How to reduce calorie meals

By eating heavy fatty foods, we risk not only spoiling
figure, but also get health problems. However, it is not at all
It means that you have to deny yourself the pleasure of eating, no.

There are lots of tricks to “ease” the menu,
make it less fat and less calorie. Many of our readers
Over the years they have been preparing their favorite hearty dishes, unaware that
calorie content can easily be reduced without even changing the recipe.

How to reduce calorie meals

Cooking without calories

The most important role is played by the method of cooking. Frying in oil
or fat always increases caloric and very significant.

The caloric content of vegetable oil is 900 kcal per 100
grams. For losing weight, this is clearly too much, so it’s best to use
pan with non-stick coating and cook without oil.

Among other methods of cooking to give preference
Better cooking, stewing and baking. Properly cooked stewed
and baked dishes are very juicy and tasty.
At the same time, their caloric content is significantly lower than those that were
fried in butter. By adding your favorite seasonings, you will get delicious
low-calorie dish.

If we talk about meat, the most dietary and at the same time
delicious way to cook it – frying on the coals, when all the fat
flows down.

At home, frying on coals is impossible, but the output can
become a convection oven. This device drains excess fat from meat
products. They are cooked on a wire rack, and all the fat flows to the bottom.
glass flask. In convection ovens you can cook without adding oil,
and the dishes are succulent, with an appetizing crust.

Caution with sauces

Pay attention to what sauces and dressings are made of. Instead
to water vegetable salad plentifully with vegetable oil,
use lemon juice. Instead майонеза можно добавлять в салат
yogurt or low-fat sour cream.

And from mayonnaise is better to give up completely. Our country takes
first place in the world for the consumption of mayonnaise. Most likely, he is
and in your fridge. Eliminate mayonnaise completely, and your
daily menu will be less calorie.

Less fat

In the store, always look at the labels and choose products,
containing less fat. It is especially important to pay attention to
жирность молочных products. Milk, sour cream and cheese with different
fat content practically does not differ in taste, but
significantly differ in calories.

Fat-free products are not worth buying, although they
dietary, but not at all helpful. To keep both shape and
health, buy foods with a minimum fat content.

Always choose low-fat meats. Pork, chicken wings
– The food is not for losing weight. But chicken breast, turkey, rabbit and
lean beef can be included in the diet.

If you cook soup, let it be a light vegetable option. Soups
are considered diet food, but it can also be spoiled by fatty meat
broth and spoon 40% sour cream.

Dietary Desserts

Choose the right sweets. Diet sweets do not happen
but you can choose less high-calorie desserts, such as berries,
fruit, marmalade, pastila, panakotu, ice cream without waffle
rolls, cheesecake.

The main thing is to stay away from cakes and pies in which
a thick layer of oily cream is spread on the dough. Such a dessert
cross out all your efforts to reduce the calorie menu and
will start the process of accumulating fat mass.

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