How to make the stomach flat and elastic?

kak-sdelat-zhivot-ploskimMake the stomach flat and elastic –
quite achievable goal if you will meticulously fulfill
necessary for this recommendation.

Of course, you definitely need to get regular physical
load but keep in mind that also you have to get rid of
bad habits in the consumption of food.

Otherwise, all the efforts you use to
sports will be almost in vain.


How to make the stomach flat and elastic?

Fat burning exercises

To remove fat from the waist, you need to warm up your body and
start burning calories. The best way to do it –
cardiovascular training.

And regardless of the type of load, any aerobic activity
will matter if you do it at least 45
minutes 3 – 4 times a week in moderately high intensity. Run,
badminton, roller skating, jumping rope – here is a small
a list of exercises that will help you make your stomach flat.

Exercises with weights

Elements of strength training like bench press, squats,
thrust and push dumbbells, contribute to an increase in muscle mass, which
in turn, allows you to speed up the metabolism. Add these views
exercises in your workout program to get the maximum
Benefit from extra calorie consumption.

When performing all these exercises additionally with the strength
contract your abdominals with each repetition. Performing
this, you will work on your press in parallel, which also gives
the ability to quickly reduce the belly.


Fitball Exercises

To successfully remove the stomach at home, do this
fitball exercise during which it is good
both upper and lower abdominal zones are being worked out.

To do this, take the same position of the body, as in normal
pushups from the floor, but the legs do not rest on the floor, but are on top
on fitball around the knees. The position of the hands is unchanged, the back is straight,
roll the ball, start to stretch your knees to the chest, additionally
squeezing the abdominal muscles. Slowly return to the original
position and repeat the exercise. To more effectively tighten
belly, you can somewhat complicate the implementation of this exercise.
To do this, take the same starting position as in the previous
case, and also scrolling the ball, pull your knees towards you,
simultaneously reducing the abdominal muscles.

But the main difference is that the movement is not strictly
straight, and alternately turning the body, stretch your knees to
one, then to the other shoulder. Slowly come back and
Do 4 – 5 repetitions on each side.

Pilates exercises

This is a good exercise that effectively works the field.
waist and help make the stomach flat. To do this, lie on your back,
hands behind your head. Lift your legs gently and bend them at the knees
90 degrees, the legs are parallel to the floor.

From this position, lift the shoulders off the floor and start moving.
elbow to the opposite knee, then, without stopping,
Continue the exercise with the other elbow, and so on.
Repeat 20-25 times.

Press exercises

Work well, both the lower and upper abdominal
muscles, body rises on an inclined bench. Exercise performed
very simple – an inclined bench is taken, at the top of which
fixed legs. Bending in the lower back, every time try
as close as possible to reach your head to your knees.

As a burden, you can use fitball, which can
hold over your head on outstretched arms, or dumbbells. Every time in
with the upper position of the body with additional tension
then, lower to the starting position and repeat the exercise.

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