How to pump up the press at home – complexexercises and trainer tips

How to pump up the press at home - complexexercises and trainer tipsBe beautiful, healthy, with a figure that stares the opposite sex is real. Is it necessary for this go to the gym or fitness center? To save budget – get home at the physical load on the strengthening of the press. In that There are a large number of advantages in relation to time. Start classes, their intensity and duration you can regulate themselves. If you are not ready to boast of relief muscles, find out whether you can remove the stomach shaking the press at home conditions.


Technique work on the press

To make the belly beautiful and fit, you need to have knowledge what exercises for the press at home should be done, observe the correctness of their implementation. Paying attention to technology work in the field of press, you can quickly get closer to the goal. For this you need:

  1. Distribute the load evenly. You can not download the press daily, trying to quickly reach the relief cubes in the zone belly. Abdominal muscles need a rest two days after workout. Optimally, if you will be engaged in pumping the press per week 2 times.
  2. It is desirable to swing the press at the beginning of the workout, starting from the bottom, gradually moving to the superior and oblique muscles.
  3. When you do abdominal exercises technically correctly, you will feel the tension of the right muscles. Otherwise notice how right the torso position is chosen and конечностей во время workout.
  4. Exercises should be varied. Using only side twisting, you increase the oblique abdominal muscles, and the waist volume will become more.
  5. It is necessary to increase the load gradually – from occupation to occupation, giving a mandatory rest to the body.
  6. In parallel with the workouts, observe the correct mode. low calorie food.


Home set for the press

Even people who are not suffering from physical inactivity and lead an active image. life may be surprised to discover information that effective exercises for the press at home – it’s lateral twisting standing and swinging your legs. Available to perform movement will help to quickly remove unnecessary centimeters from the abdomen and pump up the press before the cubes. We offer a complex, which includes effective exercises for the abs. It must be performed from 10 minutes to a quarter hours a day, giving rest to the muscles of the press for two or three days.

  • Ножницы. Lie down, tightly pressed back to the floor, Arrange hands along the body. Raise your legs straight under angle from 30 to 45 degrees. Pull up the belly. Do alternate up and down motion
  • Планка. Lying on the floor face down, lift, focus on socks and elbows. Back legs head should form a straight line. The stomach is maximally retracted. Try to keep your balance in this position for about a minute. Gradually, you can increase the time. All the abdominal muscles work and additionally backs.
  • Подъем корпуса. Lying on your back, legs slightly Arrange to feel firm support and bend at the knees. Smooth hands lift perpendicular to the floor. Try to come off blades at 20-35 degrees from the floor and stand still for a few moments. Return slowly to the prone position, feeling напряжение в мышцах belly.
  • Раскладушка. Lying on your back, tightly press your pelvis and lower back to the floor. Lift the body and straight legs at the same time, stretching his hands to the feet, until in the area of the press feel the heat.
  • Складка. Sit on the edge of the chair, hands focus on the back. Bending your legs, pull your knees towards the chin.
  • Вакуум. Standing, pull the abdomen as hard as possible. and lock for 15-20 seconds. Relax. Repeat it exercise needs at least 15-20 times.
  • Скручивание лежа. Loins tightly pressed to floor, legs slightly bent at the knee joints. Lift up body torso, arms behind the head. Turn around alternately right and left. Pay attention to the press itself, and not the muscles of the neck and arm.

How to download a press at home < / h2>

Many start to press the press at home to remove the stomach. If you practice regularly, paying attention to exercises 2-3 times a week, the results will soon be visible. Learn how to properly pump press at home using home fitness equipment.

On an inclined bench < / h3>

What should be done to improve the effectiveness of exercises on the press in a horizontal position? To use an inclined bench, not only the rectus abdominis is pumped on it, but also the oblique. This is an effective way to quickly burn fat in the abdomen: < p>

  1. Lie on the bench with your back, holding the legs behind the rollers. < / li>
  2. Put your hands together in a “lock” and position behind your head. < / li>
  3. When performing the approach, the neck must be even, become a continuation of the spine. < / li>
  4. Tighten the abdomen tightly, as you exhale, lift your shoulders off the bench and slowly begin to lift the torso. < / li>
  5. Freeze for three to five seconds when the torso and legs are at a “right” angle. < / li>
  6. Inhaling slowly lower your back on the bench. < / li> < / ol>

    With a simulator roller or wheel < / h3>

    To pump up the press in 8 minutes of regular workouts can even a beginner if he uses an effective, albeit simple device – a wheel or roller. Having a small size, it is convenient to use this simulator for press inflation even in a small room.

    1. Hold your hands on the roller handles (wheels), kneeling. Try to gently move it forward, tilting the body forward and slowly getting to its original position. < / Li>
    2. Sitting on the floor, bend your knees and put your feet on top of the roller’s arms. Driving away on a roller, with the help of the legs, tilt the body forward. < / Li>
    3. Set your feet to a width of 40-50 cm, body exactly. Holding the roller with both hands, bend down and place the roller on the floor. Pressing it, try to roll forward until you touch the floor with your chest. < / Li> < / ol>

      Frequently Asked Questions < / h2>

      • №1 After how many, after childbirth, you can download the press girl < / u>?

      When the birth goes naturally, after them there are no complications – you can begin to swing the press from six to seven weeks. In more difficult cases – only after consulting a doctor.

      • №2 How much should you press the press to remove the belly of a man < / u>?

      After 2-3 months of active training, alternated with cardiovascular and nutrition, the stomach may decrease or disappear, depending on the initial data of the body.

      • No.3 When is it best to swing the press in the morning or in the evening < / u>?

      Any daytime activity will be suitable for strengthening the abdominal abdominals. The peak of the activity of the human body, when the benefits of the exercises will be greater, falls at 7-11 am and 4-18 pm.


      Video: how to quickly press the press at home < / h2>

      The set of exercises offered by the YouTube video block will help you learn how to build a press at home. Easy-to-follow recommendations with vivid examples of exercises will be an incentive for your body to be slim and beautiful “strands” on your stomach, which you can capture in the photo. Do you need to do exercises every day, and if not, then how many times a week you need to download the abdominal press to achieve the planned results, you will find out by watching the proposed video. < P