your major groups
muscles, help them strengthen and tone. Any successful program
for weight loss must necessarily include two or three days of power
workouts per week. It helps build muscle mass, which
is more metabolically active, even when you are not

Not only will you reach your goal, but you also
put your whole body in order and burn significantly
more calories at rest.

Example of fat burning workout

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