How to organize an anniversary for a woman: funnyhome contests. What contests can be held onanniversary of a woman

Ср, 23 мар 2016 Автор: Светлаon Магомедова

If a woman decided to celebrate a round date in the family circle, do not
resorting to the services of holiday agencies, please note: celebration
anniversaries at home – the task is troublesome and responsible,
requiring considerable financial investment, organizational skills and
creative vein.

Непростое это дело: красиво оформить стол,
come up with an original script with heart wishes, riddles
and fun contests at home, especially if the hero of the day –

So you want the evening was not boring banal event,
a bright joyful event in the family chronicle. And for the culprit
celebrations – the embodiment of a short but magical fairy tale with
the fulfillment of her cherished desires.

What are the underwater reefs waiting for the organizers of the anniversary in preparation
to such a significant day?

Organizing a feast at home is easy to implement.
every hospitable family, in which case you can fully
rely on the help of junior female staff. Daughters and granddaughters
Anniversaries willingly take on the usual care of housewives –
will find something to surprise invited guests, how to decorate the house
birthday girl.

But as for the script with pleasant surprises and contests
for the anniversary, the choice of the sparkling merry leader – above it
will have to break my head more than one day. It is desirable that
домашним тамадой стал зonкомый мужчиon
— возможно, хозяин
home, talkative, self-confident, humorist without complexes and
a little lovelace.

We offer a choice of options for gaming contests of various
directions that will help to leave the most pleasant about this day


Anniversary contests for women at home:

  • Competition for the development of deductive

Suitable for any family party. Participants are divided into two
teams, for example, female and male. Lead, or one of the players
guessing a particular subject and describing some of its features
and properties. Team, paying attention to the suggestive tips
The narrator must guess what is at stake.

Women’s examples:

1. – Having found her on a man’s shirt, any woman

– Every woman has her own;

– Men have to taste it.

The answer is: lipstick

2. – No woman can do without him;

– It can be of any shape and size, and breaking it is not to

The answer is: mirror

Men’s examples:

1. – Every man wants to have it;

– He is ready to wash, cherish, care for her with awe and even
no reminder;

– Does not spare her any funds, and is ready to get into a loan,
paying him for years, just to own it fully.

The answer is: car

2. – Before this weapon, any man is powerless;

– it tastes salty.

The answer is: women’s tears

The winner is the team that answered correctly to
maximum number of questions.

  • Life Awareness Contest
    hero of the day

Можно в шутку onзвать его «Жёлтая пресса». Need to
заранее выведать у hero of the day не всем известные события из биографии.
And rewrite them on a piece of paper, at the same time inscribing invented false
факты о жизни birthday girl.

At the festival leading read out a list of false and truthful
stories And if the player thinks that it was, then raises the plate
YES, otherwise – the label is NO. Those who made two or three mistakes
times drop out of the game. This should continue until
there will be one who becomes the winner.

Anniversary contests for women at home: творческие

  • Poetry contest “for the best acrostic”

Contestants can show their talents by inventing
funny quatrains in which the initial words at the head of each
lines make up the name or word of the previous player. For example,
Name Galya:

Glamurn and beautiful

Sometimes dangerous

Easy with her and nice

I am happy many times

There may be several winners in this competition.

  • Конкурс «Нарисуй портрет hero of the day с закрытыми
    eyes “

Very funny competition for the anniversary of the woman at home,
the essence of which is to try to portray
the intended object – that is, the birthday girl, blindfolded the artist.
It will take a few players who want to demonstrate their
creativity and measure them with each other.

Each participant in the game is blindfolded, given a pen or
pencil, sheet, and they simultaneously or in turn
writing a portrait. You can turn on the music and at the end of the melody
complete the competition. What happens in the end – amuse everyone.

  • Конкурс on лучший комплимент для hero of the day

Игроки по очереди распевают дифирамбы в адрес birthday girl.
Evaluate the results and choose the winner will be the hostess

  • Competition for the funniest photo

At the very beginning of the evening, several players are selected to participate and
give them a secret assignment: remove the most funny and interesting
moments during the anniversary evening on the phone. At the end of the program
all photos, if possible, it is desirable to display on
wide screen. The competition may be a surprise moment of the anniversary and
вызвать непредсказуемую реакцию, поэтому фотографам onдо быть
extremely cautious, taking off participants. Одonко это и самый
interesting competition at home – guests with great
удовольствием будут жадно рассматривать фотографии, хихикая onд
собой, и друг onд другом.

Anniversary contests for women at home: подвижные

  • Competition “Cavaliers and Ladies”

The rules of the game: the team of gentlemen – the representatives of the male sex,
just select a few people. Every cavalier should
подарить своей даме цветок, который onходится on расстоянии 10

Playing cavaliers line up at the starting line. Task
игроков — проехать заданную дистанцию on трёхколёсном велосипеде
as quickly as possible and first get to the flower and then deliver
его по onзonчению. Who first gave a flower – that

  • Competition “battle of balloons”

Each participant of the game is tied to the right foot air
ball. Byсле сигonла ведущего игроки пытаются проткнуть шарики
конкурентов, при этом уберечь собственный ball. Those who have a ball
burst – drop out of the game. Last player to save
the integrity and safety of your balloon is announced
the winner.

  • Конкурс «Перетягивание каonта»

A kind of competition popular in school environments, but quite acceptable for
celebrating an anniversary at home. Good fun and
develops a sense of collectivism. Members вечера делятся on две
teams. Ведущий подаёт каonт, середиon которого отмечеon цветной
tape and draws a dividing line between two rivals. By
его сигonлу команды хватаются за каonт и стараются перетянуть его
on свою сторону.

Anniversary contests for women at home:

  • Competition “Star Karaoke”

Now almost every home has a computer and a microphone to it.
либо установлеon система караоке. You can use a special
программки «Карафан» или в интернете onйти подборку нужных
backing tracks and lyrics. Anyone can sing, and the winner
listeners will choose.

As an option, you can offer a contest “Battle of the choirs” with various
номиonциями: женский хор, мужской, детский или смешанный. This kind
home competition is one of the most interesting
because everyone loves to sing, but not everyone can take the risk
solo, and in the choir the participants feel more relaxed.

  • Конкурс on лучшую частушку

Если один из приглашенных умеет играть on гармони, или есть
appropriate entry, be sure to hold a competition ditties.
Готовые тексты on листочках раздайте гостям, при этом они могут
спеть и свою заготовленную частушку по желанию, выдуманную on ходу.
Byбедителя определит конкурсное жюри, которое можно выбрать
in advance. В этой игре выигрывает самый озорной и onходчивый
the performer who managed to cause the biggest bang of laughter.

  • Конкурс «Музыкальonя шляпа»

Players become in a wide range, the host announces the rules
игры: пока играет музыка нужно успеть снять с себя шляпу и onдеть
её on голову соседнего игрока. In the case of music
остаonвливается — тот, кто остался в шляпе выбывает из игры. A game
lasts until the only one left

  • Конкурс «Танцы on газете»

Это игра, которая всегда имеет огромный успех и проходит on ура
on любом мероприятии, а тем более в домашних условиях. Members
This fun game – couples or mothers with children. rules
these are: under the feet of each dancing couple spread a newspaper, with
the condition that they do not overstep its limits. Include slow
music, couples dance, and after a while include a pause – in
this moment the newspaper needs to be folded in half – the dance floor should decrease
twice. Танец продолжается, затем снова музыку остаonвливают —
the newspaper is folded in four, and so on until it remains
самая стойкая и onходчивая пара, сумевшая сохранить равновесие on
a small piece of paper.


Anniversary contests for women at home: необычные

  • Competition “Wish Artists”

The wish of the birthday girl is the law for the guests. Notes with tasks
hero of the day помещаются в воздушные шары и разбрасываются по комonте.
It may be the most ridiculous and ridiculous requests – read
a poem, sing a couplet of a famous song, crow and so

Players each catch their own ball, then they must extract
notes, pre-burst the ball and execute what they read
in the attached sheet. Byбедителя выбирает виновница торжества.

  • Competition “Guess what is in the bag”

In a colored bag of not very dense material put
any few items or items of clothing. Lead offers
on ощупь отгадать, что там лежит. Every guessed player picks up
won thing. Very cool is the option when playing
onдевают то, что выиграли — это может быть смешное нижнее женское
underwear, men’s family pants.

  • Competition “laugh the princess”

Members игры делятся on две команды — команда «Иванушек» и
�”Tsarevin – Nesmeyan.” Первая команда садится on стулья — условно это
princesses who take the saddest sad look. Task
second team – make them laugh in any way, without touching them.
You can tell jokes, show pantomime, build grimaces
and funny faces. Каждая улыбнувшаяся царевon выбывает из игры.
Byсле этого команды могут поменяться ролями.

All contests are indicative, in which you can and should
add your own extra details.

Each winner must be given a memorable
, пусть это будет любая приятonя мелочь — красивая
авторучка, шоколадonя медаль или зonчок. Byд конец можно устроить
a super prize game in which only
winners of previous games.

Главное в проведении юбилейного вечера — onходчивость и
organization of the leader of the program, the ability not to get lost in
force majeure situations. It is equally important to prepare the necessary
attributes to the game, provide music, raise
onстроение юбиляру и всем участникам торжества.

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