How to push up from the floor?

Push-ups from the floor – it is a bench press, on the contrary, that is, exercises, developing triceps, chest and involving a large number secondary muscle groups. Proper push up technique allows a person to keep the body in good physical shape if performed regularly. There are many varieties of this. exercises that help you lose weight or, on the contrary, increase muscle mass. This is a simple exercise and easy for anyone. learn how to push the floor from scratch.


Use of push ups

The complex of push-ups from the floor, first of all, forms the will. Training, which will consist only of push-ups, high quality will work the whole body without harm to the body. In addition to muscle, goes impact on all systems, especially the osteo-ligamentous apparatus, respiratory and cardiovascular system. Let’s talk more specifically about benefits of push ups:

  • Simultaneous load on different muscle groups;
  • Activation of the cardiovascular system;
  • A set of muscle mass;
  • Ventilation of the lungs, active blood flow oxygen;
  • Improved coordination of movements;
  • Acceleration of metabolism, which makes weight correction fast;
  • Strengthening tendons, ligaments, joints;
  • Increased muscle tone;
  • Improved posture;
  • In men, a powerful torso is worked out, in women – beautiful. chest.

Household factor plays an important role. You do not need purchase an expensive gym membership to engage on simulators for pumping all the muscles. You can do it easily at home. conditions using push ups from the floor.


What muscles swing

Push up is a basic exercise that lays down strength and muscle base for the upper torso using only own weight. The push up complex is part of military training of all countries, and every day performed professional athletes. Push up system includes yourself a variation of exercise that allows you to shift the focus from one muscle group to another.

How to push up from the floor?

Full list of muscles working during pushups:

  1. Triceps or triceps muscles of the shoulder. Worked out in the process straightening hands. If you push up from the floor narrow grip, they will develop faster.
  2. Large pectoral muscles. Responsible for the lead, cast and rotation of the humerus.
  3. Biceps or other muscles. When developing them, strength develops. athlete.
  4. Delta. Deltoid muscles work with all arm movements. WITH they create a beautiful relief and volume of the shoulders.
  5. Gluteus muscles. The buttocks become hard and pumped up.
  6. Abdominal Press. Gets a fixed static load with maximum effect of growth of abdominal muscles.
  7. Anterior gear muscles. Develop during exercise with wide grip, especially when you do pushups from the floor with burdening.

Technique of push-ups from the floor

Base push-ups where the load is distributed evenly on triceps, middle pectoral muscles and delta, correct performed as follows: take an emphasis lying down, place your arms shoulder-width apart. The body should be parallel to the floor, legs together, and Keep your head straight along the spine: do not lift up, do not put it down. By bending the arms, lower the torso to the bottom point, then hold for a second and go back to the starting position. Do not forget to breathe correctly: when lifting your body, do exhale, while lowering – inhale.

Complex push-ups from lightweight exercises < / h2>

For girls and beginners, there are lightweight push-ups from the floor: kneeling or inclined. In the first embodiment, you need to lie down on the floor, spread your arms to the width of your shoulders, rest your knees on the floor, and raise your legs. Further movements are performed, as in the classic push-ups. The option of oblique exercises from the floor is even easier to do. To do this, use a fitness platform, bench or sofa. WITHхема такая же, как и в классическом отжимании, только упор идет исключительно на плечи и руки, а ноги и пресс не работают.

Enhanced Kinds of Pushups < / h2>

For athletes with experience and bodybuilders, there are enhanced types of push-ups from the floor. Depending on the muscle group being worked out, the exercises are done with different hands, which affects the distribution of the load:

  1. The program for the pectoral muscles, in contrast to the classical version, is done with an emphasis on the fists and the breeding of elbows to the side. < / li>
  2. Push-ups on one arm are performed with legs and arms spread wide apart to maintain balance. < / li>
  3. Push-ups on the fingertips are done in two versions: with a wide and narrow position of the hands. But if the fingers are weak, they should first be strengthened. < / Li>
  4. Pushing up with fists, besides pumping muscles, trains the tendons, forms the skill of direct blows for strength sports. < / li>
  5. Push ups with cotton are made on the basis of basic exercises, only at the highest point is cotton. Этот способ отжиманий развивает скорость, силу, выносливость athlete.
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