How to pump up the press: a girl on a note

kak-nakachat-press-devushkeThe problem of extra folds in the area
female belly is not so much aesthetic, because besides this
it can seriously affect your health, increasing the risk
development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, the desire to quickly and correctly pump up the press for any
girls is as important and relevant as ever.

Plus, exercises aimed at strengthening the tone
abdominal muscles, allow you to improve your posture, because the abdominal muscles
the press are an integral part of the core muscle group of the core,
which support the spine.

But in order to quickly tidy up your tummy,
you need to focus not only on power
workouts. The combination of active aerobic activity with
tonic abdominal exercises will not only allow successful
pump up every girl’s press, but also help to melt effectively
excess fat and reduce waist.

How to pump up the press: a girl on a note

Static load

With force, reduce your abdominals, even if you are
moment do not perform the exercises. Holding them in tension is not
only strengthens the stomach well, but also has a beneficial effect on the
spine for correct posture.

More reps – less weight

Focus on more repetitions with less
weight burden for such a group of exercises as twisting.
Try not to use free weights more than 10 kg. This will allow
all of you also effectively strengthen the abdominal muscles and additionally
increase their stamina.

In addition, this approach will prevent the appearance of “bulky” muscles.
press that helps you visually lose weight in the waist.


Replace slopes for twists.

Tilts left and right (in a standing position with dumbbells in hand) for
development of the oblique abdominal muscles also stress the load and
transverse muscle (girdles the abdominal cavity, like a belt),
making it grow. Therefore, such movements can lead to
�”Bulging” oblique muscles, which can affect the aesthetic appearance
your waist.

It’s best to replace this exercise with cycling twists,
due to their different effects on the muscle fibers of the oblique muscles

Mixed movements

Such a static exercise as a plank, because of the monotonous
range of action can lead to the appearance of “bulky” muscles.
Dilute your exercise routine with an exercise like dance
abdomen, which involves the work of the thigh and the whole body through
full range of exposure, during various turns,
tilts and movements of the pelvis.


Buttock lift

This is a great exercise for getting a healthy muscle tone.
lower abdomen.

To do this, lie on a training mat, bend your legs in
коленях, стопы на полу, и слегка напрягите мышцы belly. Lift up
buttocks maximally up and hold for 8 – 10 seconds.
Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise for another 8 – 12

Squatting with turns

Turn-up squats will help you quickly pull up
косые мышцы вашего belly. To do the exercise, stand up straight,
feet shoulder width. Take a few deep breaths and
sit down. Slowly turn your upper body left and right and
return to the starting position. Make 2 sets of 8 – 12

Lift arms and legs

The following exercise in our recommendations, as a girl pump
press, uses the balance of his own body.

To do this, get up on all fours, keep your head in
neutral position, that is, on the same line with the spine.
Straining the abdominal muscles, pull back and straighten the right leg,
at the same time raise your left hand forward. Use muscles
bark to maintain body balance. Perform on 15 – 20
repetitions from each side.

Circuit training

If you want to quickly pump up the press at home, very
it is important to use the aerobic principle in your studies. Circular
training allows you to increase the amount by as much as 30 percent
calories burned out.

Start with active lifts with your arms and legs crossed.
position on all fours (previous exercise). Then a few
minutes of intense cardiovascular activity for example
jumping rope or jogging. Then go back to
strength exercises, performing the rises of the buttocks. After, back to
active cardio activity.

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