How to pump up the squats?

kak-nakachat-popu-prisedaniyami-uprazhneniyaIn everyday life
most people are passionate about intellectual work or busy
normal sedentary work, buttock muscles not only do not get
loads for their development, but are also in constant
flattened condition.

To get the answer to the actual question, how to pump the ass
squats, beginners have to overcome themselves and go to
to professionals in the gym.

Home workouts that help strengthen the bottom
back, and also raising the tone of the muscles of the buttocks and thighs during
squats do not have sufficient efficiency to pump
booty volume. Why? Only power loads with resistance
able to raise the level of testosterone – the male hormone of force,
which increases muscle growth and speeds up the process of burning fat.

A certain amount of this hormone is found in the female
the body. Therefore, when the girls swing “Brazilian nut” in
gym exercises with a barbell and a “cup” – a heavy dumbbell,
the dream of achieving the perfect shape of the “fifth point” is close to

Anyone who asks, is it possible to pump the ass only squats
at home, professionals respond negatively. Strengthen the muscles of the buttocks
available, but increase them – no.

How to pump up the squats ass – training program

The main task in this complex is just regular
perform 7 squat squatting exercises that train everything
body muscles, including the buttocks and thighs. In addition, these classes will be
supply the body with the necessary testosterone and create an ecosystem
in which fat will become the main fuel for sustainable growth

1. Sit-ups with fitball against the wall (warm-up)

We use 2 sets of 20 repetitions, without the use of weight.
Pause для отдыха после подхода – полминуты.

Активно задействуются: ягодицы, квадрицепсы, подколенные
tendons and bark muscles.

This exercise is primarily a workout for the legs and
buttocks, strengthens stretching and accelerates blood circulation before power
load, thereby increasing its effectiveness.

Fitball should fit snugly to the wall throughout
exercises. Sit down so that the upper part of the hips is
parallel to the floor. Hold the ball against the wall with your back. Follow
squats in such a way as to prepare the body before
applying maximum strength and muscle tension, as well as to
eliminate the risk of injury during the rest

2. Classic: barbell squats

We perform 3 sets of 12, 10 or 8 repetitions (depending on
level of training) and use the barbell. Rest after сета – в
for 1 minute.

Работают: ягодицы, квадрицепсы и подколенные

This exercise, according to professionals, helps to pump the ass
squatting girl “in the blink of an eye.” It loads the entire bottom
part of the body, strengthens it, builds an amazing sculpture
gluteal muscles and corrects posture. If you honestly choose weight,
which will be heavy by the end of the exercise, then training
will be successful. However, you need to consider that you can not bend
аркой нижнюю часть спины, опускаясь way down.

With your chest sticking out, tighten your abdominal muscles and push your lower back,
slightly bending and lifting it up. This bend of the pelvis need
save throughout the squat. The main secret is beautiful
female priests: the deeper you sit down and then move the lower back
back, the more effectively pump up the “fifth point”. Pelvis and hips
align parallel to the floor, and then with force rise up,
returning to the PI.

3. Giant swings (warm up)

We make 3 sets of 15 reps with light weight. Relaxation
after the set – half a minute.

Активно тренируются: бедра и их боковая поверхность,
shoulders, arms.

Squatting with a weight and simultaneously swinging it forward and down
– high-intensity traffic with a fast pace, which with
Mega-speed burns fat throughout the body. Practicing arms and shoulders
hips, it helps prepare any girl to lift the barbell with
even more weight than the day before. The самым в дальнейшем будет
promote the most intense pumping of the gluteus and
turning the priests into a nutlet.

Start with a low stand, crouching slightly and placing your legs in
positions “plie” (slightly wider than NB), and hold the weight with both
hands on the center of the floor. Stretching your chest and pulling your belly in, strain
lower back. When lifting, push the weight forward on straight arms,
swinging her up to chest level.

Continuing the swing trajectory, lower the weight to the ground and return to
Sp. Hold for 5 seconds at the lowest point, soothing inertia.

Use moderate weight that you can handle
performing 15 such repetitions. You need to do at a fast pace, and
rest only between sets. 4. front squats

We make 2 sets of 12 repetitions with moderate weight.

Целевые мышцы: ягодицы, квадрицепсы, плечи и пресс.

Unlike traditional barbell squats,
on the trapezius muscle behind the hull, the front ones imply
placement of the neck in front. This is one of the most effective exercises.
to create a slim middle part of the body and a beautiful ass.

Raise your arms up, bending them in elbows. Themselves take your elbows
backwards The palms should be directed upwards. Fingertips
grab the barbell and fix it on the collarbone and shoulders.

Strain your back and buttocks, taking a breath, lower slowly.
way down. At the same time, stick your chest forward. Make sure the center
gravity falls on the back of the legs. Your loins should be
bent, pointing back and slightly raised. Back with
can not form a convex

This exercise is harder than traditional squats, since
involves much larger muscle groups than in the first case.
Beginners should start with a small weight or just a neck to
to work out the technique and form a stable lower part. And then
You can gradually complicate the work, lifting all large weights, making
all the deeper and slower squats to soon get
the desired Brazilian roundness.

5. Cup Plye Squats

We make 3 sets of 12, 10 reps with moderate weight. Pause
after the set – no more than 45 seconds.

Включаются в работу: ягодицы, квадрицепсы, подколенные
tendons, shoulders and arms.

Just as in the front squats, cup – carry
heaviness on the front of the body. Their difference is that they are still
stronger load the muscles of the “fifth point” laid back and make it
even more elastic, pumped up and similar to a nutlet.

Cup squats allow you to drop the pelvis in the most
low point, not loading and not paying attention to the knees. The
the deepest stretch is created the most and muscles are stimulated to
extreme loads.

Stand up straight, holding the dumbbell with both hands at the level of the clavicle.
Slowly squat below the “parallel” and sharply
get up, raising the “cup” over your head. In the upper and lower stages
movements need to linger for 5 seconds, and between sets to rest is not
more than 45 seconds. 6. Plyometric Squat Jumps

Perform 2 sets x 15 reps (without weight). Rest after
each set – 30 seconds.

Нагружаем: ягодицы, квадрицепсы и подколенные

Plyometric jumps add elements of intense cardio,
building athletic forms and burning fat.

Standing upright, squat down as far as you can. Then
leap jerk up, and when, dropping down, touch the ground again,
pause for 5 seconds and repeat again.

7. Soft squats with hemisphere BOSU and fitball

Perform 2 sets of 15 reps with moderate weight. Relaxation
after the set – 45 seconds.

Целевые мышцы: ягодицы, квадрицепсы и подколенные
tendons, shoulders and calves (calf muscles).

BOSU hemming squats provide balance training
and stabilization of the cortex, create additional development of the thigh muscles and

Hold the fitball and stand on a black surface.
hemispheres. The task is difficult, so as to keep in direct hands on
the level of the chest the ball throughout the exercise on the unstable
prop hard. But there will be a universal load on
buttocks, legs, shoulders, biceps, and triceps.

While keeping a straight position, slowly crouch down to the parallel,
pulling the lower body back a little and up. When quadriceps
reach a parallel line with the floor, linger for 2 seconds and,
stand up slowly. Repeat 15 times. This is 1 set.

Trying to “throw yourself a glove” – ​​so called this complex
its author is Brian DiSanto (trainer from New York). He advises
each girl to ask herself: is it not a bit weak to try to embody
a dream? And then желает удачи и хорошего настроения!

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