How to quickly lose weight by 10 kg. per month?

kak-bistro-pohudet-na-10-kg-za-mesyatsThe most effective
Slimming programs are those that include the basics
proper and balanced diet and aggressive method
regular exercise.

Successful combination of these two elements within the program will help
you lose about 2-3 kilograms of fat every week, expecting
to achieve your goal – to lose weight quickly by 10 kg. – to you
It will take about 30 days.

Yet losing weight in just one month by as much as 10 kg.
will be a serious enough task for you
which will surely require compliance with you
low-calorie diet plus a huge amount of effective
exercise No wonder leading nutritionists believe a decrease
weights over 2 kilograms a week are unhealthy and unsafe.

Although it is possible to lose weight during the month and 10 kg.,
but it would be much better to stretch your efforts for 8-10 weeks.
Slow and steady weight loss leads to better long-term

Also, if you reach such high goals, you risk getting
injury during exercise, especially if you
not yet accustomed to such energetic workouts.


How to quickly lose weight by 10 kg. per month?

A bit of math

To lose 10 kg. in one month, you need to spend on
77,000 more calories than you consume with food, which on average
makes up a deficit of 2567 units daily. Rate for most
people are about 2,000 – 2,500 calories each day to
stay in the same weight.

If you are a woman, you should reduce consumption of not less than 1200
calories per day, and if a man – 1500. Just calculate your
daily daily rate will help our calorie calculator.


Food Choices

To eliminate those extra calories from your daily
diet, but at the same time not depriving the body of important
nutrients, replace some of your everyday meals with
servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains.

Switch to low-fat dairy products instead of their fat
versions can also help achieve your goals. Avoid
products with a high degree of flour processing, replace them with food
rich in fiber, it will help you not only lose weight quickly for
month, but also longer feel full after eating.


If you want to lose weight quickly by 10 kg. for the month you need
be very active and spend a lot of time training hard in
during all 30 days – because your main task, depending on
set of exercises, burn approximately 2/3 of the total
planned weight loss, through exercise.

This means that you need to highlight the precious
time to visit the gym or aerobic classes
outdoor sports such as jogging, walking, cycling
and roller rides lasting at least 45 minutes 5
days a week. Lose weight quickly and put in shape body for a month
will help the inclusion in your training plan and strength exercises – this
not only builds and tones well all major muscle groups,
It also helps to reduce body fat due to the acceleration
your basic metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories in
state of rest. The optimal duration of strength training 30
minutes 2-3 times a week.

If you could not complete the entire workout due to physical or
time constraints, you can divide it into several more
short classes. For example, you could jog for 20 minutes
in the morning and then another 25 minutes rollerblading in the evening


To reduce your weight by 10 kg., You need strict
discipline and patience. To maintain motivation, weigh yourself by
once every week on the same day. This will allow you
see your progress and help keep you more accountable in
for a week. But, do not worry if you do not lose weight on
put 2 kilos a week.

Your personal weight loss rate may be faster at the beginning of your
program, and then slow down, or vice versa.

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