How to quickly get rid of gases: we selecteffective means. What is safe to save from the accumulation of gasessmall child

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With the accumulation of gases a person experiences not only unpleasant, but
sometimes painful, but also psycho-emotional
the discomfort.

Unpredictable and quite loudly bubbling in the stomach, unexpected
the discharge of gases, especially in public places, does not attach
man of confidence.

From such an unpleasant phenomenon, no one is immune.

Therefore, you need to know how to get rid of gases.

Gases: causes

Gas formation may be a symptom of certain
diseases, and occur in absolutely healthy people. Wherein
there is a concomitant characteristic of symptoms that delivers

The main signs of gas accumulation are bloating and swelling.
belly. In patients, the stomach can swell almost half
times This process is accompanied by an unusual rumbling. Similar
sounds can be barely noticeable or loud enough and audible
for others.

Wherein пациент из-за скопления газов ощущает неимоверную
heaviness, it is literally bursting from the inside. Quite often the process
gas formation in the intestines is accompanied by cramping pain,
which is concentrated in the area of ​​the bend of the colon.

The characteristic symptoms of flatulence include heartburn and belching.
This is due to increased pressure in the abdominal cavity, which, in its
queue, provokes reflux of the esophagus.

Causes of gas formation in the intestine are quite diverse and
can be both pathological and household character.

First of all, such a violation occurs due to errors in
nutritional behavior:

1. Эмоциональные разговоры во время трапез. Not
in vain parents teach kids that they must eat in silence. With
violent conversations that quite often accompany meals
ingested with food and excess air. Such volume
air, getting into the stomach, does not have time to be absorbed into the blood,
penetrates the intestines, where active fermentation begins.

2. Быстрые перекусы. With стремительном
food absorption it enters the body in unnatural large
the form. Digestion in this case is complicated and provokes flatulence.

3. Кроме этого, на появление газов влияет и качество
. Use of provocative products
accompanied by negative intestinal symptoms. Everyone has it
individual products, but most often leads to the accumulation of gases
eating kvass, black bread, cabbage, apples, beans, peas,
milk with lactose deficiency, carbonated drinks.

Gas formation, not associated with nutritional errors,
may indicate:

• pancreatitis;

• cirrhosis of the liver;

• gastritis;

• dysbacteriosis;

• colitis;

• intestinal infections;

• problems in the pancreas.

In addition, in the presence of infectious factors, gases acquire
rather peculiar odors.

How to get rid of gases: medication

For the treatment of increased gas will have to turn to
doctor and be examined to find out the true reasons for such
negative phenomena.

1. With спонтанном появлении газов необходимо предпринимать
adequate measures to get rid of them.

2. Relieve painful symptoms associated with cramps in
intestines during the accumulation of gases, you can with the help of antispasmodics
in the form of Drotemerina or No-shpy.

3. You can get rid of accumulated toxins with the help of sorbents.
Smekta, Phosphalugel type.

4. Also useful in such situations are drugs that
able to improve the work of the digestive tract and accelerate
promotion of food bolus. For this you can use Mezim
or Pancreatin.

5. The most effective for gases are drugs that
help extinguish the foamy substance in the intestines and contribute to their
painless absorption and discharge. For this purpose, take
Popular products like Espumizan, Bibicol, Simethicone.

With кишечных патологиях целесообразно будет начать курс приема
drugs that restore the normal flora. And get rid of
constipation, provoking the accumulation of gases, help correction
power supply.

How to get rid of gases: folk remedies

With проблемах с кишечником, сопровождающихся скоплением газов,
it is not necessary to immediately start sorting through the home first aid kit in search of
suitable medicines. You can try to apply more
affordable and reasonably safe methods offered

Dill water

This tool is considered one of the most effective and allowed
even for small children. Pharmacy chains can
buy ready-made dill water. And if you want it is easy for yourself
cook and at home. For this dill raw materials, in
the amount of 1 spoon, pour boiling water (1 cup) and allow to infuse
about three hours. After cooling, the tincture can be used to
disposal of gases. Drink medicine before meals around
half a cup for preventive purposes. If gases began to torment
Suddenly, you can drink this potion, regardless of tricks

Chamomile decoction

Chamomile has anti-inflammatory,
antispasmodic and analgesic effect. In addition, a decoction of
its flowers can reduce the manifestation of negative symptoms
in the presence of gases. Withготовить ромашковый отвар можно, прокипятить
spoon raw in a glass of water, about five minutes. Insist
such a decoction up to 3 hours. It is necessary to drink chamomile potion before
each meal for half an hour.

Lemon Peel

To get rid of gases, you can use the usual lemon
skinned. Use it without pulp. Flavonoids present in
peel contribute to the quenching of the foam substance in the intestine.
It will be enough to chew the peel, taken from a quarter of a lemon,

Mint tea

Regular mint can have an antispasmodic and
analgesic effect. In addition, mint raw material contributes to
improve digestion and balance the nervous system. it
pretty tasty medicine. It can be used as usual.
tea, brewing a spoonful of raw boiling water.


Not следует забывать и о коррекции power supply. With
predisposition to the formation of gases should be abandoned
overeating, eating fatty and sweet foods, and
provocateurs products. Will help restore normal operation
intestinal foods high in fiber in the form of cereals,
greens and vegetables with fruit. And you can restore the flora with
use of high-quality dairy products. Better for this
Prepare homemade yoghurts or kefir using pharmacy
ferments containing good bacteria.

Required for gas problems
increase the amount of water used. She is involved in metabolic
processes and promotes the fastest absorption of contents

How to get rid of the gas in a small child?

In young children, the accumulation of gases is quite common. it
due to errors in nutrition, and the rapid growth of small
an organism that does not have time to adapt to the changing image
life and to unfamiliar bacteria.

Quite often, problems in infants are associated with ingestion.
air in the process of feeding. Gases, accumulating in sensitive
intestines baby provoke bloating, soreness and rumbling. With
this child becomes restless and capricious. To
to prevent such a phenomenon, it is necessary to learn how to give
breast baby, and immediately after feeding for some time hold
crumbs in vertically. it позволит малышу срыгнуть, и воздух не
enters the intestines and does not cause the accumulation of gases.

If the gas provoked painful colic, try
Put a warm heating pad or heated diaper on the baby’s tummy.
Поможет в подобных случаях и легкий массаж belly. You can lay out
crumbs on the tummy or make gymnastics with legs. Helps with gases
exercise “bicycle”.

With сильных коликах, когда простые способы не приносят
results, and the child is tormented by pain, you can
resort to the use of drugs. For kids with
gas doctors recommend using safe medications in the form of
Dill Water, Bobotics, Espumizana, Plantex.

If the accumulation of gases is observed quite often, and known
methods bring only temporary relief, you should think about
health condition and undergo the necessary examination.

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