How to pump up the ass

I am constantly asked – how to pump up the ass? How to make yourself
round elastic buttocks, the same as in magazines? There is nothing easier.
I will tell you how to work on yourself so that your buttocks
looked perfect. But promise you will do the exercises.
regularly. Agreed?

To begin with, what exercises can and should be performed

First, warm up the muscles. It’s enough to run a little
on the spot, swing your legs to the side, you can do slopes
go ahead or just walk a couple of laps around the room. Warmed up?
You can start to download the ass.

  1. First exercise. Stand on all fours, elbows up to the floor.
    Straighten your right leg and lift it as high as possible. Pull the sock.
    If you do it right, you will feel a slight pain in the calf
    muscles. Everything is good. Pull the leg, and at the highest point strained
    buttocks and stay in such a tense state for 3 seconds.
    Omit. The same with the left leg: lift, pull out, strain in
    This position of the ass and hold for 3 seconds. The number of repetitions 15-20
    on each leg. Start at once, and then gradually

    упражнение номер 1

  2. The second exercise Lie on the floor and stretch your arms along the body. Legs
    slightly dissolve, and now slowly raise the pelvis
    you can. Hold this position for 4 seconds, and then lower it again.
    ass on the floor. The number of repetitions 10-15.


  3. Last Exercise Stand with your hands on your belt. Legs полностью
    straightened and slightly apart. Slowly descend to the bottom
    bending the legs at the knees. Movements like you sit down but
    do not take your feet off the floor. Sit down, stop and stop
    when the buttocks become parallel to the floor. Hold this position on
    second and rise slowly. Try not to make sudden movements and
    jerking. The total number of repetitions is 15-20. упражнение для попы номер 3

After charging, make sure to stretch, so as not to clog
muscle. You can sit on the floor and spread your legs apart, and make
lean forward and toward each leg. You can stand up straight, slightly dilute
legs and bend forward. All these exercises are great.
stretch the muscles, not allowing them to grow very much, especially on

On the way to work, if time permits, replace the elevator with
the ladder. Walking on the steps is also very good pumping up

At work, just strain your buttocks when you’re in
sitting position. Tensed and lingered in a tense state on
a couple of seconds. Sit on the chair slowly and smoothly – it’s not only
pumping up muscles, but also attract the attention of men in the team.

How to pump up the ass на тренажерах

If you have a subscription to the fitness center, you’re in luck. The first
your friend is a stepper. Externally, it looks like an exercise bike, only without
he has more seats and dimensions. Classes on it resemble
walking upstairs, only with a stronger load

Your second friend is an exercise bike. No questions, he disappoint
buttocks, but at the same time very much will pump up legs. As soon as
exercise on the exercise bike will start to hurt the leg muscles, stop
to pedal.

Next is the treadmill. I think you know her well. But also
she also has her own rules. If you start to practice it,
делать это придется regularly.

You can also make friends with an ellipsoid. He looks like
stepper, but much stronger effect on the muscles, so be
careful with him. The safest simulator is fitball, big
rubber ball, it happens with handles and without. You can do it
squats and do not be afraid that you pump up too much legs.

In the fitness room it is very important not to overdo it. The first rule is
work only with light weight. Even if strength allows you, not
grab hold of dumbbells weighing 2.5 kg or more in the first lesson, and
in general, from such a weight you can become as a bodybuilder, but this is not for you
need to.

After training it is very important to eat something protein.


This can be chicken breast, cottage cheese or any protein.

Try to keep foods low in fat, not pork, not
chicken legs and not sour cream. And don’t drink sweet coffee after class,
orange juice, less fructose and other carbohydrates.

Now you know how beautifully pump up the buttocks, so turn off
computer and go ahead.

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