How to quickly lose weight in the cheeks

High cheekbones, emphasized exquisite makeup, make the face attractive and aristocratically refined. Visually woman without the “extra” roundness in the area of the cheeks looks slimmer. If a for fat young ladies, the task of losing weight in the cheeks is simplified – a diet, Exercise for the body will help return beautiful forms not only the body, but the face, what to do chubby beauties with thin forms? Special gymnastics will come to the rescue. drinking regime and the subtleties of the art of applying makeup. How fast clean cheeks at home?


Causes of fullness in the cheeks

The causes of the round cheeks that look so beautiful in childhood and so “disturbing” young beauties seeking to lose weight are:

  1. Наследственный фактор. If a от рождения вы – the owner of a round face with lovely, ruddy cheeks, then to lose weight in the face will be problematic. Ignore the cardinal liposuction techniques you will have to constantly maintain your skin tone face, performing special gymnastics for the cheeks and chin.
  2. Недостаточный объем употребляемой жидкости. Drinking a day less than one and a half liters of fluid, you translate organism in the mode of “accumulation”. Lose weight in cheeks, giving cheekbones a clear picture, it is possible only with the observance of water balance. Stocking up with water, the body prefers its “folding” in diverse places. �”Orange Skin” on the hips, extra volumes on the belly, puffy cheeks, fuzzy, blurry facial contour – evidence of water electrolyte imbalance.
  3. Изобилие мучного, сладкого в рационе. Fast carbohydrates tend to add extra volume to the body and stimulate the process of excretion of toxins and slags. By plugging pores, they cause puffiness of the face, may delay exchange processes.
  4. Нехватка витаминов. Calcium deficiency magnesium, copper, iron, vitamins of groups A, C, B negatively affects on the condition of the skin, worsening the results of losing weight. Deciding how to clean puffy cheeks, pay attention to foods rich in calcium and containing beneficial amino acids.
  5. Недостаточный уход за лицом. Cosmetic masks that open the pores and stimulate blood circulation, massage People, trips to the sauna or bath will effectively help to lose weight in the area. cheeks, chin.
  6. Употребление спиртного. Puffy face the morning after a heavy drink of alcohol – the result is “successful” spent the evening. Masks or lotions will help your cheeks to lose weight. based on green tea, chamomile or calendula.
  7. Переизбыток соли. This product has a property retain fluid in the body. Lovers of salty food cheeks react with puffiness. Want to lose weight – eliminate salt from the diet or significantly reduce consumption. 


How to quickly lose weight in the cheeks

Traditional diets, fasting – not the best way to get rid of fat cheeks. Fainting from lack calories, emaciated face, sagging skin – quick results options to lose weight. Solve the problem will help:

  • Оперативное вмешательство. This radical The method is aimed at removing the fat layer on the cheeks. Lose weight it is possible, and it will be possible, if only you will be delighted results.
  • Правильный макияж. Use tone cream of a darker shade, applying blush with a tan effect on �The “prominent” cheek zone will help to visually “lose weight” to the face.
  • Рацион питания, содержащий максимум клетчатки, vitamins and minerals. Vegetables, fruits, fish will give the skin elasticity, will remove puffiness, will help to lose weight to the face and body.
  • Нормализация водного баланса. To speed up metabolic processes, drink a day at least 2 liters of water. Effectively diuretic teas with chamomile, cranberry will help to lose weight in the cheeks, rose hips.
  • Уход за лицом. Massage, warming up masks, moisturizing compresses – great ways to lose weight in the cheeks, remove puffiness
  • Гимнастика. Special exercises to tighten sagging collections, lose weight cheeks, give sculpted the lines to the face and neck will bring the muscles in tone, return the skin healthy view.

Facial Diet

Considering that most women manage to lose weight in Last but not least, a diet for getting rid of chubby cheeks should be designed for a long time. Without inventing anything new, You should follow the principles of healthy eating, stopping the choice to minimize the consumption of “harmful” carbohydrates and animal fats origin. Enrich the diet with fruits and vegetables containing vitamins, microelements. Seafood will help to lose cheeks, fish, which thanks to the rich content of fatty amino acids, витаминов группы В вернут коже молодость и здоровый view.

How to quickly lose weight in the cheeks

Cheek Exercises

Special complex of gymnastics for the face effectively fights with wrinkles, improves blood circulation, strengthening small vessels – capillaries, starts the mechanisms of skin regeneration. How to make cheeks lost weight and what exercises will help you solve the problem:

  1. Перекатывание воздуха или воды. Dial air / water in the mouth. Try to roll it slowly with one side to the other. Repeat this method 20 times.
  2. «Захват» губы. Lose weight in the cheeks will help exercises for lower jaw. Push it forward so that clasp your lower lip upper. The number of repetitions – 15 times.
  3. Надувание шарика. If a есть возможность use an ordinary children’s ball. No – pull in air yourself, puffing up your cheeks, and then blow it up to 20 times.
  4. Произношение букв. Alternately fold lips with a straw, trying to utter the sounds “y” or “o” and then stretch your lips, as if trying to smile.


Warming massage movements for the face using terry towels, soft rubbing with your fingertips will return skin elasticity, help you lose weight cheeks, chin tightened. By accepting morning shower, proceed to the procedure, which will take 15-20 minutes

  1. Brew for the night herbal collection. Chamomile, linden flowers, calendula – natural ingredients that are effective for lymphatic drainage and activation of metabolic processes of the skin. Soak a small terry towel in the broth for a minute, wring out. Soft movements pointing up, rub the cheek area and chin up So that the thinner forms of the face delight the eye, after Massage make a compress on the herbs.
  2. Lubricate the fingertips with essential oil. Smoothly but with effort perform massage movements towards the temples. Lung tapping, tapping fingers alternate with pressing problem areas cheeks.


Due to the mild effect of natural masks products, the subcutaneous fat layer on the cheeks is effectively split, and skin becomes tender and elastic. Possessing moisturizers, tightening, regenerating properties to lose weight your face, giving beautiful, relief lines to cheekbones, will help: sea seaweed, oatmeal, egg white, citrus, green tea, yeast, essential oils, coffee.

How to lose weight in the cheeks, using masks, cooked at home Conditions that deserve the best reviews:

  • Пилинг-маска с отрубями. Get 3 Art. spoons oat / wheat bran for a couple of hours. In the container whisk blender the resulting mass with egg yolk. Keep 20 minutes then wipe with a napkin and wash your face.
  • Маска для обладательниц жирной кожи помогает lose weight cheeks. Grind in equal proportions oatmeal, peas. Dissolve a tablespoon of the mixture natural (homemade) milk to a thick, viscous mixture. Add a few drops of lemon juice.
  • Дрожжевая маска. Mix blender until homogeneous gruel 2 parts of yeast, one part of milk, olive oil, honey, rice / buckwheat flour. Beat in one egg. Daily use of a mask will help to lose weight cheeks for 10-12 procedures.

How to visually make the cheeks thinner < / h2>

Dreaming about the ideally clear line of the cheekbones, “like the models”, do not forget that well-known makeup artists have worked on their appearance. Before deciding on cardinal steps, it is better to master the secrets and subtleties of corrective makeup at home. It will help to visually “lose weight”, hiding excess amounts.

  1. To make your face lose weight, use a darker tonal foundation. Apply it with soft movements of your fingers, trying to shade the outline. < / Li>
  2. Use a thick brush when applying the usual tone of powder. Watch for smooth shade transitions: your face should look refreshed and your cheeks naturally thinner. < / Li>
  3. A blush with bronze reflective particles will help to lose weight on puffy cheeks. Stop on the beige-brown palette, a couple of tones darker than your natural skin color. < / Li> < / ol> |

    Video: Yoga for the cheeks < / h2>

    Losing weight girls are unhappy that successfully losing excess weight, they can not adjust the shape of the face, which remains at least round, and even full. Most diets, exercise complexes are aimed at burning fat in problem areas. Learn how to lose weight in the cheeks with the help of special gymnastics, watching the video.