How to reduce belly: healthy tips

kak-umenshit-zhivotOn the one hand, a big belly is often
undesirable from aesthetic considerations, but with
On the other hand, the accumulation of fat around the abdomen also carries serious
human health effects, increasing the risk of
heart disease and other chronic diseases.

The desire to shrink the stomach can be a daunting task.
especially for men who have a tendency to be overweight, and in the first
turn in the abdomen.

In women, weight gain is mainly concentrated in the lower
parts of the body – legs, thighs and buttocks – although menopause is elevated
stress can also lead to excess abdominal

Regular exercise and a healthy balanced diet
will help you reduce your stomach, permanently getting rid of the subcutaneous and
висцерального брюшного fat


Highlights how to shrink the belly

Visceral and subcutaneous fat

Abdominal fat can be either visceral or subcutaneous.
Subcutaneous fat is directly under the top layer of the skin and is not
presents any serious health risks. Visceral
fat, on the contrary, surrounds vital organs, preventing them
full functioning that makes you susceptible to
various health problems.

Visceral жир не легко потерять, но можно устранить, обращая
attention to a healthy diet and regular exercise for
losing weight

Calorie Intake Monitoring

We remember that a kilogram of accumulated fat contains about 7700
calories, therefore, to reduce the stomach, it is necessary to reduce to
minimizing calorie intake, creating a deficit of 500 – 1000
units for safe weight loss. Also note that
nutritionists recommend limiting daily calories not
below: 1200 for women and 1800 for men. Consumption of such
food rich in nutrients like fresh
fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and leguminous crops, has an important
value for weight loss helping you reduce belly in
long term.

You should also drink at least 6 – 8 every day.
glasses of pure spring water to get rid of toxins in
the result of the body’s digestive activity and make the stomach

Power training

Localized workouts (aimed at a specific area
body) contrary to popular belief are not effective.
Although exercises such as squats and twists are good at
tighten your abdominals, but you also need to
further reduce calorie intake and add aerobic
load to successfully reduce the belly.

Also include strength in your exercise program.
workouts that will help, as well as reduce the stomach, and lead
in toning your remaining body muscles. Besides working with the burdens
will prevent the occurrence of such unpleasant moments as
sagging skin after rapid weight loss.

Perform fewer reps with more free
weight, if you want to develop strength, and vice versa, more repetitions with
less weight to build stamina and lower belly.

Cardio training

Cardiovascular exercises help improve blood circulation
and burn calories, and effectively speed up your metabolism.
Walking, cycling, step aerobics and yoga are examples.
low intensity cardio training.

Hiking, jogging, jumping rope and fast running
make your heart work much faster, which allows
burn a lot of calories in shorter periods of time and confidently
remove fat from the belly.

Adjust the intensity of your workouts depending on your
возраста, уровня физической подготовки и целей losing weight
Regular cardiovascular exercise is also helpful in reducing
stress levels that can play a central role in your
desire to reduce the belly. After all, cortisol – a stress hormone – responds
for most of the visceral fat which in turn
helps to increase the size of the abdomen.

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