How to reduce appetite with pinpointmassage !?

kak-umenshit-appetitIn order to reduce appetite, you can
use an alternative acupuncture based approach –
ancient chinese healing technique which is to
correct exposure to certain points on the human body.

One type of this technique is acupressure,
in which special needles are not used (as with
acupuncture), and pressure on the points is done with the help of hands,
elbows or other tools.

But still remember that at the moment has not yet been held
enough convincing research confirming
the effectiveness of the use of acupressure in order to
reduce appetite.

Moreover, such a massage is not recommended during pregnancy,
as massaging some points around the ankle can cause
stimulation of labor. Therefore, always consult with
your doctor before using alternative methods

How to reduce appetite: 7 biologically active points

Point of control of appetite

Place your index and middle fingers at the top of your
lower jaw (in front of the ears) and open and close several times
mouth. You will feel the movement of the jaw under your fingers.
Find the place where it feels best and a little
grab near the skin area that protrudes into the inside
ear, just above his lobe. This will be the control point of appetite.
Massage this area between the thumb and forefinger in
for three minutes.


Another point to control your appetite is just on your
ear lobe, in the place of its connection with the jaw. Massage this point in
a few minutes before meals will help reduce appetite and



Sit down and cross your legs. Horizontally four
right thumb on the upper leg, just below the patella.
With the index finger of your left hand, feel the point of the stomach on your shins,
which is immediately below the nail of the little finger of your right hand. This
точка символизирует живот, массируйте ее в for three minutes.

Upper lip

One of the main points for appetite suppression is between
upper lip and nose. Place your thumb under the top
lip and index finger on its outer side. Perform point massage
with some pressure for a few minutes – it will allow you
значительно reduce appetite.


Determine the most volumetric part of the leg and proceed to its
massaging with medium pressure using the middle finger.
This точка является одной из тех, которые вы можете массировать
quietly, being in the company of work colleagues or friends. Rear
knee side

The point located in the back of the knee bend is also
helps reduce appetite and it can be in the first place unnoticed
to massage in those moments when the massage points of the ears or face because
environment is not acceptable.


In his book, “Zone Therapy,” author Joseph Corvo recommends
massage of the fleshy (thickest) part of the palm in order to
reduce your appetite and control your weight.

Massaging the area just below the thumb is healthy.
the work of the thyroid gland, helping to normalize the metabolism.
Massage this area for about three minutes, and then
gradually move your fingers slightly up to the wrist for
stimulation of the pancreas.

This will allow you to regulate insulin production and save
constant your blood sugar level. This is very important, because it
peak levels cause an acute feeling of hunger and increased craving for
sweet foods.

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