How to pump up the inner thigh?

kak-nakachat-vnutrennuu-chast-bedraAnatomically through
inner thigh pass: adductor muscles, tailor’s
and thin muscles, as well as partially quadriceps and hip flexors,
each type of which performs a specific set of assigned
its important functions of organizing a coordinated movement.

But unfortunately, the inner surface of the thigh is pretty
capricious part of the body and effective work on it can be
problem for many people, and especially for those who, by virtue of
lack of financial or temporary opportunities cannot afford
allow regular visits to the gym.

But there is a solution! In this article we will tell you about which of
Exercises to maximize correctly
pump up the inner thighs, you can successfully perform in
comfortable conditions of your own home or office without
the need to use expensive simulators.

This will certainly help you improve your posture, flexibility and
balance, and also get slender legs.

How to pump up the inner thigh in the home?

V – shaped stretching

v-rastyazhkaStretching the inner thigh will help
you significantly speed up the recovery period of the leg muscles after

To do this, sit on the floor and place your legs straight as far as possible.
sides so that they form the letter “V”. Then straighten
back, strain your abdominal muscles and tilt your torso forward so
as far as you can. Reaching the moment
the highest voltage, linger for 10 – 15 seconds and go back
backwards And remember, never stretch to the point of pain.
or discomfort.

Butterfly stretch

rastyazhka-babochkiSit on the floor, bend your knees and
press your feet against each other. Keep your knees apart and
place your palms on them. Gently press down on them.
knees to the floor, trying to achieve full contact throughout the outer
foot surfaces.

Hold for 10-15 seconds and relieve pressure. Immediately
stop if you suddenly feel pain.

Frog Stretching

rastyazhka-lyagushkiThis exercise symmetrically lengthens your
inner thighs.

To do this, lie on your back and press your feet against each other.
boyfriend. Then relax your knees and pull your feet so close to
groin as far as possible. Stay in this position for 10
deep breaths.

Thigh stretch

rastyazhka-bederThis exercise stretches the hip flexors,
part of the upper and inner thighs and torso in three

To do this, stand up straight, take your right foot back,
Transfer your weight to your left leg and bend it at the knee. Strain
buttocks and lower the body as much as possible. For additional
load can raise both hands up above his head.

Hold the position for three deep breaths, and
then repeat with the right foot.

Pie squat

plie-prisedaniyaThis exercise will allow you to tighten the inner
surface, quadriceps, thigh biceps and buttocks.

Stand up straight with your legs wide apart.
feet turned outward at an angle of 45 ° C, shoulders relaxed, back
straight. Stretch your arms in front of you and slowly sit down before
moment, until you feel the stretching of the muscles and the line of your hips
will not become parallel to the floor surface.

At the lowest point, squeeze the buttocks further and return to
initial position. Perform plye squats for one
minutes To increase the effectiveness of exercise and beneficial
load, additionally take a dumbbell in each hand.

Alternate attacks of the legs

vipadiExercise is focused on the buttocks, thighs and abdomen.
Встаньте прямо, ноги плотно прижаты друг к другу, спина straight.
With your right foot, take a deep step forward, bending your knee up
until a right angle is formed, with the left knee
should almost touch the floor surface.

When feel the stretching of the muscles of the legs, linger for a moment
and return to the starting position. After holding the balance of the body,
perform a long step to the right, redirecting the weight of the body to the right foot
and bending her knee to a right angle.

At the lowest point with a force squeeze the buttocks, push off
heel and return to the original position. Repeat 10 to 14 times,
before you start the exercise with your left foot.

Thigh inner throats

mahi-bedraStand at a distance of 40 – 50 cm behind the chair,
grasp his back and lean forward slightly. Then
shift your balance to your left foot and expose your right
in front of.

Strain мышцы живота и начинайте выполнять маятникообразные
движения правой ногой in front of. Do 12 – 15 repetitions,
before proceeding to the exercise with the other leg.


szhimanie-koleneiSit on the edge of the chair with a straight back and
bent legs. Squeeze the clasped hands or ball between
knees. Strain мышцы, максимально сильно сдавливая ноги в
lap for ten seconds.

Then медленно ослабьте давление до того уровня, чтобы
hold the ball. Perform 2 – 3 sets of 8 – 12 repetitions.

Internal leg lifts

podemi-nogThe following exercise are effective
way to isolated focus and pump up the inner
part thighs

To do this, lie on your right side, bend your left leg and flip
through the right, putting the foot in front of the knee. Bend your right arm and
place it under your head, and with your left hand, place your hand on the floor where
you are most comfortable. Strain мышцы правой ноги и поднимите ее
up on 10 – 15 cm. Hold for a moment and lower the leg.

A few centimeters before touching the floor,
Begin to perform a new climb. Perform 15 to 18 reps and
turn around.


nozhnitsiLie on your back, tighten your abdominal muscles and press down
back to rug. Расслабьте верхнюю part тела и положите руки на
the floor next to the thighs palms down. Lift your legs 45 degrees from
land, separate them as far as possible, and then
bring them together by folding your left over your right foot.

Once again, spread your legs apart, and then cross again, but
already right foot over the left. Continue alternate crossing to
complete 20 reps. Only 2 – 3 sets.

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