How to pump up the pectoral muscles: the girl onnote

kak-nakachat-grudnie-mishtsi-devushkeAnatomically chest muscles
consist of paired big and small pectoral muscles that cover
the chest and are responsible for a wide range of upper movements

In women, the pectoral muscles are located under the bust, and depending
from its size, it may be somewhat hidden by it.

Although at home in the absence of
expensive sports equipment to properly pump chest
muscle girl is quite difficult, but use in training
its own weight and relatively inexpensive dumbbells and
expander, will help to strengthen and bring muscles in tone, provided
exercise regularity.


So, how to properly pump up the pectoral muscles of a girl?

Main advantages

Increase breast size. Of course, anatomically the breast consists of
mammary gland, adipose and connective tissue, and the network of tubules
for lactation.

However, regular loads force the pectoral muscles
actively shrink and grow, thereby raising the bust and allowing
he look a little more.

Improved posture. Many women because of prolonged sitting
work develops slouch and, as a result, deteriorates external
view. Performing exercises aimed at the muscles of the chest and back,
help you strengthen your upper body and correct your posture.

In addition, the developed muscles of the chest will allow you to remove excess
tension in the neck, which will help to significantly expand the range
movements and get rid of recurrent headaches.

Extra calorie consumption. A lot of girls decide on
regular exercise first of all in order to
tidy up your weight. And it really has an effect!

After all, an increase in muscle tissue in the body leads to a significant
acceleration of metabolic processes. Begin training slowly.
avoid injuries, and gradually increase the load to the level with
which you will cope with at the maximum of your physical

This will allow you to burn significantly more calories than
execution of the program, after which you still have stock

Recommended Workout Plan for Girls

Warm up

razminkaThis stage of training is designed to prepare
your body to follow the load. To do this, follow these
aerobic exercise like running, walking in place or jumping through
rope for 10 – 15 minutes, and then circular movements and
crossing arms

The first exercise is circular rotation of the hands forward and
back, and the second – requires crossing the arms in front of the chest, also
known as scissors. Perform each of them within 30 – 45

Push ups

otzhimaniyaThis exercise is basic for any
workout. Begin the exercise with the emphasis on your knees until
the moment you are strong enough to build on
toes stop.

Arrange your arms wider than shoulders to stress more.
on the pectoral muscles, back and legs straightened and represent one
straight line. Make 4 – 6 sets of 10 repetitions each.

In order to focus efforts on the upper chest,
you must put your feet on a bench or another sublime
surface. For the lower part of the chest, the opposite is true – on the bench you need
put your palms.

Chest press

zhim-ot-grudiPress, like pushups, is one of
basic exercises that you can change to
load correction on different parts of the chest. Main option
the bench is lying on the bench (in extreme cases on the floor) with
using dumbbells or a barbell (more advanced

Take dumbbells and stretch your arms above your chest, palms forward,
then, bending your elbows, slowly lower them down the sides of
torso until the line of your shoulders becomes parallel
floor surfaces. Return to the original position and repeat
exercise. Only 4 – 6 sets of 9 – 12 repetitions.

To focus effort on different areas of the chest is used
inclined bench (can be fixed or adjustable
tilt): for the upper part of the chest, presses are performed, at which
the head is above the pelvis, and to pump the lower part of the chest –
vice versa. And remember, the steeper the slope, the harder it is to do

Dumbbell layout

razvodka-ganteleiThe following exercise is aimed at large
chest muscles. To do this, lie on a bench or on the floor, in
outstretched arms dumbbells, palms facing each other.

Allowing a slight bend in your elbows, lower your arms to the sides until
until you feel a stretching of the pectoral muscles or the line
плеч не станет параллельной floor surfaces. After return to
исходное положение и повторите exercise. Perform 4 – 6 approaches
6 – 8 repetitions each.

Like the previous exercise, dumbbell layout can
run and on an inclined bench with an emphasis load on the top and
lower lobe of the breast. Instead of dumbbells for wiring, you can use
spring expander. Top block

verhnii-blokTo perform the exercise, fasten one handle
Expander slightly above the head, and the second fix in the brush.
Then straighten your arm to the side at a right angle, turn sideways
and walk away to the required distance to feel the tension

Allowing a slight bend in the elbow, slowly lower the palm to
hip and then return to starting position. Only 4 – 6 sets of
12 or more reps for each of the hands.


puloverThis exercise will help pump up the lower chest, and
also small pectoral muscle. To do this, lie on
horizontal bench, legs bent at the knees, stretched over
head fixed hands dumbbell.

Holding the body straight and slightly bending your elbows, lower the weight for
head until the line of your shoulders becomes parallel
floor surface, and then lift the dumbbell to the starting point.
Perform 4 – 6 approaches по 6 – 8 повторений.

Isometric squeeze

izometricheskie-uprazhneniyaIsometric or static
exercises are a limited movement that you
can do anywhere. Sit on a chair or stand up straight,
fold your hands in a pose of prayer in front of you.

Strongly squeeze your palms until you feel
tension in the chest and stay in this position for so long
as much as possible.

Stretching exercises

Finish the workout with several stretching exercises on
stretching the pectoral muscles. Interlace fingers behind your back, palms
facing forward, raise your arms as far as possible up
away from the body until you feel the stretch of the front

Then, rest your palms on the door frame at shoulder level and
bend the body forward (as if you were pushing) until
until you feel a slight tension in your chest. Hold each
растяжку от 10 до 30 seconds

Video training for girls

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