How to pump caviar girl: a listexercise

uprazhneniya-dlya-ikr-devushkam-na-zametkuMany modern
girls want to get slender seductive legs, and one of
The main conditions of such a dream are perfectly tucked legs.

Their back surface is formed by two main components:
gastrocnemius (external) and soleus (internal) muscles.

This muscle group is fully responsible for the full motor
function of the feet and toes, so fulfilling a certain
набора exercise, направленных на повышение их тонуса, придаст вам
more energy and endurance, both for everyday tasks,
and when practicing various sports.

Indeed, there are some of the most effective, and that
самое главное – безопасных exercise, способных привести в полный
order your calves. They can be performed almost anywhere and in
any time, which is especially important with a busy schedule of the day.


Список основных exercise для икр ног

Warm up Always start your core workout with 10
minute walk or leisurely jogging (for home conditions –
running on the spot), and then a few more minutes of jumping rope
at a comfortable pace.

Sprint or fast running. This is a good interval option.
loads for quick results. For a good study
leg muscles, be sure to include the sprint in your training program
one day a week.

So, after you warmed up normally, for
the next 15 to 20 minutes you need to alternate fast cycles
explosive jogging (30 seconds) and rest (one minute slow

Running barefoot. Then, if there is a beach nearby, a football field
or for golf, take off your shoes and run for minutes
20 barefoot. You even can not imagine what it will be
Excellent training for the calf muscles.

Rises on socks. It is quite a powerful exercise
perfectly toning calf muscles and developing a sense of balance.
To do this, stand up straight, then move your body weight.
on the right leg, and pull the left leg forward a little or hook
arch of the foot ankle support legs.

Slowly pull the heel off the floor and rise to the toe
up as much as possible. Squeeze at the highest point
the calf muscle, and then relax and return to your original
position. Perform 6 repetitions on each leg, gradually
increasing the number to 12 – 15.

Side attacks. The following exercise will also help strengthen
calf muscles for confident body balance. Stand up
straight, feet shoulder-width apart, extend your right leg and make
deep step right.

Slowly bending the right leg at the knee, lower down to those
until you can touch the floor surface with your palm and do not
feel good stretching of the leg muscles of the left (straightened)
legs. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise in
the other side. Only 6 times from each leg, gradually increasing
number up to 12 – 15. By the same principle, you can perform attacks.
both forward and backward.


Rises on the stand. This exercise allows targeted
pump calf muscles and contributes to their good stretching. For
of this, install a stand (for example, a step platform) and stand on
her socks so that heels “hang” in the air. Then hold
body balance (for which you can lean on a wall or an object
furniture), lower the heels as low as possible to the floor surface,
maximally stretching the muscles of the leg.

At the lowest point, hold for 3 – 5 seconds, and after
поднимитесь на носочки up as much as possible. Stop, calculate
до трех и вернитесь в исходное position. Only 12 reps in 2
approaches. By the way, if the socks stop looking inside, then the load in
more focused on the external region of the calf, if
turned outward – on the inside.

When you get comfortable, start doing this exercise on
one leg alternately.

�”Low start”. Another good exercise for the calf muscles.
Begin its execution in a pose for push-ups from a floor. Then
bend your right leg at the knee, pull it to your chest and put
foot between the palms.

Holding this body position, make small jumps,
constantly changing the location of the legs (then right foot at
palms, and the left leg is straightened, then vice versa). For one
minutes make as many such movements as possible. After a bit
rest and repeat the exercise with the same intensity.

Jumping rope. Helps to tone the muscles of the legs and
are a good example of cardiovascular stress which
includes the work of most large muscle groups.

Unlike the warm-up phase, when you were doing simple
single jumps at a comfortable pace, now you need for 3
– 5 minutes, then jump on each leg alternately, then do double
jumps (in one circle of cord jump rope), then crosswise.

Stretching We are completing our training aimed at
pump calves on the legs, stretching exercises. For этого сядьте на
floor, stretch your legs in front of you. Take a tow or towel,
hook him on the socks of your feet and pull on yourself stretching as much as possible
calf muscles. For today, the next lesson is not earlier than
in one day.

How to lose weight in the calves – a complete solution

Так как мы уже знаем, что даже тысячи различных exercise,
aimed at one muscle group will not help aim to burn
fat reserves. Therefore, in order to reduce the calf volume,
you need a multi-pronged approach consisting of diet, cardio and
strength training.

The diet should be based on whole grain foods,
low-fat protein sources, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats, that
will help you lose weight quickly.


This stage of training is essential for
injury prevention and helps reduce the calf volume
muscle Before and after physical activity, stretch your calf muscles.
for 5 – 8 minutes.

For example, stand facing the wall at a distance of about a meter.
Take a half step forward with your left foot, place your palms on the wall and
lean forward so that your torso and right leg
represented one straight line. As soon as you feel
good stretching of the gastrocnemius muscle of the right leg, hold
unchanged body position for another 20-30 seconds. Then зеркально
change the location of the legs.

More advanced stretching exercises can offer yoga
or pilates. Both of these forms of physical activity lengthen the muscles of the calf.
and help bring them into shape.

Aerobic exercise

If the calf muscles are too large, they probably contain
increased volume of adipose tissue. An integral part of all programs
for weight correction are cardio exercises that include
yourself different types of physical activity that force your
heart shrink quickly.

Train yourself to do daily aerobic training
less than 30 minutes. As the main exercise, select
which keeps your calves in constant tension. For example, walking.
This is the easiest load case to help.
consume a large amount of calories and allow guaranteed
reduce calves.

More advanced forms of cardiovascular exercise include:
running, swimming (possible in the pool), working on an elliptical trainer
and skiing.


Power training

The benefits of this type of training go beyond
stereotypical notions that they can
exclusively to get big and bulky muscles.

Strength training can also be used to tone the muscles,
building a beautiful physique and burning fat. If you have
a large amount of caviar, you should not avoid working out in the gym,
for fear of making them even more.

The key to success is hidden in a competent approach to training
the process that consists of doing the right amount
reps with the correct weight. It is recommended to use such
the working weight of the dumbbell, barbell or exercise machine so that it allows you
Perform each exercise for weight loss of the calf 12 to 15 times a day.
трех approaches.

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