How to pump up the lower press: getting ready forfly

kak-nakachat-nizhnii-pressA large number of modern women
a lot of time and effort to combat excess fat, located in
lower abdominal area.

Unfortunately, with increasing age, they begin to slow down.
metabolic processes in the body, and the amount of fat in the area
waist only increases, significantly increasing the risk of developing
cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and certain types

That is why the task to pump the lower press is so incredible
relevant, and besides, it is quite successfully solved correctly
planned healthy nutrition and effective physical

The lower press is actually one of two parts.
the rectus abdominis muscle is the largest of the abdominal muscles.
Of course, clearly stressing this area of ​​the abdomen can
to be difficult, but still possible.

And the best way to pump up the lower press and bring the muscles into
The tone, according to leading experts in the field of fitness, are
exercises that require lifting legs. After all, the weight of your legs is having
good resistance that makes your muscles work hard,
allowing you to successfully remove the belly at home.


How to pump up the lower press: preparing for the beach season

Captain’s chair

Lifting your legs is one of the most effective.
exercises for the lower press, which is definitely necessary
include in your workout program. To do it, borrow
starting position in a special rack called “Captain
chair “, which is in any gym or hang on
the crossbar, if you are at home. Keeping your legs straight,
slowly lift them as high in front of you as you can,
and then slowly lower back down.

Another option is to lift the legs bent at the knees to
chest During the exercise, keep in constant
tension of the abdominal muscles and do not allow the buildup of the body to
reduce the load on the press. Make two sets of 10-12


Reverse twists

The following exercise is quite simple to perform and simulates
ordinary twisting. Starting position: Lie on your back, hands on
sides of the body, legs bent at right angles, raised, legs
parallel to the floor. Use your abdominals to tear off your
ягодицы от пола, стараясь подтянуть колени ближе к chest

At the end point, with additional force, squeeze the abdominal muscles and
return to the starting position. All movements must be unhurried.
and controlled. ATыполните два подхода по 20 – 25 repetitions.

Twisting on an incline bench

This type of twisting is quite effective because
the position of your body where your legs are above your head,
allows you to achieve accurate load concentration and fast and
correctly inflate the lower press.

Try alternately alternating body lifts (traditional
approach), twisting and Russian twist (for oblique abdominal muscles). AT
depending on the preparation try to perform at least two sets
10 – 20 repetitions of each exercise.

ATертикальные ножницы

This exercise makes it possible to concentrate on the muscles.
press continuous load for a certain amount
time, which allows you to quickly reduce the stomach.

To do this, lie on your back and put your hands under your buttocks.
palms down. Lift and hold both legs at a distance
about 20 cm from the floor. Keep your legs straight and start slowly.
Perform upward and downward scissor movements. Make two approaches
lasting 30 – 60 seconds.

Turns torso with medbolom

Another good exercise is to pump up the press at home.
conditions for which you need medbol (heavy

Starting position: sit on the floor, stretch your legs in front of you,
knees slightly bent, in the hands of the ball. Holding the medbol with two hands,
slowly turn the torso alternately all the way to the right, then
to the left. When performing the exercise, it is recommended to keep the body in
upright and complicate movement if necessary
you can lean back slightly to the floor.

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